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Commercial Real Estate Investment Pointers You Should Know! The real estate sector is one of the most popular avenues for investment.

Commercial Real Estate Investment Pointers You Should Know!

It is divided into two arenas, namely commercial real estate and residential real estate. While commercial real estate entails retail buildings, office buildings, industrial establishments and warehouses, residential real estate deals with residential properties such as housing societies, luxury apartments and flats among other things. The commercial sector is an interesting prospect for investors who are looking forward to maximum returns, passive income, and potential for growth. Although, all of this is only possible if the investment is a smart one and well thought of. There are certain elements that you need to figure out and verify before you put in your hard earned money into the property. Things To Be Checked Before Buying A Property. Property transactions take time.

Things To Be Checked Before Buying A Property

But there are times when people don’t take care of the process that is followed behind buying a property & rush into the process. However it is crucial to assess the situation because there have been many cases where buyers have had to let go of the property as it was either an agricultural land or the title was disputed or there were pending dues.

Shockingly, even in the urban cities, people fall prey to sellers leading to a risky deal where the buyer ends up losing his money and peace of mind. It is important to not get attracted to offers by property brokers such as new launches. Thus, buyers must look at every factor related to a property deal before taking a final call. Let’s understand what all needs to be checked when buying a property: Approval & Licenses. Tips To Cut Down On The Transportation Logistics Costs. KCT Coal Services. Among KCT’s 3 business lines, coal service is one of the largest coal logistics companies in India.

KCT Coal Services

KCT transports between 60-70 million metric tonnes of coal annually across the country by sea, road and railway system. KCT’s coal services are for both public and private sectors such as paper mills, power stations, cement plants and many other industries. KCT coals services is situated in 50 locations and has an experience of more than 60 years. The Waterbased Limited- Aquaculture. By Akash Sharma Akash Sharma.

The Waterbased Limited- Aquaculture

Things You Need To Know When Investing In Commercial Real Estate. We all know that one of the most common forms of investment is in the real estate sector which is divided into two categories – residential and commercial real estate.

Things You Need To Know When Investing In Commercial Real Estate

If we talk about Commercial Real Estate, it includes constructions such as retail buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, apartment buildings, and mixed-use buildings. It is an attractive investment choice as it offers so many advantages like consistent returns, passive income, and growth potential. So, it is not as difficult as it may appear. Types of Risk in Commercial Real Estate. Every investment involves a certain amount of risk and rewards.

Types of Risk in Commercial Real Estate

The higher the risk, the greater is the potential for significant profits or losses for the investor. There are a few generic sources of risk that have an impact of all assets – such as the global macroeconomic risk and the geopolitical risks. What separates each of your assets from the other is the sensitivity its rate of return has to the risks involves. There are also assets that have risks specific to them. When it comes to commercial real estate, there are different types of risks involved in the investment. Credit Risk. Tips to Consider While investing in Commercial Properties.

With the ever-increasing population of India, the demand for commercial real estate is consistently increasing.

Tips to Consider While investing in Commercial Properties

Hence, investing in commercial real estate is also rapidly increasing. Having said that, contrary to popular belief, investing in commercial real estate is not as difficult as it may seem. So, before you set out to buy a commercial property yourself, you must consider the following tips so you are all set and sorted!

All About India’s Seafood Feed Exporter: The Waterbase Limited. Jignesh Shah got Bail in NSEL Scam Case. The Bombay High Court on Friday granted conditional bail to Financial Tech India Ltd (FTIL) founder Jignesh Shah in the ₹ 5000-crore National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL) scam over three months after he was arrested in the case.

Jignesh Shah got Bail in NSEL Scam Case

“I am inclined to grant bail,” Justice Abhay Thipsay said, asking Mr Shah to furnish two sureties of ₹ 5 lakh within two weeks. However, when Mr Shah’s counsels Amit Naik and Aniket Nikam made a plea to allow the accused to furnish a cash surety of ₹ 5 lakh instead of two sureties on health grounds, the judge accepted it and granted bail. The lawyers also argued that there was no likelihood of the accused absconding and hence, he be allowed to furnish cash surety. The court ordered Mr Shah to personally appear before the investigating agency every week on Monday and Thursday until further orders of the trial court. Since his passport has already been impounded, no order was passed for surrendering the travel document. Your Guide to Coal Logistics. There are quite a number of methods to help move prepared coal from the mine to the markets.

Your Guide to Coal Logistics

In fact, the cost of transporting coal can be substantial and also accounts for an enormous fraction of the total cost to the consumer. Railroads One of the most common modes of hauling coal over long distances is through rail transportation. What actually makes railcars capital-intensive are roadbed, track requirements as well as a large fixed investment. However, the maintenance requirements is a relatively hassle-free operation that makes large volume shipments possible with a high mechanical efficiency that is obtained with low rolling resistances. Factors That Can Impact Your Loan Approval for Commercial Property. Commercial real estate is a lucrative investment but it is also a very expensive option.

