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Anchal. One of the most crucial findings of the recent surveys on child exploitation is the danger that a child faces from the “known” than the “unknown” around him. There is a disturbing ascending graph that highlights that growing cases of children and youngsters under the age of 18 being exploited and abused in return of some favor and sometimes none. In a recent survey, child sexual abuse and professional exploitation has touched new lows and here’s how! Child abuse is one of the sensitive issues faced by the modern society. With children being one of the most vulnerable members of the society, it is difficult yet important to ensure their safety at all levels.

The children in India can be broadly divided into the following categories that have seen a rise in child abuse and their sexual exploitation: Street and Pavement-dwelling The children living on the streets are among the hardest hit. Rural Belt Urban Slums Urban Educated 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What Can Be Done? Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Helping Children for their Better Future with Charity Donation. How will you see the future of children? Will they lead the future of India or do something extraordinary to represent their country in the global definitions?

Anything like that is possible, but unfortunately not in every case. Bigger dreams of a better future seem to be only allowed to the visions of highly privileged children, those who are born in a middle class or rich families. The reality of India has a considerable populace of children living their lives without education or basic necessities for their lives. If children are believed to be the face of God, there should be no partiality existing between children of privileged & under-privileged families. They all need love & support to become the future of India & with the help of reputed charitable trusts in India, the idea of equal benefits for every child is promoted.

What Social Welfare Trusts Aim for Children’s Future? Targeting Food, Clothing for Children & Protection of Child Rights Donate Now! Anchal. “Small donations go a long way! Every donation matters! They have an impact no matter how small the amount is!” This is one truth that every donor needs to understand when it comes to coming forward for a cause. It is not just the big fundraisers or the volunteers who make the big difference. It’s everyone that matters! “I Have Too Little to Give!” If you think a small donation won’t count, they do!

“What Difference Will It Make” If you think property is too big a problem and might need a great many hands to cure, then let your hand be the first! “Will It Reach the Right People?” Choose the right charity to donate to reach out to the right people. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: How Can You Nurture a Child’s Life with Child Sponsorship? Children are believed to be the face of God in India. Yet there are thousands of such little lives which can’t even get food to live or clothes to wear. They are forced to work just because their families can’t afford to serve them in their most basic needs. It happens in the lower or underprivileged sections of society which exists as a part of the same developed or developing communities. Are these children fated to live a life like that? Preventing Child Mortality Surveys are conducted in slums & poor communities of society that shows the high rate at which little children have lost their lives owing to the lack of resources, good food & medical aid.

Let Children Live Their Dreams You may have thought of owning a palace or luxury vehicles as a big dream coming true in your life. Anchal. If you live in Delhi or for that matter, any metropolitan or busy city in India, you are well familiar with the sprawling slum clusters that have mushroomed in the recent decades. The urban slums border the main city area as well as come up just around anywhere; in your neighborhood, market place and even behind a school. The most disheartening of all is to see young children crying out in the open, with poor sanitation facility and little to no meal on most days.

The male member is either working as a laborer or as a rickshaw puller in the national capital. The women are either tied back home for their children and daily chores while some choose to work as domestic help at homes. What Can You Do? A child left to play with broken toys is as heart-wrenching as seeing children searching for food in a pile of garbage. Donate Charity in India Donate online or to a child charity in India. There are many child charities and social causes that you can contribute for. Prompt Others When You Sponsor a Child in India | Anchal Organization. What’s the best part of helping the needy children with Child Sponsorship programs? Is it only the positive effects with which the children’s lives get a new ray of hope?

While you may be thinking just like everyone else, there’s a deep, hidden benefit as well. Yes, it’s when you tell others that you are going to sponsor a child in India, that there are many abstract, non material benefits, you are promoting how good it feels by teaming up with a well known child welfare organization or charitable trust in their child sponsorship programs. What can be the result? Your act of helping a child’s life can start a chain where your relatives, friends & other acquaintances would think of doing the same.

