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SambaTech Anuncia Joint Venture com Adstream e promete revolucionar o mercado publicitário da América Latina. A startup mineira Samba Tech anunciou recentemente um joint venture com a australiana Adstream, líder mundial em serviços de tecnologia de publicidade on-line.

SambaTech Anuncia Joint Venture com Adstream e promete revolucionar o mercado publicitário da América Latina

Intel invests in two Brazilian fashion e-commerce sites. (VentureBeat) February 17, 2012 – Intel Capital, the investment arm of the world’s biggest chip maker, said today it has invested in two Brazilian fashion e-commerce sites Coquelux and

Intel invests in two Brazilian fashion e-commerce sites

The move shows that the investment craze around online shopping has moved to the emerging markets of the world, where big audiences await. Brazil is the third-largest PC market in the world and Intel wants to expand it for its own self-interest. Coquelux is an online shopping club that gives members exclusive access to flash events where they can buy premium and luxury goods at a discount. is a social e-commerce platform where users create custom looks from more than two million labels and share them in the network. Rede social esportiva Spleeps: sports, play, people. Durante um dos painéis que moderei na Campus Party, perguntei se havia algum empreendedor afim de subir no palco e fazer um pitch.

Rede social esportiva Spleeps: sports, play, people

O Bruno Barazzutti subiu e apresentou sua rede social esportiva Spleeps, um dos produtos dele e da turma da Whapp. Trata-se de uma rede social onde as pessoas podem procurar outros praticantes de esportes que se encontrem no mesmo nível, organizar jogos e torneios. Para enfrentar seus 10 concorrentes diretos espalhados no Brasil e em outros países, a Spleeps diferencia-se por maior foco no usuário, entre outras questões tecnológicas. Achei interessante. Investmania: enxergando possibilidades por meio do relacionamento entre investidores, relatórios e análises. Mais um empreendimento online dedicado ao mercado financeiro.

Investmania: enxergando possibilidades por meio do relacionamento entre investidores, relatórios e análises

Peixe Urbano compra Zuppa, site de reserva de mesas em restaurantes. O Peixe Urbano, site que revolucionou o Local Commerce na América Latina ao introduzir o conceito de compras coletivas na região em março de 2010, dando início ao boom das startups no Brasil, anuncia hoje a aquisição do Zuppa, site pioneiro e líder no segmento de reservas online do país.

Peixe Urbano compra Zuppa, site de reserva de mesas em restaurantes

A compra faz parte da estratégia do Peixe Urbano de lançar novos serviços que agreguem ainda mais valor aos usuários e parceiros da empresa. O Zuppa foi fundado em fevereiro do ano passado por 3 empreendedores brasileiros (que já tiveram outras experiências empreendedores bem sucedidas), e hoje já está presente em 10 estados do país – contando com o trabalho de cerca de 15 profissionais, especialmente da área de TI. Doce Beleza cresce consolida-se no e-commerce de cosméticos.

Desde o lançamento, em 2007, a empresa cresceu 36 vezes, expandiu sua atuação para todo o Brasil e passou a comercializar 27 marcas.

Doce Beleza cresce consolida-se no e-commerce de cosméticos

Intel Capital investe na e na Coquelux. Espero que venture capital tenha realmente entrado na moda – com o perdão do duplo sentido!

Intel Capital investe na e na Coquelux

GoodRx Grabs $1M+ From SV Angel, Founders Fund & More To Help You Find Cheap Prescription Drugs. Like many other services, goods, and commodities, prescription drug prices can vary widely depending on location and what particular vendor is offering them. Launching last September at the Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco was GoodRx, a service that’s aiming to bring some transparency back to prescription drug purchases by bringing some sophisticated price comparison technology to the everyday consumer. GoodRx was co-founded by Scott Marlette and Doug Hirsch, both early employees of Facebook. Hirsch was VP of Product at Facebook back in 2005, and Marlette, one of the company’s first 20 employees, was an engineer who worked on, among other things, Facebook’s photo application. Real Estate Site VivaReal Raises Cash To Be The Zillow For Brazil., a real estate marketplace in Brazil, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from a number of angels and investors, including Greg Waldorf, Simon Baker, Shaun Di Gregorio, Wences Casares, Micky Malka, Ariel Poler, Gordon Rubenstein, 500 Startups, Jeff Fluhr, Errol Damelin, Florian Otto, Monashees Capital and Kaszek Ventures.

