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7inShareinShare I’ll preface this by saying that there were probably a great many social media infographics I could have chosen and that you may have learned more from, but this one struck a chord. At Salty Waffle, one of our long-term goals is to help employ Generation Y, a generation that is freakishly unemployed at the moment. When it comes to Gen Y, we don’t always fit well into the workplace. A combination of growing up later, looking at everything like a learning experience, and parents who loved us maybe a bit too much, has left many thinking we’re not so great to hire. The Gen Y Hipster, An Infographic The Gen Y Hipster, An Infographic
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Infographic: The anatomy of an agency « Big Orange Slide Ideavelopmentreation Outside the agency environment, I was introduced to Agile development: [...] Forgiving a pretty face In the late spirit of Valentine’s day, I’ve been thinking [...]
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