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TEDxTalks TEDx is an international community that organizes TED-style events anywhere and everywhere -- celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage. TEDx events are produced independently of TED conferences, each event curates speakers on their own, but based on TED's format and rules. Watch the talks at or find an event in your area at Read more Watch the talks at or find an event in your area at Show less
Today we are releasing the first part of the Miso project, a set of Open Source tools designed to make it faster and easier to create high quality interactive and data visualization content. This project has been made possible by support from our Global Development desk, who are funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation & in collaboration with Bocoup. The first part of Miso to be made public is a JavaScript library called Dataset, the website is here and the code is on Github, you can follow along development via Twitter @TheMisoProject One of the most common patterns we've found while building JavaScript-based interactive content is the need to handle a variety of data sources such as JSON files, CSVs, remote APIs and Google Spreadsheets. Dataset simplifies this part of the process by providing a set of powerful tools to import those sources and work with the data. Announcing the Miso Project | Info Announcing the Miso Project | Info
How To Bring Live Tweets To Readers Not On Twitter - 10,000 Words Featuring live tweets on news websites is a great way of bringing readers who may not use Twitter into the conversations that are happening there. Large news sites often use custom code to accomplish the task. Smaller sites tend to use Twitter’s own widget, which I find slow and inadequate for the task. How To Bring Live Tweets To Readers Not On Twitter - 10,000 Words
2014 Challenge Fund winners: Experiments for maximum impact When we put out the call to J-school educators for the first round of experiments to #hackcurriculum for the Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education, we already knew we were hitting a rich vein just waiting to be mined. We saw the momentum in our Facebook Educators group, where a virtual cohort of nearly 600 digitally hungry and committed academics exchange rapid-fire ideas on favorite tools, curriculum tips, job openings, how-tos and student motivation. We heard it in the halls of our annual conference, where academic attendance is climbing and more and more mentors compete to work with the best and brightest in the Student Newsroom. And we hear it in the frustration of dedicated, multitasking teachers who are searching for the means to creatively engage their students in the community and embed them in local media.

Online News Association

Online News Association
Periodismo con Futuro

Periodismo con Futuro

Más tarde replicarán que cualquier crisis es más compleja de lo que se percibe desde el otro lado del charco. Puede ser. Pero lo cierto es que hoy sufren decenas para que otros —muy pocos: los que debieran desvanecerse aunque sólo fuese por elegancia, dignidad y confesa impotencia—, puedan mantener corona y aleguen que es por la supervivencia de los cientos restantes. He aquí una paradoja: hubo lucros, al parecer, pero, cuando llega el iceberg, culpan de la debilidad del casco a los que desde siempre sudaron a la luz de las calderas. Les llaman viejos, caducos. Algunos lo son, sí; también fueron en su momento reticentes al cambio, conservadores, ciegos a un entorno que les superó cuando se dejaron seducir por el ludismo, tan caro en esta profesión.
A screen grab of Brian Stelter's Instagram photo page. He used the photo sharing app to report on the aftermath of the tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri. I am adding “What I Learned in Joplin,” a personal blog post by New York Times reporter Brian Stelter, to the reading list for my fall Online Journalism course. Campfire Journalism Campfire Journalism


Twitter: la vida misma en 140 caracteres XXXV por @jlori el 16 Apr 2014, a las 11:31 en recopilaciones, tuiteos Edición número 35 de la selección de mis favoritos en Twitter, que es algo así como la vida comprimida en 140 caracteres. Para que Twitter no se nos pierda como las lágrimas en la lluvia y porque me gusta el Slow Twitter. eCuaderno
The Future of News The Future of News A colleague of mine at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Val Lauder, recently shared this article with the faculty e-mail list. The piece, written by Johnnie L. Roberts for Newsweek, wonders “Can News Anchors like Katie Couric Survive?” I don’t know whether anchors like Katie Couric can survive, but there is one kind of news anchor that is thriving. They’re called bloggers. The Newsweek article is built around this money quote from Don Hewitt:

La fotógrafa del Toledo Blade, Jetta Fraser (i) y el reportero Tyrel Linkhorn (d) ‘Toledo Blade’, un diario regional del estado de Ohio, en Estados Unidos, ha presentado una denuncia contra varios funcionarios del Gobierno de ese país, incluido el secretario de defensa, Chuck Hagel, alegando que la detención de dos de sus periodistas la semana pasada en una planta de fabricación de tanques fue ilegal. Según ha informado el propio medio, el reportero Tyrel Linkhorn y la fotógrafa Jetta Fraser fueron detenidos por varios agentes de la policía militar cuando se encontraban sacando fotografías en el exterior de las instalaciones conocidas como Joint Systems Manufacturing Center, situadas en la localidad de Lima (Ohio). Según la denuncia, los agentes retuvieron a los periodistas durante aproximadamente 90 minutos. Después, les soltaron, aunque no sin antes confiscarles todo el material, incluyendo dos cámaras fotográficas, tarjetas de memoria y un bloc de notas.