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Neoassist: atendimento ao cliente de verdade chega nas mídias sociais. Semana passada estive no Congresso E-commerce Brasil Search & Vendas, evento cheio de gente boa de algumas das empresas mais bacanas desse mercado abrangente.

Neoassist: atendimento ao cliente de verdade chega nas mídias sociais

Logo na chegada tive uma conversa muito interessante com um empreendedor pra lá de paciente. Testei a ginga de Albert Deweik com uma série de saias-justas sobre situações do dia-a-dia do atendimento a clientes e as diferentes abordagens que encontramos no mercado. Não posso botar a mão no fogo, mas gostei do que ele me contou sobre como sua empresa, NeoAssist lida com as grandes empresas que são seus clientes, para que essas atendam bem aos seus.

Perfeição não existe, mas me pareceu que eles estão subindo degraus de qualidade. Com objetivo de otimizar e facilitar o relacionamento entre marcas e público nas redes sociais, a NeoAssist, que é considerada líder no desenvolvimento de ferramentas para atendimento ao cliente, inova ao lançar novas plataformas de atendimento inteligente pelas redes sociais Facebook e Twitter. I9Brasil investe na Virtual Target para otimizar campanhas de e-mail marketing da Farm. Para estabelecer uma estratégia de ações de comunicação dirigida junto ao público alvo, a grife de roupas femininas Farm, por meio da agência i9Brasil, agência de database marketing, investiu na adoção da Virtual Target, plataforma de envio e gestão de e-mail marketing da VIRID, empresa do grupo Experian.

I9Brasil investe na Virtual Target para otimizar campanhas de e-mail marketing da Farm

Responsável pelo disparo das campanhas de e-mail marketing do programa de relacionamento “Eu Quero Farm!” , a Virtual Target foi escolhida pela agência por se alinhar com o posicionamento e estratégias da marca, reforçando a presença em um ambiente digital. “Nosso contato com a VIRID aconteceu quando procurávamos uma plataforma que oferecesse métricas consistentes sobre as ações de e-mail, de forma que fosse possível mensurar a real efetividade das ações e com isso alimentar o banco de dados do programa de relacionamento da Farm”, conta Patricia Barizon, sócia da i9Brasil.

Ubee: de Pernambuco para aceleradora em Stanford. Fui contatado pelo empreendedor André Ferraz, da startup ubee, que comemora a seleção (confirmada ontem) para participar do processo de aceleração E-Bootcamp na Universidade de Stanford (patrocinado pela investidora Sequoia Capital), entre 12 e 15 de abril.

Ubee: de Pernambuco para aceleradora em Stanford

A Intel Educação patrocina a ida da ubee. O ubee é uma plataforma voltada para potencializar o mercado varejista com uma forma inovadora de adquirir novos consumidores, conhecer seus hábitos de consumo e fidelizá-los. Soon Even Your Mom Can Invest: Senate Passes Crowdfunding Bill (With Protections) Well, this just in from a dispatch on Capitol Hill: The Senate has passed legislation that will essentially legalize crowdfunding in startups by practically anyone, even your mom.

Soon Even Your Mom Can Invest: Senate Passes Crowdfunding Bill (With Protections)

U.S. Senators Scott Brown (R-Mass.), Jeff Merkley (D-Oreg.), and Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) collectively introduced the “CROWDFUND Act” (S. 2190) earlier this month, which adds measures to the House of Rep’s now well-known JOBS Act to ensure that companies would be able to use SEC-approved crowdfunding platforms to raise money from “small-dollar investors.” Groupon Acquires FeeFighters, The BillShrink For Business Services. FeeFighters, a three-year old comparison shopping site for credit card processors, is announcing today it has been acquired by Groupon.

Groupon Acquires FeeFighters, The BillShrink For Business Services

The Chicago-based startup, which provides businesses with a way to find the best merchant account provider for their needs, has also been offering businesses other tools such as its new payment gateway called Samurai. FeeFighters says that the acquisition will not impact any major changes to its product line, and that most of the team will be transitioned to Groupon. Pair Is A Path For The Two Of Us. Let’s say you’re in a serious relationship, but you work all the time and you’re long-distance.

Pair Is A Path For The Two Of Us

How do you stay close to the other person? I’ve personally had this situation for the last year and a half. My girlfriend and I use Skype, email, our phones, Facebook, and everything else we can to stay connected. We’ve even been using Instagram as a two-person social network to share photos about what we’re up to each day. But now there’s an app to solve this exact problem. Build A Beautiful Data Dashboard With Leftronic. Y Combinator-backed Leftronic is launching a new service allowing companies to create custom dashboards that visualize all of your company’s important data.

Build A Beautiful Data Dashboard With Leftronic

With Leftronic, you can pull data from a number of services, including Google Analytics, Twitter, Chartbeat, Mixpanel, and Zendesk, and then customize the layout with a drag-and-drop interface. These dashboards are designed for large screens, so companies can set up a display that’s visible to everyone in the office — that way, everyone knows when traffic spikes, or when the website goes down, or whatever.

For example, there’s a Leftronic display in Y Combinator headquarters with stats from YC’s Hacker News website. The company was actually part of the incubator’s Summer 2010 class — in fact, I wrote that it was one of my favorite companies I saw at that demo day. Co-founder and CEO Lionel Jingles tells me that the model has changed since then, and the company is taking the private beta label off the new service today. Scoople Turns Reading The News Into A Game. If you’re a news junkie who wants to make the experience a little more active, Scoople may be the iPhone app for you.

