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ANC Cold Storage Construction

A-N-C Cold Storage Construction, inc. (A-N-CCSC, inc.) is a trusted family owned North American based Cold Storage Construction Company. Our company has earned a nationwide reputation of providing innovative, creative and cost effective solutions for our clients. Since 2004 we have provided cold storage construction services across a multitude of industries, which includes food and beverage, pharmaceutical and the technology industry. Whether you’re looking to build a new facility or repair an existing facility A-N-C will exceed your expectations by providing you the quality service you deserve and reliability you can count on.

Choosing the Right Freezer Door for Your Cold Storage Facility. Getting the right freezer doors for your cold storage facility is of paramount importance, and the correct choice depends on the specific characteristics of the freezer.

Choosing the Right Freezer Door for Your Cold Storage Facility

There are various types of freezer doors, all of which have different applications. First up are manual single swing doors, that can be used for personnel and hand truck traffic. They are suitable for interior and exterior use in coolers or freezers where environmental control is required. Next we have horizontal manual slide doors, through which personnel and material handling traffic can pass. They are best used in areas where there isn’t enough space for swing doors, and also provide a better seal gasket for larger doors. You may also come across traffic freezer doors, including the Frank Doors ColdSwing. For areas with minimal side room or several openings close to each other, including loading docks, you may wish to install vertical lift doors. Diversity in Insulated Panels Applications. When you’re building a cold storage facility, it is essential to choose the right materials.

Diversity in Insulated Panels Applications

Insulated panels are a common choice with many firms, but what kind of facilities can they be used for? Anyone constructing or retrofitting a cold storage freezer or cooler can use insulated panels in the walls, roofs, floors or doors. In fact, the panels can be used in thermally-controlled or atmospherically-controlled environments, from blast freezers as cold as -50 F to pharmaceutical stability rooms up to 180 F.

Insulated wall panels are often used instead of cavity insulation systems thanks to reduced thermal bridging. This improves performance and efficiency, thereby cutting operational costs. Insulated panels, such as those manufactured by PermaTherm, use expanded polystyrene as insulation. Due to the fact that the panels are washable, hygienic, and resistant to mold, stains and bacteria, they can be used in cold storage facilities that require the highest standards of cleanliness. LEADING BY EXAMPLE: TOP PERFORMERS AS ROLE MODELS. Retaining top performers remains a struggle for many growing companies.


There’s an understandable sense of urgency in keeping employees who provide nearly 400x the productivity of the average employee. The financial impact of turnover is multiplied when high performers are lost and the intangible impact of losing role models in the workplace can deliver devastating blows to team dynamics and morale. Sergio Ruiz, Project Manager at A-N-C Cold Storage Construction in Bloomington, CA is very familiar with employee engagement and top performance. He has been employed at A-N-C Cold Storage Construction for nearly 3 years and enjoys every moment. During an interview with Sergio, he was asked, what would you say motivates you to do what you do at A-N-C? “Christine and Alex, (owners) take great care of their employees- it pushes me to do better and stay busy- it motivates me to come to the office, send quotes and secure business. Schedule A Free Consultation! Cold Storage Maintenance Checklist. Cold storage maintenance is an essential to the smooth, profitable running of any cold storage facility.

Cold Storage Maintenance Checklist

After investing in the right equipment at the right site, the next challenge is to maintain your facility to the highest standards and grow your business. The best way to stay on top of these ongoing tasks is to create a cold storage maintenance checklist. This checklist should detail all the tasks that need to be carried out on a daily or monthly basis in order for your cold storage facility to function with maximum efficiency. Cold Storage Regulations - Staying Compliant. Given the fast pace of change in the sector, it can be a challenge keeping your facility compliant with cold storage regulations.

Cold Storage Regulations - Staying Compliant

As environmentally-friendly processes become a priority for regulators, key players in the industry are predicting major changes to cold storage regulations. One example is the interest taken by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)in the global warming potential of refrigerants used in cooling systems. While many facilities use sophisticated refrigerants such as hydrofluorocarbons, the EPA wants to phase them out in favour of natural refrigerants that have less environmental impact.

According to Ted Kohlenberger of refrigeration specialist National Resource Management (NRM), refrigerants such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, propane, butane and methane are seeing a resurgence. They may not be as sophisticated or cost effective, but these refrigerants comply with probable future cold storage regulations. How to Maintain Production And Expand Your Cold Storage Warehouse. As operations continue to grow, there will come a time when your company would benefit from more cold storage warehouse space.

How to Maintain Production And Expand Your Cold Storage Warehouse

Instead of developing a new facility at a new site, it is usually more cost-effective to expand an existing cold storage warehouse. While adding more space will benefit your business in the long-term, there is no sense in shutting down production in the short-term. Fortunately there are ways in which you can expand while maintaining production. Temporary flexwall dividing wall systems are a useful tool during cold storage warehouse expansion.

These temporary walls can isolate one area of the warehouse from the rest, which is essential to keep operations running as normal during building work. Another good addition is stripdoors. When it comes to cooling your expanded warehouse, it’s time to consider a low-charge ammonia packaged refrigeration system. Home. Logo. Logo. Screen shot4.