Host your own Web Server in your application using IIS 7.0 Hostable Web Core - CarlosAg Blog IIS 7.0 includes a very cool feature that is not so well known called Hostable WebCore (HWC). This feature basically allows you to host the entire IIS functionality within your own process. This gives you the power to implement scenarios where you can customize entirely the functionality that you want "your Web Server" to expose, as well as control the lifetime of it without impacting any other application running on the site. This provides a very nice model for automating tests that need to run inside IIS in a more controlled environment. This feature is implemented in a DLL called hwebcore.dll, that exports two simple methods: WebCoreActivate. Host your own Web Server in your application using IIS 7.0 Hostable Web Core - CarlosAg Blog
Drools.NET is a Business Rules Engine (BRE) based on Charles Forgy's Rete algorithm. Developers can now exploit a powerful Rule Engine through a completely managed .NET code base! Drools.NET is based on Jboss Rules, and comes with all the features of that Rules Engine. For a full set of documentation, please visit The User Guide. Features Drools.Net - Home Drools.Net - Home
Using Git with Visual Studio I find that git, working on whole trees as it does, benefits less from ide integration than source control tools that are either file based or follow a checkout-edit-commit pattern. Of course there are instances when it can be nice to click on a button to do some history examination but I don't miss that very much. The real must-do is to get your .gitignore file full of the things that shouldn't be in a shared repository. Mine generally contain (amongst other stuff) the following: *.vcproj.*.user *.ncb *.aps *.suo but this is heavily C++ biased with little or no use of any class wizard style functionality. Using Git with Visual Studio