And thus, more & more children will be given the resources they need for survival or for their better lives. You May Be Changing Mindsets of People near You Promote Child Welfare Programs with Your Special Gift Like this: Like Loading... Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: How to Choose a Child When You Sponsor a Child in India? This is a question that most of the people ask when they make their mind to sponsor a child in India. Having a helpful thought to affect someone’s life is affected when you found an array of children with different needs to be helped. Since you must be thinking that your financial help should affect a life which needs it the most, it becomes tough when you have to make a choice of a child from a group while teaming up with well known charitable trusts in India.

How will you make that choice then? You will get helped with the ideas given below: 1. It can be possible that you feel more inclined to the city you had once born in & wish to help a child from a backward community you know well about. 2. Do you come across the children who are mentally challenged & leading a miserable life while you follow routines in your lives? 3. There are licensed charitable trusts in India which presents a list of needy children, disabled or poor who need support from their Child sponsorship programs. Anchal. With time, it had become the common human tendency to look for benefits from whatever is done through their hands. And the act of making donations for social welfare isn’t spared from that. But to those who don’t seek material benefits, but the abstract ones when they donate charity in India, there’s a lot to be obtained. The most significant thing is that such benefits cannot be counted, but only felt.

Do you wish to know what you will gain when you support social welfare programs, especially those related to children with well known charitable trusts? Here are the 5 most significant benefits of making donations: 1. It is when you donate charity in India & help the needy children in their survival needs & empower their lives that you will gain positive thoughts for your life too. 2. As you must have been told from your respective religious scriptures, your spiritual beliefs become stronger when you donate charity in India selflessly. 3. 4. 5. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: The Best Gift for Celebrative Occasions- Sponsor a Child. Have you found yourself in pleasant confusions when you are stuck in making the most perfect choice of gifts for your loved ones?

Celebrative occasions have impressive gifts as a necessity which you should be satisfying for strengthening bonds. Especially for children, the fad is at its extremes. But when picture of underprivileged children comes to mind, happiness is turned to sadness within moments. You would think of sharing your kindness with these children in slums & in less developed areas of your city. You would even think of offering gifts to them for festive occasions. But the fact is that they just can’t get helped with anything like this. Child Sponsorship Is Not Just About the Child! It is when you sponsor a child in India’s deprived section of society that your aid will also be contributing to the overall family of the child. Return Gift of Sponsoring a Child. Anchal. Child sponsorship brings opportunities for a better childhood and a promising future to millions of children across India and worldwide.

Every child is a social and collective responsibility. If you overlook or neglect the future of any one child, you are building a potential ground for deprived childhood, malnutrition, poor health, uneducated youth, unemployment and even a criminal mindset. Child Sponsorship for Poverty-stricken Families in Delhi Delhi, the national capital of a country as diverse and rich as India, lacks basic necessities of life for thousands of poverty-stricken families. Right across the central belt towards North and down-right the Posh South region, Delhi has clusters of slums and pockets of poverty spread across its territory. The National Capital Region of Delhi encompassing the likes of urban and Cyber hubs such as Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad etc are no different! Introducing Education and Healthcare Creative Development and Directional Thinking. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Child Sponsorship Is No Less Than a God’s Hand for Help!

What happens to the lives of the underprivileged children who are sponsored with the programs of Child Sponsorship in Delhi? The stars of their lives starts to keep on shining from the very act of searching online done by Kind hearted people. If you had ever followed your heart to help the children in need to give them a ray of hope for a bright future, you know how good it feels while looking for a way with which you can serve the needy with the resources they are lacking in. Searching online for children with urgent needs in deprived sections of society can provide you clear details of who’s there in need of your help. There are well known child welfare organizations & charitable trusts that perform surveys to find families surviving with the bare minimum amenities in their lives.

