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Permaculture & Alcohol Can Be A Gas. Cheapest Biodiesel Ever !!! From Animal Fat !!! Make Ethanol Fuel for Your Vehicles at Home. Fuel From Sawdust. Make Your Own Fuel! Alcohol Fuel Basics - Renewable Energy. Related Content How to Make Your Own Paper If you have a lot of excess scrap paper like I do, it’s time to put that waste to better use.

Read t... What if there were a fuel that was affordable, renewable, and produced right in your own community? I’m not here to tell you about the agri-industrial agenda to produce ethanol on a massive scale. If it’s produced on a small-scale, ethanol can be made from grain you grow yourself — or from a wide range of other local and sustainable feedstocks including food waste and crop culls. You can produce your own ethanol for an ongoing cost of less than $2 per gallon. Why Choose Alcohol Fuel? One of the strongest arguments for ethanol fuel is that we can make it ourselves, with no dependence on foreign resources. Another reason ethanol is such an attractive fuel option is that it’s basically liquid energy. Make Ethanol — Legally The choice of raw material is an important factor.

Run Your Car on Ethanol Your Very Own Still Making Ethanol Pay. Walk Through Of U S Freedom Bio Fuels BD65AF Animal Fat Processor. Black Diesel from Waste Motor Oil.MOV. Making Waste Oil Blend Diesel Fuel. MAKING BIO-DIESEL part 1. Biodiesel Community | How to Store & Use Biodiesel. How To Make Biodiesel Using A Used Cooking Oil. Biodiesel Production: How To Make It & Test It - Graydon Blair - CBC 2011. - Home. Allotment Forestry local charcoal. 60000 tonnes of charcoal is burnt on British barbecues each year. Much of this charcoal comes from Tropical Forests and endangered Mangrove Swamps in South East Asia. For the small extra cost of British Charcoal not only do you help wildlife but you get charcoal that is easier to light, quick to heat and with food as the only additive not firelighters!

What is charcoal Charcoal is made by heating wood in the absence of air. Its use in Europe can be traced back 5500 years and was important for many needs such as gunpowder and the smelting of metals. In 1709 the Darby Brothers discovered how to use coal, which was cheaper than charcoal, to smelt steel and since then in Europe charcoal has been used mainly for barbecues.

Why buy British If only half of the annual 60000 tonnes demand for barbecue charcoal came from British Woodlands, instead of 5%, this would provide the financial incentive for the better care of 40 000 ha of Ancient Woodland. Lighting the BBQ Buying Local Charcoal Metal file. How Do You Make Charcoal? | Many people with small woodlands are attracted by the idea of using their wood for charcoal making. You can either allow a charcoal burner to use your woodland for a season or you can try making it yourself. Several people who have bought woodlands from us have successfully made their own charcoal and they have been selling it at woodfairs and other rural events. If you want someone to make charcoal for you, try advertising or make contact with one of the experienced charcoal-makers who work permanently in woodlands. There are about 100 or so charcoal burners in the UK who make charcoal more or less full time.

These burners are concentrated around Dorset, Hampshire and Cumbria and the main market for which they make charcoal is the home barbecue market. Typically, full-time charcoal burners have a large, steel kiln which is almost three metres in diameter and a little over a metre in height. Blacksmiths who prefer charcoal to coke still use woodland-produced charcoal. How to Make Biodiesel Out of Waste Oil. How to Make Waste Vegetable Oil Biofuel. Introduction to Biodiesel. The possibility of using vegetable oils as fuel has been recognized since the advent of diesel engines.

Speaking to the Engineering Society of St. Louis, Missouri, in 1912, Rudolph Diesel, said, “The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may seem insignificant today, but such oils may become in course of time as important as petroleum and the coal tar products of the present times.” Vegetable oils have higher viscosity than commercial diesel fuel, which means they are thicker and flow less easily. The high viscosity of raw vegetable oil reduces fuel atomization and increases penetration.

These features contribute to the formation of engine deposits, piston ring sticking, injector coking, and thickening of oil. To reduce the viscosity of vegetable oils, methods have been developed such as dilution (blending), micro-emulsification, pyrolysis (thermal cracking), and transesterification. 1. Crude vegetable oils can be blended directly or diluted with the diesel fuel to improve viscosity. 2. Collecting used vegetable oil for homemade diesel fuel - waste vegetable oil - homemade biodiesel with used vegetable oil.

Talk it Up Finding and maintaining a good supply of quality used cooking oil is as much about fostering relationships as it is about schlepping containers of the amber elixir. We’ve found the biggest ally is a friendly upbeat “we can scratch each other’s backs” demeanor: “Sure we can take that oil off your hands, and it won’t cost a thing.” When we first began making biodiesel many years ago, we were regarded as oddballs (maybe still are), and lots of the restaurant managers we approached didn’t believe we wanted the oil to make fuel for our cars (“you’re not going to cook with this are you?”) We’d laugh and assure them that yes, we really were going to make fuel out of it. We’d even offer to drive over and let them sniff the sweet aroma of the exhaust.

Some took us up on it, most didn’t. Keep the Agreement Nowadays lots of people know about biodiesel, so that hurdle is mostly cleared. The Ride Home When packing the vessels of oil in your vehicle, make sure the lids are on tight. Blending acetone with vegetable oil to Make VO Blend Diesel Fuel. 100% Homemade Electricity Producing Wind Turbine. Step by Step: Build an "tar-free" Gasifier (Downdraft) I. NRG Energy: Plasma Gasification. NRG Energy: Plasma Gasification. GEK Wiki / How to Build and Run the GEK Gasifier. GEK Licensing Fabrication, Assembly, and Operating Manuals Below you will find all instructions for fabricating, assembling and running the GEK gasifier and Power Pallet.

