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Audio. Short films. Describing appearanes. Dyslexia Resources. Language in Use. Reading comprehension. Listening comprehension exercises. Traditions and celebrations. Online Picture Dictionary - Spanish. 10 Types of Transitions. By Mark Nichol Writing is simply a matter of expressing ideas, but as we all know, it’s not so simple after all. One challenge is to coherently connect those ideas. This post lists ten categories of words and phrases one can employ to signal a transition, with several examples for each type. These words and phrases can be used within a sentence as well as at the beginning.

Note, too, that many can apply to more than one category. 1. “Besides, it would give me great satisfaction to help you.” “First, I’d like to thank you for inviting me to speak tonight.” 2. “Likewise, the sequel was very successful.” “Similarly, we observed no differences in response rate.” 3. “Naturally, the final decision is up to her.” “Of course, he will want to examine the documents himself.” 4.

“However, I don’t see what that has to do with anything.” “Otherwise, how can they expect us to comply?” 5. “As a result, I’m not sure what to do.” “For this reason, we have decided to halt the project.” 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Teaching English Toolkit - ELT Materials - Twins: Mo & Hassan. Useful websites KELT. Conversation : Humour. Creative Guided Story Writing. Jul July 10, 2013 | 2 Comments I’d like to share a guided writing activity that I adapted for my classes. Give students a card and ask them to read the instructions.

Tell them they are going to invent a story about what happened to the characters on their cards. Give them the pre-prepared questions and ask them to answer the questions Tell them these questions will guide them to write their stories. You can even give them the characters from the novels or short stories. I prepared a Google document for the instructions and another for the questions and I’ll add more when I come up with an interesting idea. Note: You can prepare your cards on powerpoint slides and save them as JPEG, print and laminate them for many uses. Worksheets. Biography Book Report Newspaper: templates, printable worksheets, and grading rubric. Biography Book Report Project TemplatesNewspaper Writing Teaching Resources Set Click on the Add to Cart button above to purchase this set of teaching resources.

You will be emailed a download link for this book report project so you can download and use it today! A very DETAILED description about this Biography Book Report Project is provided below. John F. Kennedy Newspaper - Nonfiction Book Report Project Example Biography Book Report Newspapers: Are you looking for a book report project that is designed specifically for biographies that will be fun and challenging for your elementary school students to complete?

These newspaper graphic organizers combine the components that are included in many biography book reports with the features included in being an editor and writing a newspaper. Many of the biography book reports and newspaper projects that I have come across in my years of teaching are traditionally one page worksheets. Biography Book Report Project Video: Assembling Directions: Free Worksheets and Printables For Teachers. Free Worksheets For Teachers We offer over 11,000 free printable K-12 teacher worksheets. We offer a wide range of free teacher resources that can be used for reinforcement and review. Our Math and English Language Arts worksheets have been featured in many different publications. Teachers should feel free to use and distribute our materials for educational purposes, so long as the copyright and footer information are left intact.

Worksheets Categories Teachers should feel free to use and distribute our materials for educational purposes, so long as the copyright and footer information are left intact. Printable Worksheet Makers The links below lead to teacher tools that will allow you to create your own custom worksheets and graphic orgainzers. My English Printable Worksheets.

Thinglink-Haz imagen interactiva. Create An Interactive, Label-Based Image Quiz! Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for sharing this resource! ImageQuiz is a fantastic new website that lets users create image-based quizzes with ease. Just upload your image, choose a title, and begin tagging the locations of the labels. Tagging works by drawing on the image to define what the quiz should test people on, and then labeling each of those tags.

It is very easy to use and has a basic, simple interface and best of all – no signup required! This means you can get students to create their own quizzes without worrying about them having to create accounts and then forgetting the passwords… For example, below is a screenshot of a quiz someone created about the parts of a bicycle. Try it and see how you do! As you can see, it even keeps score, so you can use it as an assessment in the classroom if you would like. Happy quizzing, y’all! Like this: Like Loading... Create Cloze Tests (Gap-Filling Exercises) and Online Quizzes. (Michael Kline) | Illustration for children and their handlers. Eating in America. Le blog pour mes classes d'anglais au collège » Webquest « Food USA »

Get Maui'd. Songs. Free Web Arcade - Free Online Games. APRENDER A ESTUDIAR. Whales evolution - | play science! How To Plan a Trip In The 21st Century. If you are planning to stay at a hotel, then you can use the sites mentioned before to pick the best ones for you (i.e. Hipmunk, Kayak, etc.) But if you are really serious about becoming a well adjusted 21st century traveller, then you should ask yourself - why book a hotel room when there are option like AirBnb? AirBnb helps you find a place to stay, by giving you the option to rent directly from people. You can rent a small extra room at the place of your hosts, or you can rent a full house and have it all to yourself. The rental options in each city are huge, making it sure you will always find a place that will fit your needs. If you are on a tight budget, you can try, which is similar to Airbnb except that it is free.

