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Pega Plantão. Mato Grosso do Sul tem um Campo Grande para startups. SiliconReef recebe aporte do Criatec. Empreendedor aposta no mercado de dados e convida startups para uso gratuito dos seus “adwords para email marketing” Navegg, player of choice de segmentação de audiência, lança auto-serviço para plano gratuito. Peixe Urbano compra o Groupalia em 6 países da América Latina. iPad. It’s sort of funny that the only major thing those in the rumor business got wrong was the name of the new iPad.


It’s not the previously presumed “iPad 3″, nor is it the “iPad HD”. It’s just the iPad. And that’s what it will be from now on. This was surprising because our expectations were set for a new name. But it really shouldn’t be all that surprising. Apple can pull this off because they have so few products and they’re in complete control of all of them. Enough about the name. Apple has sold 315 million “Post-PC” devices (read: iOS devices) in total. Right now, the iPhone is king of the Post-PC world. Cook then put up his stunning graph. “Apples to oranges! What’s more likely — 5 years from now, your primary home computing device is a PC? There’s strong push-back to this idea because people generally don’t like change. “We set out not just to create a new product, but a new category,” Cook said of the iPad. As for the new iPad itself, it looks amazing. Triptrotting Raises $1M To Combat Clueless Tourism.

Triptrotting, a startup that connects travelers with hosts, has raised $1 million in a Series A round of funding.

Triptrotting Raises $1M To Combat Clueless Tourism

The company’s website promises that users will be “not just another clueless tourist.” The idea is that when you’re traveling to new places, it’s almost always better if you have a local friend, so Triptrotting tries to connect travelers with locals at their destination. If you’re a host, that can involve letting someone stay with you, or it can be more limited, like taking them on a tour or just meeting them for a meal. Co-founder Shana Zheng (who has in fact played Triptrotting host to TechCrunch office manager Greg Barto) says one of the most important parts of the service is its matching algorithm, which was developed in consultation with former eHarmony chief scientist Galen Buckwalter. Even though hosting is more about cultural exchange, not moneymaking, hosts can ask to be paid tips for specific services, like picking someone up at the airport.

Mobile Ad Network Millennial Media Will List On The New York Stock Exchange. Mobile ad network Millennial Media will be listing its offering on the New York Stock Exchange, according to a new S-1 filing.

Mobile Ad Network Millennial Media Will List On The New York Stock Exchange

The network, which filed its original S-1 in early January, aims to raise as much as $75 million in the offering. The company plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “MM.” According to more recent stats from the filing, Millennial serves ads to 200 million unique users worldwide, including approximately 100 million unique users in the United States alone. More than 30,000 apps are enabled by developers to receive ads delivered by Millennial. From 2009 to 2010, Millennial’s revenue increased 195% from $16.2 million to $47.8 million, and the company took a net loss of $7.6 million, and $7.1 million, in those years, respectively.

While Millennial’s IPO is certainly not at the scale of Facebook, it’s definitely a win for the NYSE in its war with NASDAQ over tech company listings. Now With 1.5M Lessons, ShowMe Launches v2.0 To Bring Khan Academy To The Masses. Over the last year or so, we’ve seen an auspicious rise in the number of startups looking to tackle those seemingly intractable problems in both K-12 and higher education.

Now With 1.5M Lessons, ShowMe Launches v2.0 To Bring Khan Academy To The Masses

One of these startups, the New York City-based ShowMe, found some early financial validation from an impressive set of investors, raising $800K last August from the likes of Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, betaworks, Learn Capital, and angel investor Naval Ravikant. Those familiar with Khan Academy — the startup that offers an impressive web library of videos on everything from arithmetic and physics to finance and history to let students learn at their own pace — will likely find it easy to understand ShowMe’s appeal. The startup is taking a bottom-up approach to the Khan Academy model. While Sal Khan (the founder and head teacher of Khan Academy) has proven to be an incredibly skilled instructor, procuring the equipment, software, and resources that have allowed Khan Academy to thrive is difficult to say the least. HomeSnap Is Not A Boring Real Estate App.

Sawbuck Realty, an online real estate broker, has just launched a new app called HomeSnap which lets you discover information about any home nationwide just by taking a photo of it.

HomeSnap Is Not A Boring Real Estate App

Using a combination of mobile phone sensors to determine location and orientation as well as MLS and public records data, HomeSnap can tell you everything about a home, including how many square feet it has, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, estimated price and more. And it can do so even if the house is not on the market. More importantly, the app is actually fun to use. The company is also announcing the close of an additional $2 million angel round today, which adds to its previous $2 million round from 2009. Sawbuck CEO Guy Wolcott tells us that the company currently has MLS data for 13 of the largest metro areas across the U.S. However, if you’re not in one of the regions where Sawbuck has MLS information on homes, the app can pull in data from public records. NewsiT Raises $500K To Gamify Crowd Journalism.

