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Study: Enterprises Want More Marketing Data, But They Don’t Know What To Do With It. Online marketers and advertising are getting access to more and more data, but that’s not enough, according to the 2012 Digital Marketing 2.0 Study commissioned by ad company DataXu.

Study: Enterprises Want More Marketing Data, But They Don’t Know What To Do With It

More than 350 “enterprise decision makers” in management, marketing, communications, digital, IT and social media were surveyed, and 75 percent of them said that data will help them improve their businesses. However, 58 percent said they didn’t have the skills and technology needed to analyze marketing data, while more than 70 percent said the same about customer data. “We know about Facebook and Google and other Internet service companies leading the charge in dealing with big data,” DataXu co-founder and CEO Mike Baker told me. Other large companies know “they need to get in the game,” but “they don’t have the training or the tools to actually realize these efficiencies.” The study was conducted by social media consultancy Human 1.0 and nonprofit Society for New Communications Research.

Pontiflex Launches Self-Serve Version Of Its “Mobile Signup” Ads. Pontiflex, a company focused on what it calls “mobile signup” ads, is reaching out to smaller advertisers today with the launch of AdLeads, its self-serve platform.

Pontiflex Launches Self-Serve Version Of Its “Mobile Signup” Ads

Co-founder and CEO Zephrin Lasker says this has always been one of his goals for the company, ever since it launched five years ago — to allow any business, regardless of size, to pay for marketing leads collected via Pontiflex ads (advertisers only pay when someone actually enters their contact information into a sign-up form). With the growing importance of mobile, Lasker says this is “the next big step” beyond Google AdWords for many small businesses. “We’re on our phones all the time,” he says. “They might as well be taped to our foreheads. Anybody from a small business owner to a media planner can tell that everybody’s attention has shifted.” Lasker also walked me through the process of creating and managing a campaign in Pontiflex. More than 300 businesses participated in the AdLeads beta test.

Facebook Tests Letting Advertisers Optimize For Results Such As Page Likes Or App Installs. Advertisers looking for higher ROI from their Facebook self-serve ads may soon see some new tools.

Facebook Tests Letting Advertisers Optimize For Results Such As Page Likes Or App Installs

Facebook tells us its testing new features like “Objectives” which lets advertisers ask Facebook to “Show this to people who are more likely to: [Like my Page] or [Install my app] or [Click on my ad or sponsored story]“. It’s also trying a simpler interface and allowing more targeting options to be layered. The test is a response to comments from advertisers who wanted “more guidance on how to optimize their campaigns based on their marketing goals.” Right Media Data Providers. Right Media Understands the Importance of Meaningful Data Data Providers: A Primer Data providers are changing the advertising landscape by focusing on who sees ads rather than where ads appear. Here is how it works: When consumers go to certain web sites, the page places a tag (or “cookie”) within the browser – tracking that a particular browser visited a particular site.

In some cases, a data provider (which can also be described as a data “collector”) pays the web site for the ability to do this. Google Edges Closer to Facebook as US Display Advertising Becomes Two-Horse Race. Global ad revenues at Facebook to reach $6.1 billion in 2012 NEW YORK, NY (February 22, 2012)—Facebook passed Yahoo!

Google Edges Closer to Facebook as US Display Advertising Becomes Two-Horse Race

Last year to become the top display advertising seller in the US, but the company’s lead may be short-lived. Google’s display business is growing faster than anticipated—and is set to surpass Facebook’s next year, according to a new forecast by eMarketer. Google's $2.5 Billion In Display Advertising Might Already Be Bigger Than Yahoo's. Yahoo gave up on the search business when it struck its partnership with Microsoft, and now it’s focussed on its strength, which is online display advertising.

Google's $2.5 Billion In Display Advertising Might Already Be Bigger Than Yahoo's

Yesterday, Yahoo reported a 17 percent increase in display revenues on Yahoo-owned sites. CEO Carol Bartz told analysts on the conference call: “We are running really fast. We are not going to give up this leadership in display very easily.” But that leadership is already being threatened. 200-milhoes-em-receitas-anuais-e-350-funcionarios-125341838. SÃO PAULO, 11 de julho de 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hoje a Criteo anuncia que a sua receita anual cresceu de zero para US$ 200 milhões (R$ 314 milhões) em três anos.