The instructions support a variety of paths-- from complete DIY wood gas plans for scrap tank hacks, to assembling and firing the various complete gasifier kits offered by ALL Power Labs. CAD drawings, plumbing inventories, hearth dimensions, and associated support materials are provided in detail to enable your gasifier building and operation. These materials are offered under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. Current Assembly and Fabrication Instructions Archive of Documentation for Older Versions return to GEK wiki front page. Free Gasifier Plans | Woodgas Power. Plans for the Keith gasifier are available from Drive On Wood.

Save yourself a lot of time and effort with Wayne Keith's proven gasification system. Get special access to Premium content and see the details for yourself! Visit the store. Here are some free plans to get you started. Also, don't miss these other free PDF downloads. Imbert Dimensions These are the critical dimensions from the most successfully deployed gasifier in history. FEMA Gasifier Plans Free plans put out by FEMA. Simple Fire A very easy to build charcoal gasifier designed by Gary Gilmore.

MIDGE Woodgas Stove Make a woodgas camp stove! Mother Earth Gasifier Truck The team at Mother powered a truck back in 1981, read the articles here and here. Missouri Wood Gasifier Raymond Rissler's classic design from 1983. GEK gasifier Jim Mason's design. Dobson Gasifier General design schematics for Larry Dobson's design. Don't see what you need? Small Engines and Generators Light trucks Heavy Haulers A caution about these vehicles. Wood gas generator. Wood gasifier on a Ford truck converted to a tractor A wood gas generator is a gasification unit which converts timber or charcoal into wood gas , a syngas consisting of atmospheric nitrogen , carbon monoxide , hydrogen , traces of methane , and other gases, which - after cooling and filtering - can then be used to power an internal combustion engine or for other purposes.

Historically wood gas generators were often mounted on vehicles , but present studies and developments concentrate mostly on stationary plants. History [ edit ] Origins [ edit ] Gasification had been an important and common technology which was widely used to generate Town gas from coal mainly for lighting purposes during the 19th and early 20th century. In 1873, Thaddeus S. In about 1920 French inventor Georges Imbert created the 'Imbert' downdraft generator.

During World War II gasoline was rationed and in short supply. Post WWII [ edit ] Saab 99 running on wood gas in Finland. Design [ edit ] Advantages [ edit ] ^ H. FEMA_emergency_gassifer. Solar power systems for homes | Solar Energy Panels | Real Tesla Secrets Revealed. Nikola Tesla's Energy Innovations | A conversation on Free Energy Nitinol Heat Machines invented in the early 1970.flv - YouTube - Iceweasel. Google Image Result for - Iceweasel. Tesla free energy - Google Search - Iceweasel. Google Image Result for - Iceweasel. Google Image Result for - Iceweasel. Four teenage girls in Africa have invented a generator powered by pee | Grist - Iceweasel. People pee a lot, and four African teenage girls have actually figured out a way to make pee useful. That’s right — even your pee. Doesn’t that make you want to rush out and drink a whole lot of beer right now and see how much electricity you can make? Oh, except we are pretty sure these girls were not drinking beer when they made this gadget, which was was presented this week in Lagos, Nigeria, at the fourth annual Maker Faire Africa, because it’s kind of complicated.

And they are too young. According to The Next Web’s Emil Protalinski, the urine-powered generator — which can turn one liter of urine into six hours of electricity — works like this. So next time you pee and are about to flush it away to the pee’s happy hunting grounds, think about how these girls are so young and smart and innovative. Update: NBC’s John Roach suggests that, although this pee generator is indeed a neat thing, expectations should be managed. Electricity - carusomb - Iceweasel. I. Static Electricity A. History of Static Electricity 1. I. Ii. Iii. B. I. C. I. 3. A. 4. A. B. 1. A. B. C. I. 2. A. B. C. 3. A. 1. A. B. 1. A. 4. A. 5. C. 1. 2. A. 1. B. 1. C. 1. 3. A. 1. B. 1. C. 1. II. A. 1. A. 2. A. 1. A. battery 2. B. 1. 2. 3. 4. B. 1. A. B. C. 2. A. B. 1. C.

D. 3. A. B. C. D. E. 4. A. 5. A. B. C. D. 1 Hertz = 1 cycle per second e. III. A. 1. 2. B. 1. IV. A. 1. B. 1. A. 1. B. 1. 2. A. B. C. 3. A. 1. A. C. 1. A. B. C. 2. A. B. C. D. R1= 8 , R2= 8 , and R3= 4 ohm, the total resistance is found by: 1/R=1/8+1/8+1/4= ½. Nicola Tesla speaks about Zero Point Energy Not Original sound.flv - Iceweasel. Eric Dollard on Tesla Wireless Technology Interview - YouTube - Iceweasel. Magnetic Field Generator (free energy) - YouTube - Iceweasel. Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD - PESWiki - Iceweasel.

Free Energy - Iceweasel. The World of Free Energy By Peter Lindemann, D.Sc. For a two-page summary of this 10-page essay on free energy, click here In the late 1880's, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting free electricity and free energy in the near future. Incredible discoveries about the nature of electricity were becoming common place. Nikola Tesla was demonstrating "wireless lighting" and other wonders associated with high frequency currents. There was an excitement about the future like never before.

Within 20 years, there would be automobiles, airplanes, movies, recorded music, telephones, radio, and practical cameras. Current State of Technology Actually, the answer to that question is no. But first, I would like to describe to you a short list of free energy technologies that I am currently aware of, and that are proven beyond all reasonable doubt. It is now possible to stop the production of greenhouse gases and shut down all of the nuclear power plants. Four Invisible Forces Books: The Tom Bearden Website - Iceweasel. Free Energy | Dr. Peter Lindemann's Website - Iceweasel.