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Easy Design Mistakes You Should Avoid. Why Are Sitemaps So Important For A Website? Site Navigation Improve Your Domain Authority And Improve User Experience? Female Influence in the Marketing Industry. 5 Influential Women in Marketing. Content Tools to Help Influencers Target Their Audience. Things to Include In Your Site Map.

What Makes Effective Site Design? What Is A Site Map? How Has Consuming Content Changed Over the Years. Graphics Design Agency in Australia. How Does Having A Blog Improve Your Business? Tips for a Logo Design That Will Stay Relevant Throughout the Years. How Many Pieces Of Content Should You Aim To Post To Improve Your Ranking? Why Does Effective Design Boosts Your Company’s Social Media Following? Best Tools to Improve Your SEO Strategy. What Are Major SEO Mistakes When Trying To Increase Your Customer Reach? How Has Google Ads Changed Over the Years? How Does Google Analytics 4 Help With SEO.

How Do You Synergise Your Brand Through SEO? What Is Google Analytics 4? Why Does Your Business Need Google Analytics 4? Why do Storytelling Drive Sales in Marketing? Website Development Company in Australia. What Does Consistent Branding Look Like? Do Traditional Marketing Like Billboards Still Work? How to Increase Your Reach with Influencer Marketing For Your Content Strategy. How to Ensure Your Designs Reflect the Brand. How Do You Personalise a Marketing Strategy. What Does SEO look like for 2021? What Design Trends Will Emerge in 2021? If you need help on design for your brand, you have Anchor Digital.

What Design Trends Will Emerge in 2021?

They have years of experience in design and digital marketing. Contact Anchor Digital for more information. Branding and graphic design are constantly evolving. Several design trends that were effective may be old fashioned in the months to come. It is therefore important to ensure that you keep up with the design trends in the market today. This will help you to stay relevant and reach out to potential customers.

The following are some of the design trends to anticipate in 2021. 1. Nowadays people want to interact with other individuals and putting a face in your design especially social media post will increase engagement. Provide a break from conventional logos and brand designs and give your audience a personal connection by using real faces. 2. Depending on the market you serve sometimes using quirky designs can add some fun and engagement. Handcrafted designs are a great option to use. 3. 4. 5. Like this: What Are The Best Ways To Leverage Your Content Seasonally? - Content Marketing digital marketing branding content marketer.

How to Meet Customer Expectations. As a business owner, there are a number of ground rules you have to lay down correctly so that everything in your business moves smoothly.

How to Meet Customer Expectations

However, ultimately your success is determined by how satisfied your customers are. The ability to constantly meet customers’ expectations is what makes a company or business grow. Meeting your customers’ expectations involves making sure that the products or services you provide are in line with what they want. How Can You Incorporate Personalisation in Your SEO Strategy? Content Marketing - Anchordigital. Importance of a Design System. SEO Strategies to Look Out For in 2021. How are User Experience Designers and Product Designers Different? Anchor digital — How Do You Boost Team Morale In Small Businesses? How Does SEO Help Grow Web Traffic? - Local Business Member Article By Anchor Digital. What is a SaaS Content Marketing Strategy? In today’s digital era, content marketing has become the ultimate marketing tool for many brands and organisations.

What is a SaaS Content Marketing Strategy?

Most people have shifted their focus to content creation but the issue is that most of them have not yet fully adapted to effective marketing strategies such as SaaS content marketing. What is SaaS Content Marketing? SaaS content marketing aims at offering value to users throughout the sales funnel. Software as service companies and aims at answering specific questions to clients concerting the product at every stage. What Are Topic Clusters? How Does Storytelling Drive Marketing Sales? Storytelling is an effective marketing strategy that most marketers leverage.

How Does Storytelling Drive Marketing Sales?

If you master storytelling skills, meeting your sales targets becomes easy. How Do You Optimise for Voice Search? Voice search is changing how Google handles search queries.

How Do You Optimise for Voice Search?

Soon voice searching will be very effective SEO strategy. Free Tools to Manage SEO Performance. Do Longer Content Articles Rank Higher Than Shorter Content Pieces? - SEO Content Marketing. Ways to Synergise Your Brand. Brand synergy means that your business is in control of every aspect of your brand that is required to achieve success.

Ways to Synergise Your Brand

A brand is composed of several aspects which should function together seamlessly. 5 Effective Ways to Synergise Your Brand As a brand manager, it is important to synergise your brand to improve your image, reach, and to increase productivity. Have A Clear ObjectiveEvery person in an organisation performs different roles. However, it is always important to clearly define brand goals and objectives, and to keep everyone’s work in line with them. What are the Different Types of Social Media Campaigns You Can Run? The most interesting thing about social media campaigns for your business is that there are endless options.

What are the Different Types of Social Media Campaigns You Can Run?

The best way to have a successful social media campaign is to test several options. After testing you can evaluate various metrics and choose the one that works for you. The flexibility of social media campaigns allows businesses to try out various techniques and stick to the one that brings tangible results. Social media campaigns are aimed at creating social interactions with their target audience. Businesses should choose a campaign that enhances social interaction. The following are some of the effective social media campaigns that you can run. Free Tools To Help You Make Infographics For Your Content. Blog posted on : 15-10-2020 Infographics are a graphical representation of content.

Free Tools To Help You Make Infographics For Your Content

These help readers easily understand your content compared to normal next. In marketing, Infographics can be a useful tool that when used correctly, it can help increase user engagement and conversation rate. As a marketer, it is very important for you to include infographics in your advertising content. The good news is that there are free tools available to help you make infographics without spending money. 1. How Does Back Linking Work? The SEO strategies changes from time to time as marketers discover new and effective content marketing strategies.

