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Refashion projects

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Sleeveless Sweater. Finally back with another refashion!

Sleeveless Sweater

I've been enjoying my downtime watching old movies lately, instead of sewing, but after a poor night's sleep I felt motivated to refashion something. Strange, I'd have thought a nap or caffeine preferable, but hey, when one feels the urge... ;). I started off with this thrifted sweater: size L men's seed stitch in a taupe/gray. I've had this inspiration piece pinned on Pinterest for ages now, and I've been keeping an eye out for just the right piece to use.

Well, as you'll see my final piece isn't an exact replica. I started by cutting off the sleeves and up one side. Next, I trimmed up the back neckline and opened up one of the sleeves. I grabbed some safety pins and started playing around with my pieces to find the right look. I sewed along my pinned sides and in a couple of strategic points to create the drape I wanted, then got to trimming. Eyelet Lace. This is another of the pieces I picked up in the bag sale, and was therefore only $.27. :) It's an eyelet lace skirt with lining by GAP and being 100% cotton is a perfect summer piece.

Eyelet Lace

But I don't wear white skirts, or even this style of skirt...they're just not my thing. But the beautiful eyelet lace is what this piece is all about. I started out by removing the lining from the outer layer of fabric, keeping the waistband attached to the lining so that I can wear it as a slip. I simply trimmed the outer fabric as close to the elastic waist as possible. DIY tee to pencil skirt refashion – worn 2 ways. This was a project that I finished the first week of my morning sickness (all day and night sickness) and loved it and still do ( but never fashioned it due to laying in bed or couch for the next 2 months+ months)!

DIY tee to pencil skirt refashion – worn 2 ways

I love how easy and fast it is to make, how resourceful it is for the materials (I’m going to make about 20 of these to wear instead of pants for the next 6 months), how cute the end product is, how comfy it is, and etc. I did initially make this from a polo shirt, mainly because it had cute gray and black mini stripes, so you see the polo button line going down the middle of my bum. Which I actually love. This is one of those throw it on kind of skirts, where you can top it off with a sweater and knee high boots perfect for when you’re in a hurry…and you will still look dressed up.

DIY tee to pencil skirt refashion – worn 2 ways. How to tailor a dress. Since every body type is different, it's so hard to find dresses that are perfectly fit to your body.

How to tailor a dress

I fall in love with dresses in the store all the time, but don't always bring them home because they just don't fit quite right in one area or another. But with these easy DIY tailoring tips, it's easy to get the perfect fit for all your dresses with just a few simple steps. Supplies: Oversized dressSeam ripperMatching threadScissors. How to tailor a shirt. There is definitely a time and a place for tailors, but some of those quick fixes to alter a shirt ever so slightly are super-easy to do at home.

How to tailor a shirt

It's just four easy steps to make your tops fit perfectly. It's a great trick to have up your sleeve when you fall in love with a top and the fit is just slightly off. Supplies: ShirtMatching thread for your sewing machinePinsPencil or chalk Before you start, make sure your shirt has been pre-shrunk (if needed). 1. How to make slippers from jeans. I am the Jean Girl - I patch, mend and refashion denim in all kinds of special ways.

How to make slippers from jeans

Handcrafting old jeans, with style and imagination, can give your wardrobe a burst of fresh fashion without the designer expense. The appealingly soft textures and faded colours of worn denim make it the perfect fabric to sew into "new" things. Wear Your Scarf As a Shirt Tutorial Part II. Sweatshirt to Tote Bag Easy DIY Tutorial. I've been aching for some DIY time and finally pieced together enough kiddie naps to finish something :) (BTW, don't get me wrong.

Sweatshirt to Tote Bag Easy DIY Tutorial

I adore my children with every part of my being but I have a bunch of DIY ideas bubbling in my brain and love it when I get the time to see one through). This one is a result of a closet cleaning. I found an old sweatshirt from Old Navy that I haven't worn in ages and I thought it would make a cute striped tote bag. This is the finished tote. See tutorial after the jump! Make Your Own Stripes Colorblocked Maxi Dress Tutorial. Does hubby / boyfriend / dad / brother have a bunch of old t-shirts they don't want anymore (or ahem, won't notice if you take)?

Make Your Own Stripes Colorblocked Maxi Dress Tutorial

Here's an easy way to get another round of use out of them! RESIZING AN OVERSIZED DRESS (TUTORIAL) The thing about sewing is that, like anything, the more you practice the better you get.


I look back at old sewing projects occasionally (or pull them out of my closet) and realize what I shoddy job I did on some of them. I used to have the mentality that it didn't matter what it looked like on the inside, as long as it looked fine on the outside, so I'd cut corners a lot and then my projects wouldn't turn out quite right. Now, I definitely have the right mentality about creating my own clothes. DIY out-dated tshirt into lovely pencil skirt. ♥ ♥ I updated this with a simpler version and it's perfect for all the special holiday events coming up. ♥ ♥ Supplies: Recycled shirt.

DIY out-dated tshirt into lovely pencil skirt.

