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Prestige Dance Studio. At Prestige, we offer a wide variety of classes for all ages, but tap, jazz, and ballet are core classes.

Prestige Dance Studio

You will notice a similar trend when you look at other dance studios in Calgary because these classes offer a solid foundation in strength, flexibility, and musical awareness. Each style has specific requirements if you choose to do dance examinations, and they are the most popular classes of all ages. Ballet and tap are well known even by people who have never stepped foot inside a studio before, but the most common question we receive is, “what is jazz dance?” The style of movement. 4 Must-Know Things Before Joining Your First Dance Class.

If you’re preparing to take your first dance class in Calgary, it’s normal to feel nervous, hesitant, and even a little fearful.

4 Must-Know Things Before Joining Your First Dance Class

At Prestige Dance Academy, we strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for our students. Our teachers are here to guide you and teach you new skills while fostering your passion for dance. If you’re looking for tips on how to make the most of your first dance class experience, you’ve come to the right place! 1. 5 Benefits of Dance Class for Children. While many parents enrol their children in dance classes for the fun, high-energy activity it provides, the benefits of dance classes reach far beyond the physical aspect.

5 Benefits of Dance Class for Children

We help set your child up for success with valuable life skills that can be applied outside of these walls. The personal and professional growth that we witness every day in each of our students is a testament to the following benefits: 1. Enhances emotional development When children as young as two attend preschool dance classes in Calgary, they’re participating in a safe environment where their imagination and creativity are encouraged. 2. In dance class, children learn the value of teamwork and group participation. While that first dance class might be challenging at first, as students become more comfortable in class with other children and their teacher, they’ll begin to feel more confident interacting and participating within the group. 3.

4 Tips on How to Choose The Right Dance Studio. You’ve decided to learn to dance—congratulations!

4 Tips on How to Choose The Right Dance Studio

You’re excited to have a creative outlet, to join a community, and to increase your strength, flexibility, and musical awareness. But now that you’ve opened up Google, you’re overwhelmed. There are tons of dance studios in Calgary. How do you choose? Before you pick a random name out of a hat, know that not all studios are created the same. Environment A studio’s environment is what makes the most significant difference in a student’s experience. At Prestige, we pride ourselves on our cleanliness, and our COVID-19 precautions exceed the guidelines given by the province to keep our community safe. Experienced Teachers Quality dance education comes from passionate, experienced teachers who provide both a caring and challenging environment for students to grow in.

Browse through teacher bios to read about their training, qualifications, and years active in the industry. At Prestige, our faculty members are chosen with care. Programs. Importance of Well-Rounded Dance Education. Dance calls for balance, and this is why dancers are known for their adaptability.

Importance of Well-Rounded Dance Education

They need to be strong yet flexible. Sharp and smooth. Emotional and critical. At Prestige, we pride ourselves in providing training that encourages dancers to be well-rounded both in and out of the studio. 6 Things to Expect in Your First Jazz Class. Jazz is an upbeat and technical form of dance that balances choreographic creativity with technical strength.

6 Things to Expect in Your First Jazz Class

Our jazz dance classes are energetic and focus on musical and body awareness. Our studio, in Calgary, offers a wide variety of jazz classes for students of all ages and technical levels. So whether you are looking for a fun recreational jazz dance class or a structured foundation class, you will find it here!

Our studio follows the ADAPT jazz syllabus and many of our dance teachers have extensive jazz dance teacher training experience from attending and completing the ADAPT teacher training program. Whether you are the parent or the student, attending your first jazz dance class can be a little nerve-wracking. Come on time! This year our lobbies are closed, so it is integral that students are dropped off and picked up on time. 5 Reasons You should Take Ballet.

5 Reasons You should Take Ballet Ballet is one of the most important foundations for technical and competitive dance training.

5 Reasons You should Take Ballet

Ballet helps dancers’ improve and elongate their lines, build muscle endurance and find grace in their movement. Ballet engages both the mind and body and will challenge dancers throughout their training with valuable age/technically appropriate progressions. 5 Reasons You should Take Ballet - Prestige Dance Studio in Calgary. What is the Difference between Contemporary, Lyrical and Modern Dance? Dance is an art form that has evolved and grown exponentially over the past few decades.

What is the Difference between Contemporary, Lyrical and Modern Dance?

In the last 20 years, there has been a particularly large shift with the increased access to viewing and participating in commercial and professional training, that was reserved primarily for esteemed companies before. Wider access has created a faster evolution of dance styles and genres in the dance world.

Through this shift, we have watched all dance forms, from all over the world, evolve. Next Week We’re Back to Dance! These past few months have been a whirlwind, so we would like to remove as much uncertainty as possible before your first class by sharing some of our new protocols.

Next Week We’re Back to Dance!

Prestige has implemented safety precautions so that all our operations work toward protecting our dance community by decreasing the spread of COVID-19. Prestige abides by the bylaws and follows the health and safety recommendations issued province-wide, so we will continue to update our practices to be as safe as possible. Dancewear Sale @ ITC: August 20th and 27th. It has been a few months since many of our dancers have been in the studio and over that time there is a very good chance that your dancer has grown out of their old dancewear.

Dancewear Sale @ ITC: August 20th and 27th

So, whether you need a larger size, new pieces for new classes or just need to replace your old dancewear, we have you covered! We are so excited to invite our families to our safe and socially distanced dancewear sales on August 20th and 27th at the ITC dance studio (6725 Fairmount Dr. SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0X6). Please enter through the back, garage door. At the studio, we sell all of the dress code pieces required for our “in-person” classes.

Step 1: Take a quick run-through of your dancer’s dancewear needs for the fall; we suggest making a list of all of the items they will need for their class/ classes. Step 2: Book an appointment with the studio by emailing Step 3: The Benefits of Registering for Dance Classes at Prestige Dance Academy. How is it August already?! It seems like the past few months have just flown by and that before we know it, it will be fall. Summer Dance Camps are a Great Way to Keep Your Child Active and Engaged. The school year (and homeschooling) has finally wrapped up and we are really looking forward to some nice weather, family time and local travel this summer. As our city continues to re-open and people slowly transition back to working in their offices this summer, many parents are now exploring safe, active and engaging day and week camps to enroll their children in.

It is remarkable to see how many children’s camps and activities have accommodated to our “new normal” following the necessary safety protocols while also ensuring that the kids are participating in engaging and social activities. We are so excited to be amongst these businesses re-opening and offering a wide variety of summer dance camps. This summer we will be offering day camps at all three of our studio locations, in addition to some virtual class/camp options. All of our in-person camps have been modified to exceed the precautions outlined by Alberta’s chief medical officer of health. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Benefits of Choosing of Private Dance Training During COVID-19. Everything you need to Know About Enrolling Your Dancer in Dance Camps and Classes this Summer. Prestige Dance Academy is absolutely delighted to begin our reopening with the announcement of Alberta Health’s phase 2 relaunch.