How Does Back Linking Work?

Backlinks are an integral part of a successful Search Engine Optimisation. As a marketer, it is very critical to make good use of backlinks to help you get discovered on search engines and to expand your reach. What are Backlinks? A backlink occurs when certain site links and mention another website. This results in inbound links. What is Evergreen Content? Evergreen content is the secret to building an audience, getting backlinks, social shares, and rank higher on search engines.

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content has been the backbone of a successful SEO marketing strategy. How To Best Measure Your SEO Efforts? If you are able to track something, it becomes very easy for you to improve it. This applies to SEO marketing. Serious content marketers track and pay attention to all SEO marketing campaign metrics from conversions, rankings, lost links, and more in order to get the maximum value of their SEO advertising. Benefits of Facebook’s Screen Share Messenger Update. What Are SEO Keywords? Difference Between Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD For Design.

What are the Main Image Dimensions Used for Basic Social Media Designs? High-quality imagery for social media is very imperative for the success of any business’ advertising efforts. Each social media platform has its own image dimensions requirements. The profile pictures and cover image dimensions need to be accurate. The following are the main image dimensions that are commonly used for basic social media designs. 1.

Facebook. How to Make the Most of Hashtags on Social Media. Hashtags, when used correctly can help your business reach many potential customers. Hashtags allow effective delivery of content to people searching for certain SEO keywords. With hashtags, a business can easily build up a community through the creation of their own hashtags. This helps Facebook users discover your content based on their interests. The following hashtag tips will help you to grow your audience fast and increase your social engagement. Simple SEO Mistakes to Avoid. Though SEO is a great strategy to help your business reach your target audience, sometimes content marketers make mistakes that instead of getting positive results, they end up ruining their marketing efforts.

The following are simple SEO mistakes to avoid. They may be simple but they can have serious consequences on your website. They can lower your site ranking and your website can lose traffic. Create an effective SEO marketing strategy by avoiding these mistakes. Is Traditional Word-of-mouth Advertising and Marketing Obsolete?

Anchor digital — Why You Need To Understand Copyright Image Rules. Why Your Business Should Have Google My Business. Google has numerous opportunities and tools available for free that targets to establish an online presence of businesses. It is part of their efforts to encourage the use of digital means in doing business. One of the free opportunity that goggle offers is the creation of a business profile in the Google business listing. Many companies opt to start a business profile to have their presence online and also win customers’ confidence in their business.

Another critical Google opportunity for businesses is Google my business tool. This is instead a tool that goes beyond what a goggle business profile can offer. Goggle my business has a lot of benefits and the reasons as to why every business should have it. How to Design Your Website for Accessibility - Local Business Member Article By Anchor Digital. What Does it Mean to Have Your Website Pixel Perfect? - website design website development Anchor Digital.

This is where pixel-perfect web design comes in. It is part of rigorous design and development of a website that ensures the web content is developed to reduce blurredness and inconsistency in pixel appearance to earn a clear display. What is a Content Silo and Why Do You Need It? Importance of a Content Guide For Your Strategy: A Brief, Writing and Style Guide. The world is becoming very competitive and more so in the field of website development and management. For business-oriented websites creativity is becoming the best distinguishing factor in the competition. You have to be outstanding in not only the web design and development but also in the website content. Even with a very attractive website, the value of click and visits will only be earned by the content on the website. Importance of SEO For Images: Optimise Images For Increased Traffic. A lot of emphasis is put in creating search engine optimised content for websites in order to influence ranking on the first SERP.

What is the Google SERP? – Anchor Digital. Google search engine result pages are the responses that Google displays to a search query by a Google user. This means what you get after searching anything in Google is the search engine result page. These pages are as a result of the ranking of websites which have the information you could be searching in Google. Why You Need To Understand Copyright Image Rules. Copyright is a protection cover on ownership of original discoveries and creations. What's the importance of setting up a pixel ID for Facebook ads? Digital marketing is a field that has experienced tremendous development from the power of advancing technology. New methods of marketing are being introduced all the time. Modern Website Design Trends. How Long Should You Wait before Re-evaluating Your Website? Common Website Development Mistakes to Avoid. Building a Website: DIY or Get a Pro? – Anchor Digital. How to Build Customer Loyalty.

How to Use Social Media to Keep Your Customers Engaged – Anchor Digital. Anchor digital — Email Marketing Rewards and Incentives to Keep... What is Relationship Marketing and How Can You Use It? Best Local Seo Brisbane. Increase Accessibility in Email Marketing. Anchor digital — How to Create Engaging Landing Pages for Automated... What is Mailchimp for Marketing? – Anchor Digital. Design Tips for Effective Email Marketing. Transparent SEO Strategies. Social Media Marketing Brisbane. Social Media Marketing Brisbane. Social Media Marketing Brisbane. How to Communicate with Your Clients Remotely – Anchor Digital. Anchor digital — Managing Your Employees When They Work from Home. Ways to Keep Productive When Working from Home.

Digital Marketing Agency. What are the Top Current Trends in Marketing? Best Rebranding Techniques for Small Businesses – Anchor Digital. Anchor digital — How Rebranding is Not Always Effective for Your... How Do You Know When It’s Best to Rebrand Your Business? The Importance Of Well-Designed Email Marketing – Anchor Digital.

Transparent SEO Strategies. The Importance Of Well-Designed Email Marketing – Anchor Digital. The Best Ways To Repurpose Content. Anchor digital — How To Create The Perfect Landing Page. Optimisation Hacks For ‘Position 0’ Rankings.