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Dead Flies Art (15 pics) » - videos, pictures, celeb. Pics | 6 Oct, 2009 | Views: 1155396 | Weird and unusual. Do you like it? It is just one of the thousands of posts that we have on the Please visit our main page to see other great pictures and videos! Stop. BienBienBien. The Arty Bit: Ah Bliss, Egon Schiele « The Hashmark. As many of you may have noticed, my past few articles have mainly been concerned with the Young British Artist’s movement.

The Arty Bit: Ah Bliss, Egon Schiele « The Hashmark

However, dear readers, this week I find myself awake at some dark hour between one and two a.m. on the night of the daylight savings time changeover – a time, it appears, that does not truly exist. digg Instead I have travelled fantastically and inconceivably through time, beginning at one, and somehow instantly arriving at two with no real idea of how I got there, and feeling slightly bemused at the fact that my watch has not joined me in my adventure through time, and remains at around two minutes past one. I therefore feel the need for a rare indulgent pleasure. Sarah Lucas and Tracy Emin begone!

There is no place for you here. This is a moment to reflect upon a true master of his craft – nevertheless equally if not more controversial in his day. After much success in Vienna, in 1911 Schiele ran away from the city. Blog de Perséphone. Tongue depressors: Archive. Et pour te dire ça, j'en ai déjà bu. Cours de soutien-gorge par Owdrie, étape 3 : prendre soin de ses. [NdMaïa : c'est toujours Owdrie qui parle.

Cours de soutien-gorge par Owdrie, étape 3 : prendre soin de ses

Au vu des commentaires qui encensent ses articles, je propose que nous la canonisions.] Et maintenant, pour celles que ca intéresse, on va passer au guide ultime du « comment je prends soin de mes seins sans passer par le bistouri ». Comme je le disais précédemment, j’avais, à 19 ans, les seins d’une femme de 50, dits « en gants de toilette. » Cela n’empêchait pas mon copain de les aimer, mais moi, je me sentais affreusement mal à l’aise avec ces deux machins plats qui pendaient. Surtout avec toutes mes amies qui m’enviaient mes rondeurs, comment leur expliquer le terrible complexe qui se cachait derrière ? Pourtant, j’ai tout essayé : le coup des 200 pressions avec les mains matins et soirs, les gels buste (50euros les 100 ml chez Clarins, ca fait cher le ml d’élasticité…), les jets d’eau froide, en vain. -Une balle gonflable de gym. - 2 petites haltères de même poids.

(Merci à mon copain pour les dessins?) On devrait se mettre toutes nues maintenant - Sexactu – Maïa Maz. Tenga Egg 6 Pack - Discreet Masturbators. Just out on the market, the new Tenga Eggs are the latest masturbation innovation from the geniuses at Tenga, here in Tokyo.

Tenga Egg 6 Pack - Discreet Masturbators

From packaging to internal design, Tenga Eggs are quick and quality masturbation aids for men, and they come in SIX stimulating varieties of internal design. And the best of it: Conceived in the egg shape they are taken for anything but masturbators, so they make your ideal companion at work, travel or anywhere else you might feel for some relief. The Tenga Eggs are meant to enhance hand masturbation by providing a stimulating silicone layer while still letting you feel the warmth and contours of your hand. Coming in six versions, each with an internal lube, these silicone wonders are ready to go right out of their shells! They’re egg sized and shaped, but their soft silicone and unique inside layers stretch ALL the way down however you want. Alp Taxi Rochaix. Superfamily - It's a lie. Grauzone - Wütendes Glas. IF THIS AIN'T LOVE (DON'T KNOW WHAT IS) HE HO LAPIN GRIS.

The Shins - "Australia" Sub Pop Records. Business Time - Flight Of The Conchords (Lyrics) JEAN-LUC LE TENIA DIARY. Ignatub. Music Blog: MP3 Downloads, Videos, News, Tour D. Ecouter gratuitement toute la musique en streaming mp3 HD, sans. Indie Music. The most important aspect of the indie music culture is discovering bands that nobody else likes.

Indie Music

But how's an over-educated 32 year-old to decide between all of the weirdly named bands? Two helpful charts: Just The Facts "Indie music" is a term most commonly associated with unsigned or minor label bands that have a folk/alt/rock/electronic sound. In addition to liking music that nobody else does, the one thing that unites the indie scene is a willingness to wear clothes nobody else would be caught dead in. Cracked on Indie Music Indie music, and its surrounding culture, can introduce you to beautiful noise, give you a social life, touch your emotions, and if you are a guy...make it possible for you to court* girls that would otherwise be way out of your league.

*Indie slang for fuck Fans of indie music, or "indians" as they like to be called**, are passionate about everything. ** not true and possibly offensive term The first thing an indie music fan needs is a stable of bands to love. Hikikomori.