The tagnology company - BI, Omniture, Adobe, Atlas, Analytics, Adserver, Richmedia, Mobile, Performance, Unica. As of January 1, 2014 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will mandate that all ICANN accredited registrars begin verifying the Registrant WHOIS contact information for all new domain registrations and Registrant contact modifications.

The tagnology company - BI, Omniture, Adobe, Atlas, Analytics, Adserver, Richmedia, Mobile, Performance, Unica

Why this domain has been suspended Email address has not been verified.This is a new domain registration and the Registrant email address has not been verified. The Registrant contact data for this domain was modified but still requires verification.Specifically the First Name, Last Name and/or email address have been changed and never verified. If you're the site owner, reactivate your site Ab 1. Navegg e BTBuckets: Serviços de "Behavioral Targeting" no Brasil. Navegg, player of choice de segmentação de audiência, lança auto-serviço para plano gratuito. Quem envia novidades é o Adriano Brandão, um dos fundadores da Navegg , a startup de segmentação de audiência online que foi comprada pelo Buscapé no início do ano passado. “Desde nossa entrada no Buscapé as coisas mudaram bastante, claro. Creio que o ponto principal tem a ver com as diversas sinergias que existem entre a Navegg e as demais empresas do grupo.

Isso tem alavancado muitos negócios e oportunidades. Why RTB is a game-changer for digital ads. Real-time bidding is set to revolutionise not only how media is purchased, but how campaigns are planned and created and even the skills marketers need.

Why RTB is a game-changer for digital ads

“It is early days, but real time-bidding (RTB) is going to be as big an initiative in Europe as it is in the US, where we are seeing triple-digit increases in our ROI,” predicts Daphne Sacco, director of internet marketing at eBay International. People Don't Want Personalized Ads. What Should Marketers Do? Predictions 2012 #3: The Facebook Ad Network.

For my third prediction of the year, I’m going with one just a tad bit less obvious than “Facebook will go public.”

Predictions 2012 #3: The Facebook Ad Network

There seems to be no doubt about that event occurring this year, though I’ve certainly heard intelligent folks argue that Facebook can and should figure out how to stay private. I’ve argued that Facebook ought to be a public company, if only to be held (somewhat) accountable given all the data it has on our lives. Quattro Alums Launch Mobile Targeting Startup Adelphic, Raise $2M. Two mobile veterans who worked together at Quattro Wireless, the mobile ad network that formed the basis of Apple’s iAd program, are announcing a new company today called Adelphic Mobile.

Quattro Alums Launch Mobile Targeting Startup Adelphic, Raise $2M

Jennifer Lum, who was the vice president of ad ops at Quattro, tells me that me that she teamed up with her Quattro colleague Changfeng Wang because they wanted to tackle some of the unsolved problems in mobile advertising. Specifically, she says that Wang has developed new “AudienceCube” targeting technology that should help “unlock” the brand badges for mobile campaigns, giving advertisers new insight about who exactly their ads are reaching. Adelphic’s Predictive Data Platform can be sold to advertisers and publishers to help them optimize campaigns. Facebook Display Ads On Third-Party Sites? It’s Already Doing It For (On Google’s Network) There has been some speculation about when Facebook might launch an advertising network to run on sites apart from its own, using its trove of data on what its 845 million users like and share.

But while the company has been silent on whether it plans to do this, it has also quietly moved into display ads in the wider world of the Internet — via a series of ads for Facebook itself. And one of its ad network partners, ironically, has also been one of its biggest competitors: Google. Navegg Lança Plano Self-Service Gratuito para Editores e Startups. Opera Snaps Up Mobile Theory, 4th Screen For $26M In Mobile Ad Push. Mobile browser company Opera today announced that it has acquired the mobile ad networks Mobile Theory and 4th Screen Advertising.

The move is not just another sign of the ongoing consolidation in that space, but also of the need to bulk up to better compete with the likes of Google with more full-service solutions. Opera will be paying $18 million for Mobile Theory and $8 million for 4th Screen, with potential earn-outs bringing in an additional $32 million and $6.5 million respectively in 2013 and 2014 The move comes at the same time that San Mateo/Oslo, Norway-based Opera announced its latest quarterly earnings, in which revenues were up by 31 percent to 253.1 million Norwegian Kronor ($44 million), on the back of strong growth in its desktop browser, consumer/advertising, and OEM divisions — offsetting a small decline in the company’s first-ever customer base, mobile operators.

