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Ana Cristina Pratas

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Philosophy. Education. Knowledge - Savoir. 21st Century School Librarianship. Big Data. English Language.


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  1. anacristinaprts Jul 3 2011
    Hi Amsika, thank u so much 4 ur reply. I deleted that pearl and now am not connecting with anyone. Everyone is free to use my pearls - they are more than welcomed- but I feel constrained now to recommend PT when porn comes up. Nevertheless PT is awesome! Thank u again
  2. amsika Jun 28 2011
    Hi, can you send me the link to the pearltree in which you have the problem please ?
  3. anacristinaprts May 22 2011
    Hi! That's so cool! Please take whatever may interest you!
  4. nbarville May 22 2011
    Hi, Ana Cristina, very pleased to share topics with you. Your pearl help me to go beyond.
  5. anacristinaprts May 17 2011
    Yes! Have been telling others and even blogged abt PearlTrees :-)
  6. amsika May 16 2011
    Thanks ! Don't hesitate to invite your friends to spread the word :) You can invite all your Facebook friends just by clicking on the button "invite people" at the bottom of the screen !
  7. anacristinaprts May 15 2011
    Hi! Thank you - this is awesome!