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28 Stunning Examples Of Perfect Fire Hair. This day-dreaming king. So accurate. 30 Photos That Perfectly Capture The Finals Week Struggle. Wooden cutting boards that are full of movie sass and sarcasm - Lost At E Minor: For creative people. Making dinner can be a real drag if you’re not equipped with the right tools.

Wooden cutting boards that are full of movie sass and sarcasm - Lost At E Minor: For creative people

And one of those tools has got to be a good quality cutting board. But not just any cutting board – a Cutting Boredom cutting board. 6 Drinking Myths You Probably Believe. It's only fair... 23 Times Mr. Bean Perfectly Illustrated Your Night At The Club. There's a goldfish in my tea! Now you can turn any teacup into a charming fish bowl - Lost At E Minor: For creative people. Swings attached to a bar make for the perfect grownups' playground. The Swing Bar brings any adult’s inner child out by combining two really fun things to do: swinging and drinking.

Swings attached to a bar make for the perfect grownups' playground

Designed by Duffy London, the bar features 15 hanging chairs, all suspended from the frame. It comes in two styles: the Dr Strangelove, which is circular, and a rectangular, traditional version. Artist turns coffee stains into realistic paintings of pop culture characters - Lost At E Minor: For creative people. Art that’s sure to perk up your morning.

Artist turns coffee stains into realistic paintings of pop culture characters - Lost At E Minor: For creative people

UK-based illustrator Maria A. Aristidou creates paintings of famous characters not with paint but with something more brew-tiful: coffee. Why You Should Drink More Coffee. Nintendo whiskey flasks conceal your booze in the geekiest way possible. Now you can once again enjoy the Nintendo video games of your childhood – though just not the way you remember using it.

Nintendo whiskey flasks conceal your booze in the geekiest way possible

Matt Cornell of Ink Whiskey is selling a line of retro NES cartridges that are actually whiskey flasks in disguise. The collection features parodies of iconic games like Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Castlevania. To use it, simply pull back the cleverly concealed cap on the grip of the cartridge and let the drinking game (no pun intended) begin.

The boozy invention was made possible by Kickstarter supporters, who raised $39,905 in funding a couple of years ago. 18 Times Severus Snape Had The Perfect Reaction To All Of Life's Problems. 37 Times Tumblr Made You Rethink Everything About "Harry Potter" Which Hogwarts House Would You Actually Be In Based On Your Zodiac Sign. 27 Secrets Hogwarts Students Won't Tell You. You Can Actually Attend The School Of Wizardry Now. The most unusual, bizarre, creative pens ever invented: Digital music composition pen. Presented by You’re humming a tune to yourself-one you’ve made up-and it sounds like it could totally be a hit on the radio.

The most unusual, bizarre, creative pens ever invented: Digital music composition pen

The next minute it’s completely gone from your mind. Japanese food. Silence is golden... When I feel motivated to do something... Find the British guy... Nerd vs DJ... Added to my bucket list... Every time a cat cleans itself... Checking my phone when it's dark... I wish this comic existed... What's wrong baby? Every time I go to YouTube... That's a good wife. Sundays. Johnny Depp's career in a nutshell. That scene always scares me... One of these is not like the others...

Abilities. School vs. Life... I love batman. Cool or cute! Perfect! Same here Gerard. My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, Bring Me the Horizon, Pierce the Veil, and Black Veil Brides Eyes. Otaku Issues #232. Procrastination is my best friend. The music maestros created the repeat button #stageHuddle #fanTracker #music #booklivemusic #musicmakers #gig #livemusic. .its really cold at school and me and my friend stand in a corridor sort of thing and no one closes the door to out side even if I've just shut it!…

Pin by Jozie Garner on Cool or cute! Teenager Post #teenagerpost LOL So True! Cool or cute! Currencies around the world look better with superheroes on them than politicians. While politicians might not exactly be superhero material (super villain material, perhaps), Italy-based artist Alessandro Rabatti nonetheless shows us what they’d look like in masks and capes.

Currencies around the world look better with superheroes on them than politicians

In his series ‘Facebank’, Rabatti takes a pair of scissors to currencies like the US dollar, the Chinese yuan, and the British pound sterling, and cuts out the famous faces adorning them. He then turns leaders like Abe Lincoln, Chairman Mao, and Queen Elizabeth II into superheroes such as Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, and Captain America.

Made as a thought piece on the current economic crisis and the symbolic value of money, the series seeks to give these bank notes new faces that the general public can finally look up to. See the rest of Rabatti’s series here. Via Fast Company. These zany 'LEGO' bags will surely lift your mood and brighten up your day. Disney Princesses As Avengers Are Appropriately Badass. How Far Frodo And Sam Actually Walked In "The Lord Of The Rings" Trilogy. 33 Desk Accessories That Will Make Your Day Better. Buy Kawaii Animal Vitamin Pill Retractable Pen Set of 3 at Tofu Cute. Barber Eraser — Walker Shop. Scotch Chameleon-shaped Tape Dispenser. DONOTES - doiy.