As co-founder Brian Requarth tells me in more developed markets like the U.S., property searchers have the option to find almost all the inventory for sale or rent online. Social Media Advertising Startup Compass Labs Raises $6M From NEA And Presidio. BuiltWith Reveals The Tech Used By The 130 Million Web Sites That Matter Most. Search engines like Google scour the web to figure out how to rank content.

BuiltWith Reveals The Tech Used By The 130 Million Web Sites That Matter Most

Measurement firms like comScore sample users to estimate traffic to web sites. But what if you want to know which of some 2000 technologies a web site is using? And, what if you want to know what the tech trends are across the 130 million largest sites on the web today? You could just dig through the source code for each site you’re interested in to answer these questions piecemeal, or you could repurpose other web site profilers designed for search engine optimization or other jobs. Or, you could use BuiltWith. Organized, easily accessible data about the profile of any one web site can be valuable for, say, someone trying to sell cloud hosting or ad network products to new clients — especially for figuring things out like which clients are already using competitors’ technology. But even more interesting are the big-picture trends that BuiltWith reveals. JQuery, a Javascript library, has been blowing up. Crowd-Sourced Learning Platform Memrise Nabs $1.05M From Matt Mullenweg, Lerer Ventures And More!

Memrise, an online community that attempts to teach people languages through crowdsourcing, is announcing its $1.1 million in seed financing today, from Matt Mullenweg’s Audrey Capital, Avalon Ventures, Balderton Capital, Lerer Ventures, Zynga Boston head Nabeel Hyatt, former Facebook data head Jeff Hammerbacher, Bill Warner, Scott Heller, Walt Winshall and Ken Baumann.

Crowd-Sourced Learning Platform Memrise Nabs $1.05M From Matt Mullenweg, Lerer Ventures And More!

Memrise incorporates a unique way of teaching and teaching foreign words; It crowdsources Mems, or Mneumonic devices from its community and then imparts them to users through online lessons involving animated gifs (below). The startup uses a gardening metaphor to represent a student’s journey — each Mem you learn is a plant, your total sum knowledge is a garden, etc. I’m still sort of doubtful that any online education model works, but right now I have six Mandarin “plants” sprouting, which is a lot more Mandarin than I knew before Memrise. [youtube= With Clik, Your Smartphone Can Control Screens Everywhere. You’ve probably heard of Kik Messenger, a phone messaging app with the backing of Union Sqaure Ventures and RRE.

With Clik, Your Smartphone Can Control Screens Everywhere

It turns out Kik was just the beginning of the company’s plans — today it’s launching Clik, which is even more impressive. Put simply, Clik can turn your phone into a remote control for any screen with a browser. CEO Ted Livingston demonstrated the app for me earlier this week. Here’s how it works: You point your desktop browser at, which generates a unique QR code. Lady Gaga-Backed Backplane Raises Over $4M From Sequoia & More; Acquires Sharing Platform Cortex. You may have heard the buzz by now about a young startup that’s being fueled by some pretty impressive star power, including the likes of the one and only Lady Gaga. The project, called Backplane, was co-founded by Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, and raised an early (then hush hush) seed round from an impressive set of investors, including Google Ventures, Founders Fund Angel, Menlo Ventures, SV Angel, i/o Ventures, and Tomorrow Ventures.

TipList Wants To Replace That Ubiquitous Travel Tips Email. From the one man team that brought you Photopile and Onesheet comes another drop dead simple app, TipList. Deciding to take a trip around the world with his wife Elle last summer, creator Brenden Mulligan received a deluge of “City Tips” emails, or those emails full of must see sights, places, restaurants, bars that your friends think you’d like and that constantly get recycled when people you know come into town/travel.