It is where the children can’t even think of living as normal as others in the society. And it’s where you can forward your hand for help in cooperation with trusts. Anchal. It is a heart-wrenching sight to see a young boy washing utensils at a dirty pond or river bank near his home. He is barely 3 years old, does not know how to pronounce his name properly, but has to wash, clean and even look after himself while his parents are away, and working as labourers at a construction site nearby. There are many young children who are orphaned at a young age or belong to poor families in India and other countries of the world. These poor children find it hard to meet the basic standard of living and have negligible or no access to state resources. They suffer from malnutrition, hunger, water scarcity, health conditions and lack educational and other opportunities of life.

In Delhi, one can find slums and pervert-stricken regions right in the middle of the national capital, in its urban villages as well as the outskirts of the National Capital Region. Make a wish come true and play a part in the future building of a young child. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Child Sponsorship for a Brighter India. It is a famous saying that the children are the future of a nation. Any nation that has a growing population of starving children will find it difficult to sow the seeds of a brighter tomorrow! With food, there are a lot of other necessities that function as the building blocks of life. Good education, health facilities, sanitation and accessibility to the most basic needs of life is the need for every child and family in India and around the world.

Today, we all dream of a country where there is equality in rights and opportunities. Yet, majority of the population struggles for even two-square meal a day. To understand and fight the vicious circle of poverty and to address the health and educational needs of the children, child charities have come up in good number. Role of Child Charity in India Charitable organizations such as Anchal take the initiative towards working for the welfare and growth of the weaker segments of the society. Biggest Hurdles. Anchal. The Children getting supported with the welfare programs run for their healthy lives doesn’t only thank the members & volunteers of Anchal Charitable Trust, but Sponsors as well. These are those people who lend a helping hand to offer financial aid for children support. Such helps are what actually make us call them ‘Kind Humans’ & the work of the trust ‘Humanitarian’.

At Anchal Trust, we serve poverty stricken families & children by serving them in their basic needs of life so that children will not be forced to lead a harsh life ahead in their future. Medical services, healthy food, financial support to families, we have been able to do it all with the support of Kind, big- hearted individuals who sponsor a child in India with us. Disabled Children Served With Rehabilitation Children with special needs, those suffering with physical & mental retardation are generally faced with problems of Neglect, apathy & ignorance from the society. Relationships That Grows With It Matter! Are you following Guidelines while Sponsoring Child Charity in India? | Anchal Organization. Lives of poor children from the lower sections of society India is no good except in cases when such children are helped with the child protection programs organized by social, non- profit organizations & charitable trusts.

They are being given food, educations, medical aid & better environment to live & not just survive with the hardships of life. If such a state of life is heart touching to you & you wish to help the needy children to live a better life, you can team up with the well known charitable trusts & sponsor child charity in India to support these little lives with healthy food, basic education & even healthcare benefits which they are generally deprived of. Before forwarding a long term hand for help while sponsoring charity, you should be making yourself clear about certain aspects of Children Welfare.

Knowing Well about the Organization Chosen for Help Sponsoring a Child Welfare Program Like this: Like Loading... Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Share Love & Blessings When You Donate Charity in India. Anchal. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Sponsor a Child in India to Promote Growth of Poor Children. Anchal. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Donate Charity in India for Children’s Welfare. Anchal. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Gift of Education and Health for a Child. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Sponsoring a Child in India- An Act of Kindness. Anchal. Charity for Children India- Do you know which social trust to choose for it? | Anchal Organization. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Looking for the Options to Sponsor a Child Charity in India?

Anchal. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Problems with Mentally Retarded Children & Cure. The Selfless Act of Donating Charity in India | Anchal Organization. Anchal. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: How helpful it is to Donate to Charity in India? Affect an Innocent Life positively – Sponsor a Child in India | Anchal Organization. Anchal. Anchal India - Sponsor a child for their better future: Aiming Help for Disaster Relief. Anchal. Sponsor a Child in Need, Donate Charity in India.