Scoople Turns Reading The News Into A Game

The app was created by a startup called Dygest. When you’re using it, you get a stream of news stories, and each story has an associated poll. For example, you can read a story about the iPad’s new Retina display, and then fill out a poll about whether you’ve preordered the iPad already, earning points in the process. You can also vote on what you think the majority of Scoople users will say. Disconnect: Ex-Googlers Raise Funding To Stop Google, Twitter & More From Tracking Your Data. In the age of endless sharing, super cookies, social search results, and that ever-present social graph, it’s comforting to know that there are some who are still prioritizing privacy.

Disconnect: Ex-Googlers Raise Funding To Stop Google, Twitter & More From Tracking Your Data

(And a few of them are former Googlers no less!) In October 2010, Google engineer Brian Kennish created Facebook Disconnect, a Chrome extension that disables all traffic from third-party sites to Facebook servers but still allows you to access Facebook itself. The extension was an immediate hit, racking up 50K active users in two weeks (it now has 200K+), prompting Kennish to leave his job at Google to focus full-time on helping the average web user take back control of their data. Shortly thereafter the former Google engineer launched Disconnect, applying the same method behind Facebook Disconnect to other major third-party sites, like Digg, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo, enabling you to disable data tracking while you browse.

Y Combinator-Backed Takes On Salesforce With A Simple CRM For Gmail. Life is painful for those of us who try to manage our daily workload in Gmail.

Y Combinator-Backed Takes On Salesforce With A Simple CRM For Gmail

The stars, the labels and filters, Google’s inaccurate “Priority Inbox” ranking system, the extensions… well, they all sort of help out. But my inbox is still a mess and yours probably is, too. Until someone comes up with a vastly superior communication protocol (one of those frighteningly ambitious problems), a new startup called Streak is trying to create order from the inside.

Part of last year’s summer Y Combinator class, the company is bringing customer relationship management (CRM) functionality directly into Gmail. Right now, most people who are trying to track customers are using separate systems (Gmail plus Salesforce, for example). Ad Tech Startup Integrate Raises $11M, With Backing From Comcast. Integrate, a startup that helps advertisers integrate (yes, I said it) their different ad channels and products, has raised an $11 million Series B round of funding. Co-founder Jeremy Bloom says the current ad landscape is “incredibly fragmented,” with “a ton of point solutions.” So Integrate offers one tool where advertisers can track and manage all of their campaigns. The company claims that its data is real-time, meaning that advertisers can adjust how they spend their money on-the-fly, based on how a campaign is doing. Integrate works with both online and offline advertising. On the online side, it looks at mobile, display, email, social, and digital video.

Online Work Platform oDesk Raises $15M From T. Rowe Price, Benchmark. Online work platform oDesk has raised $15 million in Series D funding from T. Rowe Price Associates with participation from Benchmark Capital, Globespan Capital Partners and Sigma Partners. This brings oDesk’s total funding to $45 million. oDesk offers a “marketplace for talent” that makes it easy for companies to hire workers online for work that can be done remotely.

TokBox SDK Brings Video Chat To iOS Apps. Just over a year ago, video chat startup TokBox shuttered its consumer application and began focusing exclusively on its platform strategy — using its technology to enable video chat on other websites. Today, it’s expanding that effort into mobile. Specifically, TokBox is announcing a software development kit allowing iOS developers to add face-to-face video chat to their apps. There are other video chat apps, of course, such as Skype and Apple’s FaceTime. Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Back Marketplace For Local Fashion Boutiques, Shoptiques. As an avid shopper, I tend to buy clothes, jewelry, and accessories from both big-name stores as well as smaller boutiques.

But as a whole, some of my most coveted items in my closet are from local boutiques who carry designers and fashions that you would never be able to find at stores like Bloomingdale’s. But while I can peruse the boutiques of Chicago, I can’t access the smaller boutiques in New York, LA, San Francisco and other cities without visiting those areas. Until now. Enter Y Combinator startup Shoptiques, which aggregates inventory from local fashion boutiques and puts it online. FindTheBest Launches A Data-Driven Approach To The Classifieds. FindTheBest, the startup led by DoubleClick co-founder Kevin O’Connor and backed by Kleiner Perkins’ sFund, has been trying to help consumers make the right decisions by giving them more, and better-structured, data. Now the company is bringing that strategy to a new market — classified ads. “We think classified has a lot of room for improvement,” O’Connor says.

“It’s a pretty scary process, and you never quite know what you’re buying.” FreedomPop’s New iPhone Case Promises Users Free Wireless Data. Skimlinks Releases Full API For Web Publishers. As Developers Seek More Interactivity, PubNub Raises $4.5M For Its In-App Messaging Solution. Cisco, Benchmark And Venrock Back Cloud Storage Company CTERA Networks. Semantic Recipe Search Engine Yummly Raises $6M From Unilever And Others. 42Floors Takes Commercial Real Estate Online (Because Searching For Office Space Sucks) Slated Raises $2M To Bring The AngelList Approach To the Film Industry. Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz And Khosla Back Big Data Startup ClearStory. Trying To Be For Student Loans, Binksty Raises, Redesigns, Hits $10M In Debt-Under-View. Amazon Acquires Online Fulfillment Company Kiva Systems For $775 Million In Cash. Averail Raises $6M To Help Enterprises Share Documents On Mobile Devices. Orange Publicis Fund’s First Investment: $15M For Ad Personalization Provider myThings.

FutureAdvisor Raises Funding From Sequoia To Bring Financial And Investment Advice To The Masses.