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Logiciel de création et maintenance de thésaurus. Création : le 5 janvier 2006 Mise à jour : 03/03/2008 , 11/2009, 15/09/2010 ; Janv.2011; Avril 2011 La construction et la maintenance dans le temps, d’un thésaurus ou plus globalement d'un vocabulaire contrôlé nécessitent l'adoption d'éléments de données et de fonctions applicatives spécialisées. Ce secteur de l'édition de progiciel peut être scindés en trois catégories principales selon le degré d'autonomie ou l'orientation (gestion, utilisation) du module applicatif : les "modules Thésaurus" de logiciels de gestion et recherche documentaires ; aujourd'hui, les modules dits "Taxonomie" de CMS (avec pour ces derniers des fonctions moins riches toutefois) ; des outils d’utilisation de thésaurus en ligne (la première famille citée intègre bien souvent ce type de module fonctionnel) ; des logiciels autonomes ( « standalone » en anglais).

Voici une liste de logiciels appartenant à cette dernière famille. a.k.a. Thesaurus software - Term Tree. Tim Craven - Freeware. 32-bit Windows packages (The self-extractors for these packages currently all require 16-bit support.

Tim Craven - Freeware

In case of a "16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem" error message, consult the Microsoft help page at (In Windows Vista, running the self-extractors as administrator is recommended. Running one of the self-extractors as an ordinary user typically produces the useless error message C:\Users\username\Local\Temp\_INS0432. (An alternative to running a self-extractor as a program is to change the extension to , extract the contents, and run in the folder containing the extracted files.)

(Using XP compatibility mode may also help with some problems.) (In Windows XP and Vista, the applications are best viewed with "Windows and Buttons" set to "Windows Classic Style".) (There are no specifically 64-bit versions of these programs, nor are there likely to be. Article on using TheW32: De Vorsey, K.L.; Elson, C.; Gregorev, N.P.; Hansen, J. 2006. For sample XRefHT32 indexes, see Java packages Source code.

Thesaurus Builder - Full Multilingual Thesaurus Management Software. ThManager - KOS editor. The way to manage formal representations of knowledge. Taxonomy software from innovation leader Synaptica. Punkt. netServices - die webExperten - Konzepte und Software für Intranet und Internet. Bienvenue sur le site de MyThesaurus. - Home. Lexaurus Editor. Lexaurus Editor is a desktop application for the management of concept schemes, ontologies, data definitions, taxonomies and thesauri.Multiple vocabularies can be managed at the same time, also facilitating term and concept reuse and mapping.

Lexaurus Editor

It is format independent with plugins currently for SKOS, VDEX (token and nested), Zthes, i2b2 (Concept and Ontology), Snomed and ESD toolkit. Stylesheets can also be applied to exports to provide customisation. It provides full history and change management, together with n level 'undo'. It can synchronise with and publish to one or more Lexaurus banks to provide a full collaborative Lexaurus Editor is widely used in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada by taxonomy experts, information management specialists and non-specialists. Lexaurus Editor key features: Added in version 5: Status: version 5.0 released. Mondeca ITM T3 : gestion thésaurus, taxonomie, terminologie, SKOS, listes contrôlées, dictionnaire de métadonnées - Mondeca. ITM est un logiciel pour la gestion des référentiels d'entreprises.

Mondeca ITM T3 : gestion thésaurus, taxonomie, terminologie, SKOS, listes contrôlées, dictionnaire de métadonnées - Mondeca

Umweltbundesamt - Federal Environment Agency - Wortgutredaktion des UDK-Thesaurus. Tems Product: Cognatrix. Jan 1, 2014: Please note that purchase of LGOSystems products is temporarily disabled while the products are undergoing redevelopment.

tems Product: Cognatrix

We apologise for any inconvenience. Amicus learning. Adlib Thesaurus - Adlib - Flexible Software for Archives, Museums and Libraries. - Flexible and advanced terminology management -All Adlib applications include thesaurus functionality.

Adlib Thesaurus - Adlib - Flexible Software for Archives, Museums and Libraries

Each database accesses a single thesaurus which is used when adding data during cataloguing or when searching. You can construct and maintain your internal system thesaurus yourself, or you can also import data from an external thesaurus such as AAT. However, any external thesaurus structure must be compatible with the Adlib data structure. Many catalogue fields feature a link to the internal thesaurus and are thus automatically validated by Adlib on data entry or searching. Terms and their relationships Each term has its own record in the thesaurus. Domain/term type – you can use a domain to specify the “type” of term. Validation On starting Adlib, you have to select the database in which you want to search, input or modify records. The validation process described above takes place when leaving the field, though can also be activated by the user prior to inputting. Hierarchy browser. Software for building and editing thesauri.

This page is rather out of date and is not being actively maintained.

Software for building and editing thesauri

It is retained here because some of the information is still valid, but users should check with suppliers of software packages for current information. We are discussing the transfer of this page to someone else who will maintain it, and when that happens a link to the new site will be given here. - Leonard Will. What is a thesaurus? This is a list of software for the development and editing of information retrieval thesauri. These are primarily thesauri which are used to standardise the terms used when indexing and searching for items in a database. A.k.a - Records Management software, Thesaurus Software, Thesauri Construction, Records Retention & Disposal software aka by Synercon Management Consulting.