Mulligan thought that there must be a better, more centralized solution than email, and built TipList — a service that “makes it easy to build a quick list of recommendations about a place you’ve been and loved.” (Sample list here.) Opera Snaps Up Mobile Theory, 4th Screen For $26M In Mobile Ad Push. Mobile browser company Opera today announced that it has acquired the mobile ad networks Mobile Theory and 4th Screen Advertising. Frank & Oak Helps Twentysomething Men Dress Themselves. A new site called Frank & Oak wants to take the headache out of clothes shopping for men between 20 and 35. The site is a new product from men’s clothing company Modasuite (a startup based in Canada and backed by Real Ventures). With Frank & Oak, CEO Ethan Song says the company is aiming at a younger audience (Modasuite’s customer base is more in the 30-45 range), so the clothing is more affordable and the process is simpler. Subscribers just go to the Frank & Oak site and enter their clothing preferences.

Then, once a month you get an email newsletter with a list of items for sale, curated to your interests — Song compares it to a personalized men’s fashion magazine. (At first, I thought a monthly newsletter didn’t seem frequent enough, but Song says men in their 20s and early 30s don’t want to buy clothes more often than that.) Song also emphasizes that this isn’t a flash sale site, where companies are often trying to sell off excess inventory. Filetrek Raises $10 Million For Cloud-Based File Sharing Platform.

FileTrek, a new cloud storage and file-sharing platform launching today, has raised $10 million in Series B funding led by Anthem Venture Partners, Telesystem, and Ontario Emerging Technologies Funds. Filetrek is designed to allow enterprises to add secure file sharing, project collaboration, and the ability for managers to track content and data across thousands of desktops and mobile devices. Using the application, consumers can share files directly from their desktop and access data anywhere from any device, whether they are online or offline. Filetrek will also tell you the location of a file, who has worked on it, the various changes that have been made to it, and how files are related.

All versions of documents and files automatically backup and sync between multiple devices in real-time. Writing Marketplace Gains An Extra $150K, Two New Advisors., a marketplace for freelance writers, has secured another $150,000 in seed funding on top of the $700,000 it raised back in late November 2011. The new seed financing round was led by former Redpoint Ventures Executive-in-Residence David Wu. Additionally, has brought two new advisors on board: former LinkedIn chief scientist DJ Patil and 99designs co-founder Matt Mickiewicz. UPS Partners With And Backs Online Merchant Lender Kabbage; Will Provide Data For Underwriting. Kabbage, which provides working capital to online merchants, is announcing a big deal today.

Shoutlet Fires Off New Trigger-Based Social Marketing Platform. Here’s why social media marketing is broken: my company wants to launch a contest on our Facebook app and website and post about to all our fans and followers, post when we hit 1000 entries, and post again when the contest ends after 5000 entries. Sequencing like this was difficult because marketing team would have to monitor for those milestones to be reached, then manually rotate our apps and publish updates. Social marketing platform Shoutlet today launches a way to turn the cacophony of disparate campaigns into a concerted push.

It’s called Social Switchboard, it uses trigger-based campaign publishing, and your marketing department wants it. Social Switchboard lets marketers schedule status updates, tweets, YouTube videos, emails, apps and more to be published when a trigger is hit, such as a Facebook Page reaching a certain Like count or a number of contest entries being submitted. I’m not worried for Shoutlet anymore. [Image Credit: redcmarketing] Jonathan Schwartz Launches CareZone, A Simple Caregiving Site With Big Plans. The problem that former Sun Microsystems chief executive Jonathan Schwartz is trying to fix with his new startup is clear enough.

Clear: Why This Simple To Do List App Has Everyone Talking. No Name, No Email, No Problem: nFluence Media Raises $3M For Anonymous Deal-Targeting Tech. Seattle and London-based nFluence Media emerged from two years of stealth mode to announce it has raised $3 million for a deal-targeting technology whose first application will be a daily deal aggregating iPhone app, due out later this month. Raises $500K To Be An Online, Visual Inspiration Engine For Weddings. 500 Startups Alum LaunchBit Launches Its Email Ad Network. Pearltrees Raises $6.7M, Boasts Of “Collaborative Interest Graph” Pops Raises $1.5M From Mangrove To Sexify Mobile Notifications. Finam Puts $10M In Mobile Messaging Application IM+ CruiseWise Launches A Dedicated Travel Site For Booking Cruises. Behind New Funding, Matchbook Wants To Turn Bookmarking Into Action With Intent-Based Deals. Marin Software Raises $30M, Aims (Eventually) For IPO.

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