Crowdsourced news platform just announced that it has raised $500,000 in seed funding.

NewsiT Raises $500K To Gamify Crowd Journalism

And, timed to match the beginning of South by Southwest, it’s also launching its iPhone app. The company was founded by longtime journalist Melinda Wittstock, who has worked for the Times of London, BBC Television, the Guardian, the Observer, ABC News, National Public Radio, and MSNBC/CNBC. Wittstock says she wanted to reinvent the newsgathering and publishing model after attending “too many conferences with a lot of moaning and not a lot of solutions.” This is hardly the first experiment with crowdsourced journalism. (Here’s a story that combines two examples — last fall,, which uses crowdfunding to support investigative journalism, was acquired by American Public Media’s Public Insight Network, which helps newsrooms collect crowdsourced data.)

So the startup doesn’t expect any of its members to create a complete news report on their own. Investors include Sandra D. Newvem Wants To Help AWS Customers Spend Less Money On The Cloud. Stealthy startup Newvem is debuting today with new SaaS based service for Amazon/AWS customers that aims to help businesses spend less money and gain more value from Amazon’s cloud infrastructure.

Newvem Wants To Help AWS Customers Spend Less Money On The Cloud

Basically, the free app is built for Business Managers, IT Managers and Dev Ops to “get to know” their clouds, so they can better see what resources are being used and not used. Cloud spending can be expensive and Newvem wants to help users pinpoint where to optimize their resource usage and budget consumption. Integrated with AWS, Newvem tracks down-to-the-minute resource usage, learns the behavior of every resource, and identifies service level variations and life-cycle events. In the futuure, Newvem will continuously and automatically gather numerous streams of cloud operational data, analyze and learn the usage patterns, automatically detecting potential problems, pinpointing anomalies, and identifying trends in cloud deployment. Foundry Group Leads New Round In Oblong Industries To Push Computing Into “The Minority Report” Age.

Oblong Industries just announced a Series B funding round led by The Foundry Group.

Foundry Group Leads New Round In Oblong Industries To Push Computing Into “The Minority Report” Age

Together with Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners and Energy Technology Ventures (a GE-NRG Energy-ConocoPhillips venture) Oblong Industries is looking to further the development of its groundbreaking computing systems. That’s not hyperbole either. MG spent some time with the company last summer and walked away very impressed. The Foundry Group, already an Oblong investor, led the new funding round with the two new partners. Financial details of the round were not released. “We founded Oblong because we want to make computers better, smarter, and easier to use. The new funding will be used partially to help with product development and commercialization. Oblong Industries’ Chief Science Officer is the man who advised the filmmakers behind Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film Minority Report. Here’s the video MG shot last summer. After 2+ Years Of Serving Apps, Windows Mobile Marketplace Will Die On May 9. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

After 2+ Years Of Serving Apps, Windows Mobile Marketplace Will Die On May 9

As Microsoft throws their considerable weight behind the Windows Phone platform, they’re running out of love for their still-kicking Windows Mobile OS, and today they’ve driven another nail into its coffin. According to a new email being circulated to users as I write this, the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace will officially shut down on May 9. The move to kill the Windows Mobile Marketplace (not the newer Windows Phone Marketplace, to be clear) has been in the works for a while now — it began back in June 2011, when Microsoft announced that Windows Mobile users would no longer be able to download apps from the Marketplace website.

Fortunately, apps could still be downloaded directly to a user’s device though that functionality will soon go dark. Microsoft advises WinMo users (all 9 of you, really) to make sure to snag whatever updates you can, because you’ll be out of luck before long. Of course, Windows Mobile isn’t completely dead and buried yet. With Over 1.5M Users, SavingStar Grabs $9M To Become The Groupon Of Groceries. Digital couponing startup SavingStar has been on a roll.

With Over 1.5M Users, SavingStar Grabs $9M To Become The Groupon Of Groceries

The company launched in beta in August 2010 behind $2.3 million in financing from Flybridge Capital Partners, First Round Capital, and Founder Collective, with participation from angel investors like Ron Conway. The investment led to a name change (SaveWave to SavingStar), which was followed up with an official launch in April of last year, backed by a $7 million Series B round from its existing investors, before adding Buddy Media Founder and CEO Michael Lazerow to its Board of Directors in June.

Then, in December, SavingStar crossed another milestone, announcing that it had surpassed 1 million active users in exactly 230 days, an achievement which its founders were quick to note it accomplished faster than bigs like Groupon, Twitter (over 2 years), or Foursquare (just over a year). It now has over 1.5 million active users. Why? For more on SavingStar, check ‘em out at home here. No Filter Required: Instagram Reportedly Raising $40M At $500M Valuation.

