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How Does Linear And Logistic Regression Work In Machine Learning? Linear regression and logistic regression both are machine learning algorithms that are part of supervised learning models.

How Does Linear And Logistic Regression Work In Machine Learning?

Since both are part of a supervised model so they make use of labeled data for making predictions. Linear regression is used for regression or to predict continuous values whereas logistic regression can be used both in classification and regression problems but it is widely used as a classification algorithm. Regression models aim to project value based on independent features.

What is the OpenAI GPT-3? We came up again with a dazzling application disclosed by OpenAI, for redirecting, this is the link to the previous article discussing OpenAI Jukebox.

What is the OpenAI GPT-3?

OpenAI, an organization who focuses only to design artificial general intelligence devices or systems and build it intact for humans. No Terminator-like horrible imaginary place, no unbalanced machines that formulate human paperclips. Only computers with accustomed intelligence in order to help in solving large-scale computational problems. Deep Learning - Overview, Practical Examples, Popular Algorithms. The field of AI is something where machines can perform tasks that normally requires human intelligence.

Deep Learning - Overview, Practical Examples, Popular Algorithms

It encompasses machine learning, where machines can learn by experience and acquire skills without any human involvement. Deep learning is the subfield of machine learning, supporting algorithms that are inspired by the structure and function of the human brain, and named as artificial neural networks. Topics Covered 1. Introduction to Time Series Analysis in Machine learning. While all the numerous advanced tools and techniques are employed for data analysis such as ML, IoT etc, one of the techniques frequently preferred for analyzing such data is statistical Time Series Analysis.

Introduction to Time Series Analysis in Machine learning

We all must have heard that people are saying that the price of different objects has decreased or increased with time, these different objects could be anything like petrol, diesel, gold, silver, edible things, etc. 7 types of regression techniques you should know in Machine Learning. No wonder that Machine Learning has become the hottest trend in the technological and analytical hub and is continuously breaking the obstacles in its passageways.

7 types of regression techniques you should know in Machine Learning

However, it would only possible because Machine Learning consists of amazing tools and techniques that boots up ML in the market and give strength to hold up brilliant applications in various domains. Moving to another learning in terms of ML techniques, today we will learn various types of regression techniques through this blog. There are multitudinous types of regression to perform that owing tremendous characteristic and specific conditions where they are best tailored to practice. Introduction Usually, the very first thoughts that come to mind when having words about regression techniques in data science are linear and logistics regressions, even though, people end up their learning with these two popular ML algorithms considering that they are only the two types of regression.

8 Most Popular Business Analysis Techniques used by Business Analyst. What is a Business Analyst?

8 Most Popular Business Analysis Techniques used by Business Analyst

Business Analyst is a person who analyses, understands and ensures the requirements for the business growth by reforming its policies, internal process, and information system completely. 6 Major Branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI) “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the part of computer science concerned with designing intelligent computer systems, that is, systems that exhibit characteristics we associate with intelligence in human behavior – understanding language, learning, reasoning, solving problems, and so on.” - (Barr & Feigenbaum, 1981)

6 Major Branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Reliance Jio and JioMart: Marketing Strategy, SWOT Analysis, and Working Ecosystem. “Change your strategy as trends change” this is an excellent prescription for the successful business, and it is what most of the largest and highly profitable retail companies embrace, and hence Reliance Industries do.

Reliance Jio and JioMart: Marketing Strategy, SWOT Analysis, and Working Ecosystem

At a world level, the Reliance industry aims to be amid the top 20 companies with refining and petrochemicals, it has established new era businesses - Reliance Jio and Reliance Retail. On a brief note, Reliance Retail, founded in 2006, is the biggest retailer across the country by revenue. It has numerous physical stores nationwide and serves millions of customers each day. But, for Reliance Jio we will grab information during the read, so, in the coming sections of this blog, you will find an introduction to RIL, Reliance Jio, SWOT analysis, and a good initiative JioMart along with its working ecosystem and core strategies. Introduction Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is a Fortune 500 company and the biggest private-sector corporation in India. It’s About Reliance Jio 1. WHAT IS ECONOMETRICS ? What is econometrics is simply answered as the quantitative application of statistical and mathematical models using data to develop theories or test existing hypotheses in economics and to prognosticate future trends from historical data.


The real-life data is compared to statistical trials. After that, they contrast the results against the theory or theories which are being tested. MOST EFFECTIVE MARKETING TECHNIQUES. As we all are evolving, we've developed a curiosity towards the products that we use and the services we consume.


With the growing competition, it is the responsibility of the company to prove its position in the competitive market and for that, the easiest way is to market the product the right way through the correct marketing techniques. What is Marketing? Marketing is nothing but making people choose your product by developing trust which will eventually make them buy it. Inspiring Success Story of SpaceX. Everyone has dreamt of visiting space which not long ago was a distant dream. While some swept the dreams under the carpet, there were few who worked towards accomplishing them. One of them is Elon Musk, the game changer of space missions. The second most popular thing he is known for after his son X Æ A-Xii’s name is SpaceX. Fundamental & Technical Analysis. To understand the business from an investment perspective, there are always two schools of thought that come to mind, people who follow fundamental analysis and those who follow technical analysis.

However some investors do both analysis to understand the business from every aspect. Let us understand both in detail. Fundamental analysis Fundamental analysis is a method or approach to understand business deeply and separate the daily short term noise in the stock prices to concentrate the underlying business performance. Fundamentally strong companies' stock prices tend to appreciate in the long run and therefore create wealth for the investors. Fundamental analysis is generally done from a macro to micro perspective in order to identify securities which are not correctly priced by the market. Analytics Steps – analyticssteps. When looking into a company’s annual report, you may have noticed dozens, or even hundreds of pages of numbers and tables. We all know that these numbers are important for a company’s financial position but not sure how these numbers will help you to make better decisions for your organization.

These information (numbers) are likely to be balance sheets of the company which is released to report the financial condition of the company. What is a Balance Sheet? According to Investopedia definition, a balance sheet is also known as a “statement of financial position” which includes a company’s assets and liabilities. It also reveals the owner’s equity or overall worth. What is Ratio Analysis? Ratio analysis is a method of quantitative analysis for gaining better insight of any company’s liquidity position, profitability and operating performance by studying financial instruments such as balance sheet, cash flow statement and income statement.

An Introduction to Financial Analysis. Finance is the language of any business. Among the expertise necessary for understanding and handling a business is proficiency in the language of finance, i.e the capacity to be able to read and comprehend financial information and also to be able to display data through financial reports. The ability to be able to comprehend financial information is critical for any business manager. The goals and aims of all businesses are established in financial terms with their results also being gauged in financial terms. "I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Finance also incorporates examining the data enclosed inside financial statements with the aim to facilitate valuable information to aid in management decisions.