Factors That Can Impact Your Loan Approval for Commercial Property

Although commercial properties yield good rental returns, they require a huge amount of investment as compared to residential properties. But it is not all that difficult to own a commercial property of your choice if you apply for a loan from a bank or financial institution. There are certain factors that can impact the loan approval process and some of these are mentioned below. Commercial Real Estate: Types of Property. Understanding Aquaculture and It’s Need. The controlled process of cultivating aquatic organisms in known as Aquaculture. This is, especially in relation to produce for human consumption. Very similar to agriculture, this concept involves fishes and marine life instead of livestock and plants. Aquaculture is also a term used for fish farming.

Emerging Trends in Commercial Real Estate. Creating an unprecedented challenge for the real estate industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the entire world by storm. In fact, several commercial real estate professionals have also had to navigate through new hurdles such as virtual showings as well as looking for buyers during such a devastating economic downturn. Above all, what has impacted commercial real estate the most is the sheer shift away from centralized offices toward full-time remote work. Utility Management For Remote Work Certain companies have the ability to responsibly and effectively manage critical business initiatives while telecommuting.

Companies are not only evaluating the health, safety and necessity of their employees working from afar, but are putting in efforts in order to maintain the continuity of a central office location which may also have quite a redundant security measure, data connectivity and electrical power that are extremely necessary in order to maintain operations and sales. Smart Amenities. Major Benefits of Aquaculture. Why Being on The Playground Is Important For Children?

Latest trends in the Aqua-industry You Should Know About. By Akash Sharma Akash Sharma It won’t be wrong if we say that aquaculture is amongst the fastest growing sector across the world in recent times. From the year 2005, the sector has shown a steady growth across the globe. As per the experts, the industry is only going to upgrade in near future and witness explosive growth. It is quite natural that aquaculture has a massive impact on food industry and also on society in general. How To Develop Scientific Temper In The Young Minds Of Children? RepIndia wins the digital mandate of united colors of Benetton. Business Wire IndiaRepIndia, one of the largest independent digital agencies in the country, announced its appointment as the digital partner for United Colors of Benetton in India. The mandate entails building and reinforcing the brand’s digital and offline presence through strategic planning and out-of-the-box solutions to attain consumer loyalty.

Commenting on the announcement, Ayesha Chenoy, CEO & Co-Founder, RepIndia said “With years of experience in the consumer lifestyle segment, we are glad to have taken on the responsibility of bringing Benetton’s unique voice to life on digital. We are excited to partner with this international giant that celebrates and liberates the diversity of each individual. It's a prestigious win for us, and a great canvas for our own capabilities and creativity.” Archit Chenoy, Director, RepIndia, adds, “It is heartening to see that a leader like United Colors of Benetton is looking at an integrated approach towards marketing. Extreme Biodiversity in Shrimp Farming. Existing since long, marine shrimp farming is considered to be a rewarding business with lesser investment. An NRI’s Guide to Investing in Indian Commercial Real Estate.

How to Ensure Safety While Handling Coal? Articles. Handling and Storage of Shrimp Aquafeeds. Posted by anamikasharma0 on July 17th, 2020. Family-Run Businesses Rush to Streamline Operations. MUMBAI: Family-owned businesses are professionalising at a fast pace. The move is an effort to tackle new realities like increased competition, democratisation of information and other aspects that are disrupting business models. According to a study on family businesses by Stellar Search, over the next five years, 72% of family-run businesses plan to bring in non-family professionals to help run operations (see graphic).

The study covered over 50 family businesses across industries, having a turnover in the range of Rs 500-25,000 crore. Busting 4 Common Myths about the Real Estate Sector. Investing in real estate is not an easy task and requires careful considerations. In the absence of adequate knowledge, one might end up making a wrong investment with no lucrative ROI. Tips To Invest In Right Commercial Property. Starting Your Commercial Shrimp Farming Business? Here’s What You Need to Know. The Future of Extreme Biodiversity in Shrimp Farming. By Akash Sharma Akash Sharma Marine shrimp farming is one of the century-old practices prevalent in many Asian countries.

The commodity was generally considered a secondary crop in traditional fish farming practices until a decade ago. Generally, shrimp trapped in coastal paddy fields, salt beds or brackish water fishponds are allowed to grow to marketable size and harvested as a secondary crop. Expert Tips to Negotiate a Favorable Retail Lease. 3 Things to Consider Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate.

All You Need To Know Before Starting Your Commercial Shrimp Farming Business. Common Equipment Used at a Mining Site. Common Spine Problems and Their Treatment Options. 02Apr Common Spine Problems and Their Treatment Options. Expert Tips to Find the Right Contact Lenses. UTI in Women : All You Need To Know. Mental Illness In Children : Identifying The Early Signs.