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Felting Tutorials

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Chimpanzee Tutorial. The Art of Needle Felting and Chimpanzee Tutorial Chimp with a Pearl Earring Because the Fairytale Frog tutorial that I did was so popular, I decided to do another tutorial with the same multi-jointed technique. Feeling a little artsy after I made my chimp, I fashioned him as “art” after a few famous artists. For the above shot, I draped my chimp in the clothing and head covering to mimic Girl with a Pearl Earring, I placed him in front of a black background (like the Vermeer painting) and took his picture. I photo-shopped his eyes to look at the viewer and blurred him a little to look like a painting. Salvadore Monki For Salvadore Monki (after the famous photo of Salvadore Dali), I took Monki’s photo with a needle felted moustache. The Chimpanzee Scream My final piece of chimp art is the Chimpanzee Scream. I had a lot of fun recreating these Chimpanzee pieces of art, a little something more to highlight my needle felted work!

Emili is monkeying around again! Materials: Body Pieces: 1. 2. 3.