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Being a digital marketer, web technology and app world amuse me a lot. I love to dig in deep, know and analyze the latest digital marketing trends. My interest in writing and digital marketing motivates me to share my thoughts with digital enthusiasts via this space.

How To Make Business Successful. Creative Design Agency - Adding the Creative Spark. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” is what Jeff Bezos, founder of famously said.

Creative Design Agency - Adding the Creative Spark

I couldn't agree more. When we talk about a brand, we’re not only talking names. Some of us might be talking about the logo, or tag lines only, but then there’s more than that to a brand. It is not only about a website and brochure. A brand is definitely a unique name, design, symbol et al, but more than that it is a feature that differentiates one seller from others in the market.

Creativity is the key to make a brand stand out from the others. No matter what kind of business you are engaged in and what your forte, or even how small or large-scale your operations are, chances are at some point of time you will need to work with a creative agency. The Works and the Workings Knowing exactly what transpires within its many walls will give you some direction before you actually walk into a creative agency.

Making the Strategy Applying Design. Creating Digital Content That Makes An Impact. What Your Digital Agency Must Do For The Client. Creating Digital Poetry. Brand communication is all about storytelling.

Creating Digital Poetry

You are relaying a brand’s values, propositions, and its identity through your messaging. Every piece of content or creative you put across needs to establish a connection with the consumer, and tell the story that the brand is trying to convey. Digital media is no different, as the diverse range of platforms provide brands with numerous avenues to tell their story. Talking specifically about digital content, it is of utmost importance that it is in sync with the bigger picture, and efficiently fulfils its task of engaging your audience. But digital content can be tricky, as the sheer number of possible platforms demand at least some degree of customization in the content being put on them. Here are 8 key tips you should keep in mind when writing content for your digital story: Keynotes for Digital Marketing in 2015 & beyond.

Marketers are shifting their digital priorities to social and mobile channels in 2015.

Keynotes for Digital Marketing in 2015 & beyond

They are focusing more on measuring the success of various mediums and then exploring the best option available. Revenue growth is the most important metric to measure success, followed by metrics that focus and highlights consumer satisfaction. The marketing scenario has drastically changed from what it was last year. Take a Look, Here are things that your digital marketing agency won’t tell you. Social Media Marketing - Changes To Expect In 2015 - Pulp Strategy - Digital Marketing & Website Development Agency. Digital Marketing Strategy for Increased Engagement - A Study. The digital era has changed the way people consume content and with mobile marketing catching up fast, brands and businesses have multiple channels to explore for communicating with the consumers.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Increased Engagement - A Study

This has primarily made ‘being creative’ an important part of campaigns, initiatives and communication to break the clutter and stand out. But being creative alone won’t help, the campaign and communication needs to be effective as well. A creative and effective campaign is an outcome of marketers’ understanding of their target audience. Marketers’ level of understanding helps retailers expand their knowledge of the buying behaviour and specific needs of the buyers.

This ultimately helps the marketers to be more personalised in their approach and contextual while engaging with their consumers during the purchase journey and after-sales as well. Knowing your target audience gives marketers a fair idea about how to reach their consumers. Don't miss a single post! Subscribe to our RSS feed. How To Hire A Digital Agency? Read On! - Facts To Know From Digital Marketing Agency - Quora. Digital Marketing using Data Driven Metrics - Pulp Strategy. Having an intuitive decision making ability in digital is good, but having an intuition backed by relevant data is even better.

Digital Marketing using Data Driven Metrics - Pulp Strategy

The same holds true for digital marketing as well. Once considered an intangible science rife with hit and miss tactics, digital marketing has now evolved into a quantifiable, data-driven function. No decision making and planning should be carried out today without collecting, integrating, and analysing data from external and internal sources – competitive research reports, audience interactions, click rates, digital industry trends, etc. Utility of quality data in digital is pervasive, affecting each element of the system. One thing to note is that data is not the ‘be all end all’ of this dynamic; data alone cannot achieve the desired results unless it is augmented with data intelligence. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Data should be considered the essence of every digital strategy, something which can help even the smaller players carve their own niche in the market.

Essential Tips for Creative Design Marketing. Without A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2015? Digital has become the buzzword in the domain of marketing and brand communication over the past decade or so.

Without A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2015?

The world now is residing on digital, and it has become as crucial as anything else in a brand’s marketing strategy. Pulp Strategy – Technology, Digital & Integrated Marketing Agency. Smiley.