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Narcissistic personality

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How being raised by a narcissist can affect us. Happy New Year to all PTSD members.

How being raised by a narcissist can affect us

I wanted to share this article in the hopes that it may be a tool for recovery. I know it really speaks to me at this time, as I am talking and writing about the narcissism that further made my father alcoholic and totally abusive. I wish much healing in 2010 for the group! The article begins with a fantastic quote... "Having children makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist. " CDC Adult Health Problems Linked to Traumatic Childhood ExperiencesA woman raised by a narcissist parent told me something that probably reveals how narcissists work.

N mother told her daughter she loved her so much that one day the daughter would not be there, because the N mother would have eaten her during the night? From the outside, looking in, the narcissist family does not appear dysfunctional. Once, my father came to visit at the same time. N train people to cater to their wishes and whims, like spoiled children. Narcissistic Parents’ Psychological Effect on Their Children. Bill Hudson not happy with son Oliver's Instagram: 'He is dead to me now, as is Kate'

Bill Hudson isn't taking son Oliver Hudson's less-than-pleasant Father's Day message sitting down.

Bill Hudson not happy with son Oliver's Instagram: 'He is dead to me now, as is Kate'

Following Oliver's Instagram post in which he wrote "Happy abandonment day ... @KateHudson" in reference to their estranged father, Bill has a few things to say regarding his two children with Goldie Hawn. "I say to them now, 'I set you free,'" Bill tells The Daily Mail in an interview.


Narcissistic Abuse: The Narcissist's Smear Campaign. © by Gail Meyers The narcissist's smear campaign involves gossip, lies and slander.

Narcissistic Abuse: The Narcissist's Smear Campaign

You can become the target of a narcissist's smear campaign for numerous reasons. It can be anything from their insane jealousy, to the fact that the narcissist knows you see through their facade, to concealing their abuse or for simply disagreeing with them. In my experience, the smear campaign is always used by abusers for what they consider premeditated damage control in anticipation of exposure.

My alcoholic pedophile step-father used it during the years he sexually abused me, as well as continuing in it once I was an adult. Of course, that was first and foremost to keep me quiet about the abuse. The smear campaign may be going on behind your back during your relationship with a narcissist and may accelerate when the relationship ends, regardless of who ended it. What is Gossip? The Triangulation of Gossip Ideally, when someone has an issue with you, they speak directly to you about it.

Narcissistic Parent: Collateral Damage. Transcribed from my video at

Narcissistic Parent: Collateral Damage

Being the child of a parent who has narcissistic personality disorder or is simply a narcissist is extremely challenging. The person grows up deferring to the parent as the main person in the room always. They are not at all allowed to feel or have problems. They are consistently having to fight for any and all attention as the parent is the only one allowed to have problems of feelings. Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents Resources. What Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents Resources

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance as well as an intense preoccupation with themselves. Read more about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. What Are The Symptoms Of Narcissistic Personality Disorder? The symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder include the following: It’s All About Me! Recovery for Adult Children of Narcissist. Honor Thy Narcissistic Mother: The 4th Commandment And Going “No Contact” Producer’s Note: In the Protestant church the “honor they mother and father” commandment is the 5th commandment.

Honor Thy Narcissistic Mother: The 4th Commandment And Going “No Contact”

In Catholicism it is the 4th. 6 Signs of Narcissism You May Not Know About. The recently published 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) lists precisely the same nine criteria for narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) as did the previous version, published 19 years earlier.

6 Signs of Narcissism You May Not Know About

So these longstanding diagnostic yardsticks are by now quite familiar—not only to professionals but to interested laypeople as well. Because only the extreme, or “classic,” narcissist fits all of these criteria, DSM specifies that an individual need meet only five of them (barely more than half) to warrant this unflattering label. As a starting point, I’ll reiterate these selected criteria—before, that is, adding six important ones of my own, which either complement or extend these “official” yardsticks.

My particular measures for identifying pathological narcissists are based not only on my exposure to the voluminous writings on this character disorder, but also on 30+ years of clinical experience. Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers. 1.

Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers

Everything she does is deniable. There is always a facile excuse or an explanation. Cruelties are couched in loving terms. Aggressive and hostile acts are paraded as thoughtfulness. Toxic Grandparents – A Blog About Toxic and Non-Toxic People. A percentage of the general population is dysfunctional and/or abusive.

Toxic Grandparents – A Blog About Toxic and Non-Toxic People

That percentage, like everyone else, has children. Then those children grow and have children of their own. The not-so-loving grandparents expect to have a relationship with their grandchildren.