In addition to getting mobile users onto the web, Opera also launched its own app store last year. Trend-Based Ad Targeter Taykey Goes Cross-Platform, Adds Kevin Rose As Adviser. Sequoia-backed social ad startup Taykey is ready to look beyond Facebook. Taykey says it looks at 40,000 data sources and automatically generates campaign keywords to help advertisers reach the audience they’re looking for, and respond in real-time to online trends. Facebook Warns Brands that Scale in Social Won't Come For Free. App Analytics Startup Kontagent Grew 500 Percent Last Year. Kontagent, a startup offering analytics for Facebook, mobile, and Web apps, says that its annual revenue grew 500 percent in 2011, to “just under $10 million.” The company’s kSuite tools allow developers to track virality, engagement, retention, and revenue.

The company signed up 100 new enterprise customers last year, including its first mobile clients. The current customer base includes Peak Games, Gaia Online, and Popcap. (In addition to game companies, Kontagent says it has large clients in e-commerce, but it isn’t naming them.) Asked what’s coming next, CMO Dan Kimball says the company wants to build a “deeper” product this year, one that offers “the benefits that are typically associated with expensive, home-built [business intelligence] tools” in an inexpensive way.

Kontagent was founded in 2007. Big Data Collection And Analysis Platform Connotate Acquires Competitor Fetch Technologies. Connotate, which aims to help companies collect data and content from the Web and transform this unstructured data into actionable enterprise intelligence, has acquired fellow competitor Fetch Technologies. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Fetch Technologies helps companies access massive amounts of real-time Internet data, especially in the areas of retail and background checks. The company pulls in everything from pricing data for retailers and shopping engines to criminal background history or news stories.

Customers include Shopzilla. Mail SMTP Server - Social Retargeting Ad Network RadiumOne Raising A $50M Round At A $500M Valuation. We’re hearing that RadiumOne, an online ad network that aims to combine social and intent data to serve ads, is finalizing a monster $50 million round from investors.

Buddy Media Acquires Social Ad-Buying Tool Brighter Option To Sync Paid and Owned Marketing. Brands are buying more social advertising, and increasingly those ads build off of published content like Sponsored Stories and Promoted Tweets. To absorb this spend, social marketing platform Buddy Media has acquired and integrated the tech and team of Facebook ad-buying tool Brighter Option. Buddy Media started as social publishing suite, but as cheap publishing tools proliferated it needed a way to earn a percentage of brand ad spend. Now when Buddy Media’s 600 clients including newly signed WPP, the world’s largest advertising agency, publish updates to Facebook they can instantly buy ads that promote their owned marketing properties. Ad Startup Rocket Fuel Just Had Its First Profitable Quarter. Startup Rocket Fuel claims to apply “rocket science” to ad campaigns, and it sounds like that science is turning into real revenue.

ReTargeter Aims To Make Display Ads Relevant Again (TCTV) In 2009, Arjun Dev Arora left Yahoo to start ReTargeter In the interview above, he explains what retargeting is and why it matters. He also talks about building his company culture, the shift in how people are buying advertising and social ad platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Brands Targeting Shoppers – Not Just Consumers – On Retailer Websites Says HookLogic CEO Opdyke.

Jonathan Opdyke is CEO of HookLogic, an eCommerce media company. MCAdExc_Insight_Mar2011.pdf (objeto application/pdf) The Economics of Online Advertising Industry. This is the summary of an article by David Evans. You can get the pdf of the behavioral targeting article here: The Economics of Online Advertising Industry. Online advertising will definitely increase in a significant way, as more and more people have access to the Internet through various devices, including the current trend in mobile devices and even in televisions. s04_ads_doubleclick.pdf (objeto application/pdf) Online Advertising Business 101. Mike On Ads » Blog Archive » Exchange v. Network, Part I: What’s the difference? Intro to Ad Serving - Industry Reference - AppNexus Documentation.

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