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Classroom of the Future: The New Way to Teach Kids: Video. Proven Systems for Consistent Lead Generation Using LinkedIn. Your competitors don't have a clue about these strategies.

Proven Systems for Consistent Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

We'll show you how to generate serious results, and it will take only 10-15 minutes each day to implement. Tired of the same old fluff? I am too. This training will show you how to finally start generating leads on LinkedIn. Safeguarding your email address and Webinar registration information is taken seriously at GoToWebinar. View the GoToWebinar Privacy Policy. Seven instructional strategies for the Common Core. By Judith Coffey Read more by Contributor January 23rd, 2014 Adopting these strategies will help you integrate the Common Core standards into teaching As significant numbers of educators, parents, and politicians push back on the Common Core Standards now that implementation has begun, many teachers are left to navigate the shift with little or no direction about how to change their teaching practice to accommodate the new standards.

Seven instructional strategies for the Common Core

Implementation challenges range from a lack of professional development and curriculum materials aligned with the Common Core, to inadequate technology infrastructure and changing assessment practices. Five steps to a successful blended learning program. By Sari Factor Read more by Contributor January 21st, 2014 3.

Five steps to a successful blended learning program

Support the needs of all students. Self-directed pacing and ongoing assessment empower students to take greater responsibility for their own learning. As students become more self-aware of their learning styles, they are building essential life skills—such as time management and communication—that will position them well for future academic, career, and life achievements. Top 100 Learning Game Resources. Five-Minute Film Festival: Why Open Education Matters.

Digital Literacy

8 Reasons To Try the New Web App Beta. Hi Roger- Do any of these sound like you?

8 Reasons To Try the New Web App Beta

1. You like Haiku Deck, but you'd prefer to work on decks on your computer. 2. You'd like to edit a Haiku Deck you made on your iPad on your computer, or vice versa. 3. You wanted to try the Web App, but the whole private beta thing was confusing. 4. If any of these describe you, we suggest taking a few quick minutes to try out the new Haiku Deck Web App Beta! Apps For Student Workflow. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Top 200 Special Education Apps. As a reader of this blog, you might have noticed that Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has a particular focus on the use of iPad in education other than any other tablet in the market.We do in fact love other tablets especially Motorolla Xoom, Samsung GalaxyTab 10.1, and LG Optimus tablet and we do believe they have a promising potential in education as well but for now it seems that iPad is leading the mobile learning revolution.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Top 200 Special Education Apps

This is probably due to the kind of investment Apple is having in education. The folks in Apple have taken the issue seriously and they are intent on monopolizing the educational market. From iBook Author to iPad Mini, their success is just unbelievable to the point that some school boards in the States and Canada have already started adopting iPad as learning tools in the classrooms and some in the form of 1:1 environments. Check it out and share with us your suggestions iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Apps for (Special) Education source : edudemic.


Tech Skills Needed for Successful Online Testing. With state testing going online, many teachers worry that their students will not do well due to a lack of tech skills rather than content knowledge.

Tech Skills Needed for Successful Online Testing

In our district, my department has been tasked with helping teachers determine what tech skills their students will need. We are also working hard to find tools that will help students practice these skills without requiring students to take online practice tests over and over. In Colorado, our students will be taking the CMAS and PARCC, both powered by PearsonAccess. We searched high and low for resources that may have already been created to help us with this task, but found few. So in an effort to help others, I am sharing our findings with you! For those of you interested in seeing the practice tests, click on the links below: Below is a list of the tech skills students will need to be successful on the online tests, along with practice suggestions when applicable.


HOUR OF CODE. This Is What the Next Generation of Engineers Looks Like. In college and during her career, Kimberly Bryant often found herself the only black female scientist in the room.

This Is What the Next Generation of Engineers Looks Like

The biotech engineer founded the Bay Area non-profit Black Girls CODE in 2011 so that today's young girls will never find themselves in that position. Bryant realized that it wasn't a lack of interest in science that led to a dearth of diversity in her field; it was a lack of access. Black Girls CODE's goal is to drive access and exposure, closing the digital divide. Black Girls CODE introduces young girls of color to computer programming, mobile app development, robotics and other STEM fields, so the girls can learn how to build the tools they want to see in the world.

The non-profit is a global organization, with chapters in Oakland, Calif., Atlanta, New York and even South Africa, with expansion to eight more cities planned for next year. But the reach of Black Girls CODE has grown exponentially in two years; the roster now exceeds 2,000 girls.