Anything that is stretchy: think textures, laces, crochets...etc. elastic waistband. Polo Refashion #2. This was a polo that Philip bought a few years ago, but when it accidentally went through the dryer and shrunk quite a bit, he no longer liked it. It's from Brooks Brothers, so it's very high quality knit, and has a fantastic drape -- the fit and feel is so nice. Also, with a year and a half of refashioning under my belt, this refashion turned out quite a bit better than the original polo refashion. I'm in love with my new slouchy half-sleeve tee. step one.

Oversized Button Up Refashion. A few weeks ago I joined the cool kids and went thrift shopping. Kayla and I went together, and after wandering around Goodwill with three babies (between the two of us) in tow, I left the store with this beauty: Let's Talk Fabric. I get emails and comments all the time asking where I buy my fabric, and what blends of fabric are best. I always tell people that I currently buy most of my fabric from Their website is really tough to navigate, and their fabrics sell out quickly, but they have pretty good prices and a decent selection.

Plus, you get free shipping on orders over $35, and free returns. So online fabric shopping suddenly seems a little less scary. Sailboat Tee. A few days ago, I repinned this adorable sailboat tee from Free Clothing. With nothing better to do (except work on that ginormous painting of Peanut that I've been neglecting), I busted out the fabric paints and freezer paper and made one for myself. Materials:solid colored t-shirtfabric paintsponge brushfreezer paperironStep 1.

On the matte side of the freezer paper, and using a straight edge, draw out the boat. Mine was about 9 inches tall and 7 1/2 inches wide. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. T-Shirt Skinnification. When I posted my sailboat tee tutorial a few weeks ago, I promised a tutorial on taking in the sleeves. This is really the most simple alteration out there, but it makes a huge difference, especially if you're trying to avoid the 90's baggy look (which, um, I hope you are).

Lauren Winter: sewing project.. a simple knitted skirt. Sewing project of the week! DIY Moroccan-Style Wall Stencil Tutorial. Anthropologie ruffled hem pullover knockoff. Wear Your Scarf As a Shirt Tutorial Part II. DIY Red Valentino bow on the back t-shirt.

With about 20 minutes of work? Day 28: Seeing Stripes. Tailoring your trousers! Today I cut out 11 aprons to sew for a valentine craft party next wednesday….soooo many aprons. Bow skirt. Stretchy knit pencil skirt. Bow Boy Blazer. I have been so excited for this refashion, bummed that I didn’t have enough time to take pictures during the day. But, you guys get the idea. So, I found this $6 blazer at the DI in the little boy’s section, I love how I didn’t have to take the shoulders in and the sleeve’s up.

These blazers are called “shrunken blazers” and I find them flattering, comfy and perfect for spring. The jacket started out completely flat and boxy, especially in the back, making this jacket NOT flattering at all. So, I added the a sheer black bow in back which mad the jacket more flattering and hourglass-y. Supplies: blazer. Striped Midi Skirt. Easiest skirt to make ever! Taking in your pants with darts! A temporary way to take in kid’s or adult’s pants. The super easy square top! Custom fit your own blazer! Faux Fur Week Day 2: Fur Pom Poms Tutorial. Faux Fur Week Day 3: Fur Collar and a Fur Scarf!

Faux Fur Week Day 4: Boxy Fur Coat Tutorial. Tailor it to fit February: Loosen a tight top with a fabric panel in back. The square pintuck top. Very gathered A-line skirt and anchor print. Painting stripes on a tee shirt. Floral pleated shorts with a bow. Floral pleated shorts with a bow. Men’s tee to loose top with gathered back (for maternity and non-maternity) Men’s tee to a flattering tee tutorial. The peplum top tutorial. 4 Rectangle knit high-low top tutorial. Another way to take in your pants or to turn them into skinny jeans tutorial. Scoop neck maxi dress tutorial (with pockets) Very easy stretchy pencil skirt tutorial (can be worn long or short!) Lower a neckline tutorial and an Autumn hike. The more professional way to take in a the waistband and legs tutorial.

Tulip wrap skirt tutorial. Square loose ruffle top tutorial and the photobomber. Men’s button up to women’s button up tutorial (or button up peplum top tutorial) Men’s top to peplum top tutorial. DIY infinity or circle scarf tutorial (aka the snood) How to sew with leather and supplies….first project later today! DIY tulle skirt tutorial. Make this look: dip dye button up and waxed/faux leather jeans. DIY Metallic pants tutorial. My way of doing an invisible or blind hem on the sewing machine tutorial. Take it in with a zipper tutorial. "Boxy in the front, ruffly in the back" shirt tutorial. High low gathered back shirt tutorial and the beautiful view of san francisco.

Quick knit a-line maxi skirt tutorial. Summer sheath dress refashion tutorial – perfect for spring and summer! Take out your jean’s waistband tutorial…aka make your pants bigger! Button up to 2 block top tutorial. DIY tee shirt into sheer back shirt refashion – styled 2 different ways. DIY gathered girly skirt with pockets tutorial. Refashioners 2013 challenge – Leather pants into pencil skirt refashion. DIY lace dress tutorial. DIY asymmetrical wrap skirt perfect for a pool coverup or a night out. DIY pillow sham into a cute top refashion. Very easy way to take in your pants!