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Musées du Vatican. Museos Vaticanos - Web oficial. Villas Pontificias, todavía más cercanas y abiertas a todos Nuevas historias y nuevas emociones en las Villas Pontificias de Castelgandolfo que, desde septiembre, amplían su oferta cultural gracias al lanzamiento de nuevos itinerarios, visitas y originales soluciones de movilidad.

Museos Vaticanos - Web oficial

Collection Online. Collection search. Registration numbers The most common type of Museum number begins with the year of acquisition.

Collection search

The database standardises these numbers in the form, for example: 1887,0708.2427 (year: comma: block of four numbers - usually representing a month and day: full-stop and final number). The final number can be of any length and may be followed by another full-stop and a sub-number. In some cases the same number is shared by two or more objects across departments. In some of these cases a prefix has been added before a number (e.g. Collection search. Online Tours. Go to content Go to navigation Go to search Change language Visit the museum's exhibition rooms and galleries, contemplate the façades of the Louvre...

Online Tours

Come along on a virtual tour and enjoy the view, thanks to the sponsorship of Shiseido. Egyptian Antiquities. Colección. Colección. Colección. Bienvenidos al Museo del Prado, una institución casi bicentenaria cuyo origen y poderosa singularidad debe mucho a los gustos de los monarcas de los siglos XVI y XVII.


El coleccionismo entonces difería del actual. Sin pretensiones enciclopédicas, aspiraba a reunir cuantas obras fuera posible de los artistas predilectos. Ello explica que del Prado se haya dicho que es un museo de pintores, no de pinturas, pues los artistas representados suelen estarlo de forma superlativa, pudiendo preciarse de poseer los mayores conjuntos de El Bosco, Tiziano, El Greco, Rubens, Velázquez o Goya, a veces con más de un centenar obras. Art Lab iPad App. Google Open Gallery. Pedir una invitación <div class="no-js-message"><div>Javascript está desactivado en tu navegador.

Google Open Gallery

</div><div>Activa JavaScript o actualiza a un navegador compatible con JavaScript para ver este sitio. One Met. Many Worlds. Inspirado y basado en la Guía del Metropolitan Museum of Art, Un Met.

One Met. Many Worlds.

Muchos Mundos. Presenta mas de 500 obras clave de la colección en inglés, y también en árabe, chino, francés, alemán, italiano, japonés, coreano, portugués ruso y español. Además, los detalles visuales individuales de las obras son destacados para introducir provocativos y múltiples conceptos. Un Met. Living Collections Catalogue — Collections. Each volume of the Living Collections Catalogue includes media-rich essays on broader themes as well as in-depth investigations of specific works of art.

Living Collections Catalogue — Collections

Featured works link to records in the Walker’s collections database, where additional information about the artists and artworks is available. Implicit in the concept of a “living catalogue” is the dynamic nature of an online volume about the Walker’s collections. Information in the database is updated as new research and presentations occur, while essays are versioned and citable with assurances of a permanent address to the information referenced. In 2009, the Getty Foundation invited the Walker Art Center and eight other museums to participate in an initiative to create new models for the future of scholarly collection catalogues. The Camden Town Group in Context. Find out about art in Edwardian Britain The Camden Town Group held just three exhibitions in 1911–12, but its name has become synonymous with a distinctive period in the history of British art before the First World War.

The Camden Town Group in Context

Named after the area of north London where a number of the artists lived and worked, the group aimed to reflect the realities of modern urban life. Read about the life and work of painters such as Spencer Gore, Harold Gilman and Walter Sickert in Tate’s collection and explore how their works relate to broader social and cultural aspects of the Edwardian period and later. SAM Interactives. The Camden Town Group in Context. SAM Interactives. Rauschenberg Research Project · SFMOMA.

The Essay pages include a citation tool that will generate the preferred citation for a selected passage of text.

Rauschenberg Research Project · SFMOMA

To activate the tool, highlight the area you would like to cite and click the “Create Citation” button that will appear along the right side of the page. When citing full essays or other pages within the Rauschenberg Research Project, please refer to the examples below. The publication date for most materials is 2013. Where applicable, exceptions are noted in the citations provided on the essay pages or in related downloadable materials. Essay citations should include the following components: Author’s name, “Artwork Title,” Rauschenberg Research Project, July 2013. Dutch Paintings of the Seventeenth Century. Southeast Asian Art Catalog - Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The World of the Japanese Illustrated Book: The Gerhard Pulverer Collection. Online Scholarly Catalogues.

New Museum - Digital Archive. Technisches Museum Wien. Museo Nacional de Antropología. NYPL Public Domain Release 2016 - Visualization. ICDL (Biblioteca Digital Internacional para Niños) Colecciones Mexicanas. Canada's Digital Collections - Sharing the Canadian Identity on the Internet - The Archivist - Publications. Archived Content This archived Web page remains online for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.

Canada's Digital Collections - Sharing the Canadian Identity on the Internet - The Archivist - Publications

This page will not be altered or updated. Web pages that are archived on the Internet are not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards. As per the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada, you can request alternate formats of this page on the Contact Us page. No. 119 Canada’s Digital Collections: Sharing the Canadian Identity on the Internet by Elizabeth Krug, Preservation Branch, currently seconded to the CDC program at Industry Canada In the world of today, libraries, museums, archives and other cultural institutions are beginning to use new information technologies to digitize books, records and images, on a mass scale.

Industry Canada is playing an important role in connecting Canadians by means of the Internet. CDC has also funded projects of various size in some 20 federal departments and agencies, including the National Archives. Discover the riches of the British Library. BJF Presentació. La Biblioteca Joan Fuster de llibres electrònics és una aportació del Grup de Noves Tecnologies aplicades a l'Educació de la Universitat Jaume I i de l'Associació Cultural Aire Fresc que s'insereix en l'àmbit de les biblioteques virtuals que existeixen arreu del món. Amb aquest projecte es vol experimentar amb les possibiltats de la publicació electrònica i del text digital aplicat a l'ensenyament.

Així mateix, es vol donar a conèixer entre els usuaris de les xarxes electròniques les obres de literatura de tots els temps que tenen com a característica comuna haver estat escrites en català o traduïdes a aquesta llengua. Welcome to UC Berkeley Library. Iberoamerica / España / Portugal. Biblioteca Digital Ciudad Seva. Ciberoteca : La Biblioteca virtual más grande del mundo.

Digital Collections. Biblioteca Nacional de España. Europeana - Homepage. Biblioteca Virtual de Prensa Historica > Presentación. Biblioteca digital del Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid. BVPB > Presentación. Portal de Archivos Españoles.

Libros electrónicos. Detalles Categoría: Sin categoría Publicado el 04 Septiembre 2014. Biblioteca Digital Mexicana - Conaculta. Wikisource. Wikisource. Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes.

Inicio Biblioteca Digital Mundial. THE BRITISH LIBRARY - The world's knowledge.