Instagram, the photo touch-up and sharing app, doesn’t make a penny in revenue from consumers, but it’s picking up users faster than you can click on a point-and-shoot camera, and the app is, well, just kind of great. Now, Instagram is poised to pick up another round of funding worth about $40 million, which will value the startup at $500 million, according to sources. The WSJ, which was the first to report that the company was raising a new round of financing, says the new valuation is about 20 times what the company was worth a year ago, when it raised $7 million from Benchmark Capital, Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. Instagram itself has not confirmed the new financing. Instagram, a free app for the iPhone that lets users share their photos via Facebook, Twitter, email and various other networks — as well as its own Instagram network — has picked up 15 million users in two years. P2P Dropbox Competitor Space Monkey Wins Launch, Has Already Raised $750K. Storage startup Space Monkey just took the prize for best new startup at this week’s Launch conference in San Francisco.

It’s no surprise, since this is one of the companies that everyone I’ve spoken to here has raved about. The company is challenging cloud storage services like Dropbox — which seems to be doing pretty damn well, having raised money at a reported $4 billion valuation and also winning the best overall startup award at the most recent Crunchies. However, Space Monkey’s Clint Gordon-Carroll and Alen Peacock (their business cards say “Product Guy” and “Captain Science”, respectively) argue that the cloud approach has its flaws.

With people storing more and more videos and images and other multimedia, it becomes increasingly expensive to keep that data in someone else’s cloud, and increasingly slow to push those files through your Internet connection. Space Monkey, on the other hand, wants to combine the benefits of local storage and the cloud. Virtualization Startup Virtustream Raises $15M From Intel Capital And Others. Virtualization startup Virtustream has raised $15 million in funding from Intel Capital, Columbia Capital, Noro-Moseley Partners, TDF and QuestMark Capital. This brings Virtustream’s total funding raised to $75 million.

Virtustream provides strategy, integration and managed services utilizing virtualization technologies, and xStream, the company’s cloud provisioning platform. xStream platform was built to address the exacting requirements of enterprise customers as they move their IT and applications to the cloud. xStream basically allows enterprise customer to access highly elastic cloud computing resources at a consumption-based pricing model, similar to Amazon EC2. The company aims to help enterprises manage private, virtual private, public and hybrid clouds. The startup says the additional funding will for product development of xStream as well as to expand Virtustream geographic coverage. L.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftechcrunch. Khosla Ventures Leads $2M Round In Mobile E-Signature Service SignNow. SignNow, a startup that develops an e-signing service, has raised $2 million in funding from Khosla Ventures.

SignNow raised $500,000 in a previous round. SignNow’s goal is to revolutionize consumer use of e-signatures and eliminate the need for fax machines, scanners and printers. Today, the company is also announcing a free iPad app (joining iPhone and Android apps), which allows people to sign any document from their iPad and get other people’s signatures. Here’s how SignNow works. First, a user opens a document from their email or Dropbox. SignNow is the company behind NotaryNow, a service that allows people to connect to a notary instantly, via webcam, to legally notarize documents. Education Elements Raises $6M To Help Schools Accelerate Learning With Technology. There are few people who doubt the ability of technology to help improve education, whether that be at the primary or secondary level. Of course, there are a hundred differing views on the best ways to manage (or moderate) the integration of technology into the educational process — and the classroom.

Many parents, teachers, and schools are not exactly thrilled with the idea of technology or mobile devices playing a leading role in the classroom at the expense of teachers, etc. And thus, as with so many things, striking a balance (or finding moderation) is key, which is why we’ve seen a rise in so-called blended learning, or the strategic integration of technology into the classroom — with the goal of increasing the productivity of both teachers and students. In the last six months, Education Elements has seen its team grow from 10 to 45, and CEO Anthony Kim tells us that it will be working with 100 private, charter and public school districts across the country by this fall. Conheça o Fashionera Place, o Primeiro Shopping Online Brasileiro Focado em Moda.

Dollar Shave Club Launches Razor Subscription Service, With Kleiner Funding. With $1.2M Of Seed Funding, A SoMoLo App For Augmented Reality Fans: Wallit., The App Discovery Service Better Than iTunes Genius, Is Now An App. Rentcycle Becomes Getable; Launches In-Store Management Platform For Rental Shops. SmartSync Releases New Version Of The App That Turns You Into A God. China reduz meta de crescimento econômico para 7,5% em 2012. Fashion Outpost Nasty Gal Raises $9M From Index Ventures, With $28M In Revenue. Three Free Healthcare Apps That Empower Patients. More Mobile Ad Consolidation: Carrier SingTel Buys Amobee For $321 Million.