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Getting Started with NoSQL :: myNoSQL Getting Started with NoSQL :: myNoSQL Couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to sit down with Mathias Meyer, Chief Visionary at Scalarium, a Berlin startup and discuss NoSQL adoption. Like myself, Mathias is really excited about NoSQL and he uses every opportunity to introduce more people to the NoSQL space. Recently he gave quite a few presentations around the Europe about NoSQL databases.
A tutorial covering SQL indexing and SQL tuning for developers: avoiding unnecessary details about database internals. SQL indexing is the most effective SQL tuning method and requires the same care as schema design—yet it is often neglected during development. Use The Index, Luke explains SQL indexing from the source code perspective—covering ORM tools like Hibernate and Doctrine. Use The Index, Luke! is actually a real book: it's the online edition of SQL Performance Explained. If you like this site, you should consider buying the book (starting from €9.95) to support our work on this site. SQL Indexing tutorial for MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, ? SQL Indexing tutorial for MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, ?
My Thoughts on Oracle v Google As you've probably heard by now, Oracle has decided to file suit against Google, claiming multiple counts of infringement against Java or JVM patents and copyrights they acquired when they assimilated Sun Microsystems this past year. Since I'm unlikely to keep my mouth shut about even trivial matters, something this big obviously requires at least a couple thousand words. Who Am I? Any post of this nature really requires an author to identify where they stand, so their unavoidable biases can be taken with the appropriate dosage of salt. Rather than having you dig through my past and learn who and what I am, I'll just lay it out here. My Thoughts on Oracle v Google