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Is it Time to Rethink Your Website. If you are a website owner then I am sure this question has crossed your mind before, “Is it time to rethink my website?”

Is it Time to Rethink Your Website

This question not only can be asked about the design aspect of a website, but also the content of the website. For example, has your business switched directions, moved locations, or changed phone numbers recently? It’s a good idea to make sure that the content is kept up-to-date, which includes design trends as well. Flash animations which load music when you hit the landing page is not cool anymore. No one wants to use your website. There are a ton of exceptions, of course.

No one wants to use your website

Web Design Trends for 2013. UX Design: guiding before selling. 50 Beautiful Mobile UI Design with Amazing User Experience. The actual fact of User Interface (UI) as well as User Experience (UX) is that both UI/UX are the two sides of the same coin.

50 Beautiful Mobile UI Design with Amazing User Experience

Both are keeping up the relationship between the users and their products. The User Interface (UI) describes the dealing with the as well as and the products, while another, the user experience (UX) is dealing with the user’s experience and the observation of the products. Pinterest. Sizes of iPhone UI Elements. How to detect the current device size and kind Other dimensions common to all screen sizes: Points vs.

Sizes of iPhone UI Elements

Pixels Apple introduced retina displays starting with the iPhone 4. You don't have to modify your code to support high-res displays; the iOS coordinate system uses points rather than pixels, so the dimensions and position in points of all UI elements remains the same across all devices. iOS supports high resolution displays via the scale property on UIScreen, UIView, UIImage, and CALayer classes. To refer to an image in your code (or in Interface Builder), use the filename of the standard sized image. iOS will automatically detect and use the @2x version if the device supports it: Tools - CSS Font Size Comparison. Basiliq by Cloud Castle. 25 Stunning Mobile UI Examples. A continuance of our older post, 30 beautiful mobile UI examples, here we will showcase 25 stunning mobile UI examples that come from various designers.

25 Stunning Mobile UI Examples

As the world keeps transitioning towards a complete mobile take over, designers are challenged to keep creating simpler and more stunning user interfaces for mobile devices. As I’ve said before, in order to capture the users attention and keep them intrigued, a visually appealing mobile interface is extremely important. 1. Profile Settings by Anke Mackenthun 2. 3. iPhone 5 Reduced by Jesse Pocisk 4. Top 10 WordPress Facebook Plugins. You can easily add Facebook to your blog or website by using a WordPress Facebook plugin.

Top 10 WordPress Facebook Plugins

Facebook is one of the most important social sites and a good social media marketing strategy can do miracles to your business.. Check out these great WordPress Facebook plugins which will help you integrate Facebook into your website. Looking for more social media plugins? You should read this Social Sharing WordPress Plugins article. Facebook Post Planner Easy to install and very useful for companies, this plugin hase great features.

Facebook Quiz Application. Internet Explorer 6 Countdown. Code Start - A Better Way To Learn Code. HTML5 CSS3 Websites Design. Here is the fresh list of award winning HTML5 and CSS3 websites design.

HTML5 CSS3 Websites Design

In this collection you can see the Graphic design, web design, portfolio and corporate web design examples for inspiration. HTML5 and CSS3 is making the web design more powerful in different areas. Fast, Secure, Responsive, Interactive, beautiful. We all know HTML5 and CSS3 become more popular in these days. JotForm - Form Templates. HTML5 CSS3 Websites Design. 22 great examples of website navigation. Creating an effective website navigation system is a crucial part of ensuring usability, and the success of a web design.

22 great examples of website navigation

Good navigation should be intuitive, easy to use and most importantly help your visitors find the content they’re looking for quickly, without fuss. For this reason, website navigation tends to err towards a homogenised standard that adopts current best-practice; the primary menu for a site is either at the left or along the top of a design, where users expect to find it. There are obvious benefits to taking this approach, not least the fact that your visitors will immediately understand how to use your navigation.

Challenging assumptions. Bootstrap. Scaffolding. Requires HTML5 doctype Bootstrap makes use of certain HTML elements and CSS properties that require the use of the HTML5 doctype.


Include it at the beginning of all your projects. Grid displayer bookmarklet for Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation. 25 Awseome Twitter Bootstrap Themes For Better ... - Popular Bootstrap Themes And Templates - Quora. Bootstrap is powerful open source UI design front end development from Twitter.

25 Awseome Twitter Bootstrap Themes For Better ... - Popular Bootstrap Themes And Templates - Quora

Since its launch from early 2011 its growing faster then ever because of its powerful features, responsive designs, faster development and easy to use. Bootstrap community is becoming hugely popular .More About Bootstrap : Twitter Bootstrap is a front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications and is built with Less, a flexible pre-processor offering more power than traditional CSS (variables, nested declarations, mix-ins, operations, and color functions)Twitter Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications.

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