USB Toast Flash Drives. Buy Kawaii Pizza Slice Eraser Set in Box at Tofu Cute. Oppopet Animal Mouse by nendo. Inject some humor into your desktop life!

oppopet Animal Mouse by nendo

Is this the cutest mouse ever? Hardware providers Elecom have got together with top designer nendo to produce something which shows the lighter side of computers. The oppopet is a three-button, wireless mouse with a USB connection in the shape of a bright, cute animal tail! Critter Screen Dusting Ball — Walker Shop. Items for kids. Animi Causa Boutique - Modern Design | Unique Gifts | Free Shipping Worldwide Your Cart is currently empty.

Items for kids

Home > products > Items for kids > Marshmallow Sign up for our email newsletter and receive discounts, promotions, and the latest information on modern design and unique gifts. Welcome to our unique gifts Web site. We have an amalgam of great modern design products such as modern furniture , kitchen accessories , wall decals , all kind of gifts ideas like birthday gifts , office gifts and more. Here’s how to make your very own Cookie Monster rug and cookie pillows. No Muppets were harmed in the making of this adorable fur rug.

Here’s how to make your very own Cookie Monster rug and cookie pillows

Instructables community manager Mike Warren has come up with a DIY project that’s perfect for Sesame Street fans: a Cookie Monster rug with matching cookie pillows. According to Warren, hunting the real Cookie Monster won’t be necessary as the materials for this rug can be easily found in most fabric shops. Prevent your glasses from falling off your nose with Nerdwax. Wearing glasses can be a pain but you’d never switch to contacts because the thought of touching your eyeball is too much.

Prevent your glasses from falling off your nose with Nerdwax

Do how do you overcome the 10-minute shift? That is, your eyeglasses falling down your nose and shifting every few minutes. A new product might just hold the centuries-long (I’m sure) answer. Don Hejny is the founder of Nerdwax, an all-natural wax you place on the bridge of your glasses so they won’t slip down. Hejny came up with the idea while at a live music performance, when he saw the lead artist constantly pushing up her glasses in mid-song. Sloth tea infuser makes your slow steeping process more relaxing. Sailor Moon & Super Sailor Moon Inspired Scarf.

Disney Princess mugs. Different Types Of Grammar // tags: funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures. The Shortest And Most Accurate History Of The World You'll Ever Read. Voldemort should have made him a horcrux. This Smart Oven Proves That The Future Is Now. What Your Favorite Fruit Says About You. 29 Reasons Reading Will Actually Ruin Your Life.

Someone Has Reimagined The "Harry Potter" Films As A Teen Movie And It Is Perfect. ModCloth Employees Modeled Its Swimwear Collection To Promote Body Diversity. The Bedrooms Of Children Around The World. 15 Ways You Justify Eating Fast Food. 21 Things That Happen To Everyone Who Wears Makeup. Guy promotes love for books by reading in the most unexpected places. Bookmarks with legs make it look like there’s a person trapped in your book. Ukraine-based architect Olena Mysnyk brings fictional characters to life – or at least part of them – through her collection of quirky handmade bookmarks.

Half piece of paper and half body part, the bookmarks make it look like characters are trapped inside the pages of their books (literally), with only their legs sticking out. The designs are even inspired by the books themselves. For instance, J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ has a bookmark that resembles the large and hairy feet of Bilbo Baggins. Other bookmark designs take after novels like Fifty Shades of Grey, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Wizard of Oz. Via Design Taxi. Girlfriend told him to keep all his geeky stuff in the basement, he rebels with these hidden toys. When his loving girlfriend banished all of his geeky stuff down in the basement, Imgur user ‘Ohhaibroadcast’ decided to get some payback and wage some guerilla warfare.

His troops? Cupcake panties will give your man more than just sugar cravings. Previously, lingerie brand KnickerRocker gave us adorable animal panties that turns your bum into pandas, foxes, pigs, and bunnies. Now, store owner Nichola has come up with a pair of panties that puts the sweet in sweet cheeks. Made to look like actual cupcakes, the collection features frilly icing topped by a mini plushy of a strawberry or cherry.

They come in two delectable colors: sweet pink and aqua blue. You can purchase the products on KnickerRocker’s Etsy page, then watch your man give in to his sugar cravings and more. These towels sure look delicous for Japanese food lovers. 18 Times Tumblr Understood Your Bookshelf Problems. The results are in: women are better drivers than men (but are too modest to admit it) - Lost At E Minor: For creative people. Sorry guys, but you’re going to have to ride shotgun from now on. Women are better drivers than men and a study even proves it. A study conducted by Privilege Insurance has concluded that ‘After years of debate and banter comes the news that will have men running for cover.

31 Faces Everyone Revising Will Immediately Recognise. Can You Tell The Difference Between A Dog Toy And A Sex Toy. 12 Tenets For Living An Outstanding Life. Resultados da pesquisa de no Google. Questions Vegans Are Tired Of Answering. Pin by Cialicia Alicia on Q u o t e s. “You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame. How could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?” —Friedrich Nietzsche. The YouTube Effect. Admit it. Television. The McDonalds toy that became an internet sensation in Japan. Next time a stranger talks to me... Normal Activity... The right priorities.

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