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Cómo aplicar la pedagogía inversa o flipped classroom en diez pasos. La pedagogía inversa o flipped classroom es un nuevo método que propone dar la vuelta a la clase tradicional e invertir el orden en el proceso de aprendizaje. Frente al modelo de enseñanza habitual, donde el profesor explica la lección en clase y los alumnos escuchan y realizan los deberes en su casa, la flipped classroom concede a los alumnos la responsabilidad de revisar los contenidos teóricos en casa, para que luego puedan resolver sus dudas y trabajar los conceptos en clase de forma individual o colaborativa. Esta metodología tiene muchas ventajas. Te mostramos cómo aplicarla en el aula mediante un sencillo video tutorial. 1. Programación. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Cómo aplicar la pedagogía inversa o flipped classroom en diez pasos. 16 Flipped Classrooms In Action Right Now. Flipped classrooms require educators to reconstruct traditional classrooms by sending lectures home and providing more face-to-face time at school, but elementary- through university-level instructors are finding good reasons to try them out.

Frequently traced back to Colorado teachers Aaron Sams and JonathanBergmann, who were quick to experiment with posting videos online in 2008, the flipped classroom concept is small, simple and has shown positive results. The general idea is that students work at their own pace, receiving lectures at home via online video or podcasts and then devoting class time to more in-depth discussion and traditional “homework.”

Where: Clear Brook High School, Harris County, Texas At the beginning of the school year, geometry teacher Leticia Allred told her Pre-AP Geometry class at Texas’ Clear Brook High School that their only homework would be watching 15-minute YouTube videos and taking notes. Where: Wausau West High School, Wasau, Wis. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Fabulous iPad Apps to Create Sh... Today, however, I am sharing with you a set of some wonderful apps that you can use to create short video lessons and tutorials to share with your students.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Fabulous iPad Apps to Create Sh...

You can also use them to : Easily explain a range of topics from math to chemistry to music theory to basket weaving.Attach a personal message to any travel photos you want to shareDiagram offensive and defensive strategies for sportsGrade student work with commentary explaining the reasoning behind their performanceImplement a “flipped classroom” Showcase your tutorials online and share your knowledge with your students, friends, family, or the world! I have meticulously handpicked the apps mentioned below and only included what I personally see as the best available out there. 1- Educreations This is my favourite of them all. 2- ShowMe ShowMe is similar to Educreations in that it also allows you to turn your iPad into a recordable iPad. The Flipped Classroom Guide for Teachers. As technology becomes increasingly common in instruction at all levels of education from kindergarten to college, the modern classroom is changing.

The Flipped Classroom Guide for Teachers

The traditional teacher-centered classroom is falling away to give students a student-centered classroom where collaborative learning is stressed. One way educators are effectively utilizing online learning and changing the way they teach is by flipping their classrooms. What is a Flipped Classroom? High school teachers Aaron Sanns and Jonathan Bergman were the first to flip their classrooms. The Flip started when these teachers began supplying absent students with an online lecture they could watch from home or from wherever they had access to a computer and the Internet, including school or the local library. 5 Tips for Flipping Your PBL Classroom. I am of course a huge project-based learning (PBL) nerd and advocate.

5 Tips for Flipping Your PBL Classroom

I am also an advocate for the flipped classroom, yet at the same time I also have my concerns about flipping a classroom. This model still hinges upon great teachers, and engaging curriculum and instruction. So why not combine PBL and the flipped classroom? It can be an excellent match when you consider some of the following tips. Even Salman Khan believes that the flipped classroom can create the space for PBL. 1. The key piece here is short. 2.

Introducción de las tecnologías en la educación - SAMR. 32 Plataformas virtuales educativas gratuitas. Amig@s lectores en este apartado he recopilado las plataformas virtuales también llamadas IMS, LMS, EVEA, LCMS ya que en la actualidad existen un gran número de ellas unas gratuitas, semi-gratuitas que te dan la opción de ser premium con algo de dinero y otras privativas, muchas de ellas en un principio eran de acceso gratuito pero solo para realizar pruebas luego se vendieron de forma privada con otros nombres entre los docentes de instituciones educativas como escuelas, colegios universidades, centros de estudios y demás.

32 Plataformas virtuales educativas gratuitas

Se pueden utilizar para impartir un modelo de enseñanza en la actualidad como el M-Learning y/o B-Learning ambos modelos hijos del E-Learning. Desde el inicio de WEB 2.0 todas estas plataformas educativas LMS han evolucionado incluyendo nuevas herramientas colaborativas, como blogs, foros, wikis, chats, etc. Sin más les comparto estos 30 espacios para crear su plataforma de aprendizaje. 1. -Com8s Formulario: Para crear pruebas, encuestas y demás elementos interactivos. 2. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Los_modelos_tecno_educativos__revolucionando_el_aprendizaje_del_siglo_xxi-4. Apple - ACOT2 - About ACOT2. ACOT2 has identified six design principles for the 21st century high school: Understanding of 21st Century Skills and Outcomes Establishes as a baseline that educators, students and parents must be well versed in the 21st century skills that students need to acquire to be successful.

Apple - ACOT2 - About ACOT2

Teachers should be able to make relevant and useful choices about when and how to teach them, and whether or not students are making progress toward their personal demonstration of accomplishment. Rethinking what we teach must come before we can rethink how we teach. Learn more » Relevant and Applied Curriculum Offers an innovative vision of what the learning environment should become by applying what we know about how people learn and adapting the best pedagogy to meet the needs of this generation of learners. Informative Assessment A Culture of Innovation and Creativity Acknowledges the fuel that drives today’s global economy and, in turn, its importance in both student learning and the school environment. La Matriz de Integración Tecnológica (TIM) El uso de las TIC en educación y la Matriz TIM.

Matriz TIM. Introducción de las tecnologías en la educación - TIM.