Teaching Human Body Systems to first graders | New Teaching Era. When I read I had to teach the HUMAN BODY SYSTEMS, my mind was simply blank! I didn’t know how I was gonna do it without confusing the guys and mainly I needed to figure out a way to have them understanding the functions of every organ the simpliest way possible. So, when I was getting really frustrated it suddenly hit me! First of all, my students worked on the basic vocabulary with the help of my students teacher as it was time for her practice period. They were given pictures of the body systems and the basic terminology. They made posters with color big pieces of paper, by teams of course, and they used their dictionaries to find the verbs needed to write about how they work. After that, I realized they needed more help so I designed the following lesson plan. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

If you click on the WHERE IS IT? 15. 16. Like this: Like Loading... Kidzone - Fun Facts for Kids! Duolingo. Learning Resources. City & Guilds English. +20 000 Free ESL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. Esl kids world. Disney 'Connected Learning' Aims To Infuse Games with Learning. When Disney rolls something out, there's a fanfare of trumpets, a red carpet and sometimes even a glittering burst of fireworks. By contrast, the launch of the Disney Connected Learning program has been as subtle as, oh, say a green screen. Six years ago, Disney began exploring how use its considerable design, entertainment and financial muscle in the "learning" arena. It decided to try to create games that children would find genuinely entertaining that were nonetheless built on legitimate learning "goals.

" Over the past two years, it has quietly been refining eight games based on learning objectives in its wildly popular online site for kids, Club Penguin. Several of the games have been hits. "No child should have to choose between a 'learning' game and 'fun' game," says Starr Long, who is executive producer of Disney Connected Learning. Disney, on the other hand, has learned a lot in the process. The Puffles interact with their environment according to the rules of Newtonian mechanics. English Grammar Online - free exercises, explanations, vocabulary, dictionary and teaching materials. English Activities help kids learning English free. Precis writing, how to write a good precise,Points to write an effective precise.

In common language precise writing is known as summarizing. A précis is the gist or main theme of a passage expressed in few words. But in spite of its brevity it should be lucid and full so that the reader may be able to grasp the main points and general aspect of the passage summarized. A précis is meant to express only the main theme, shorn of all unimportant details and explanations. Although no specific rules can be laid down for the length of a precis owing to different styles of writers but in general a précis should not contain more than a third of the number of words in the original passage.

Writing précis is not an easy task, it means an intensive brain work. There is no short cut to summarizing a passage. For writing a good précis one should be prepared for high level of concentration, deep attention and extensive retention of the context in his brain. 1. These questions can work as catalysts in your mind to look for the central idea of the passage 2. (a) Rough Drafts. Muzzy Comes Back [06/06] - English Course. Flash Hangman Games for ESL Students. Create timelines, share them on the web | Timetoast timelines. ImageBot - Free Online Photo and Image Editor. Trading Card Creator. The Trading Card tool gives students an alternative way to demonstrate their literacy knowledge and skill when writing about popular culture texts or real world examples.

This interactive allows students to create their own trading card about a real or fictional person, place, object, event, or abstract concept. These cards are can be used with any type of book students are reading or subjects that they are studying, and make for an excellent prewriting exercise for students who are writing narrative stories and need to consider characters, setting, and plot. Specific prompts guide student through the various types of cards, expanding students' thinking from the basic information and description of the topic to making personal connections to the subject. The save capability gives students a way to work on a draft of their card and come back to it to rework and revise as necessary, and to save their finished product to share with friends and family. Back to top. My Home Page. Online Tools for Group Projects. Ressources anglais. Pronunciation & Intonation. ACTIVITIES. Topics in English.

English. Famous People. YouTube. Primary History - Famous People. Historical Facebook Tutorial. Profile Publisher. ReadWriteThink has a variety of resources for out-of-school use. Visit our Parent & Afterschool Resources section to learn more. More Download the plug-in tools you need to use our games and tools, or check to see if you've got the latest version. Learn more Home › Parent & Afterschool Resources › Games & Tools Tool Why Use This Tool Here's What To Do More Ideas To Try Send Us Feedback Why Use This Tool With this interactive tool, teens can create printed social networking or magazine/newspaper profiles for themselves, peers or family members whom they have interviewed, or fictional characters from books they have read. Back to top Here's What To Do Teens first choose whether they are making a profile for a real person or a fictional character.

More Ideas To Try Send Us Feedback We invite you to share your experiences with this resource and provide us with any feedback on how it can be improved. Tell us what you thought about this Game or Tool. Phonics International - Hear the Sounds. Teaching Resources for Ancient Egypt | BBC: Pyramid Builder. Are schools squandering their teachers' talent? | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional. Great teachers have many virtues and assets. They have skill, knowledge, empathy and dedication in abundance. They also have talent. Some of it is learned and some is just a mystical part of their persona. So if great teaching has a lot to do with talent, what should we do about finding and promoting it?

One of the most famous parables of Christian theology is the Parable of the Talents. In our youth, this parable struck us as deeply unfair. It's not just because we're older or better off that we now see the point of the parable. Talent is not just something we should hope our teachers have and feel lucky when they do. When England draws its teachers from the bottom half of the university graduation range – unlike educational high performers such as Finland, Singapore, Korea and Canada – it doesn't even get hold of enough talent in the first place. These are not the only flawed or failed strategies for teacher talent development. You don't get talent by coercion.