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French monuments

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Type in the logon: eastviewms and password: wpev to go to Encyclopedia Britannica. French cheese - Cheeses of France - a short guide. If French cheese for you just means brie, camembert, roquefort and the "stuff that looks like cheddar or gouda" in the local supermarché when you're on holiday, then you don't know what you're missing!

French cheese - Cheeses of France - a short guide

Every region of France has its own particular cheeses. Back in the time of General de Gaulle, France had 246 cheeses - and it has quite a few more than that now, given the large number of new products, inventions or copies of traditional cheeses, that have emerged from France's hundreds of dairy companies in the past 20 years. This guide is not by any means a comprehensive listing of all the products that France can offer to deck a well-garnished cheese-board. It is a look at some of the most common, and the most tasty. List of francophone countries. Notre Dame Cathedral Paris.

Homepage - Palace of Versailles. Louvre Museum Official Website. Paris tourist office - Official website. The Eiffel Tower : official website of the most famous monument of France (Paris) Arc de Triomphe Paris - Paris Attractions - Arc De Triomphe. Chenonceau. Château de Chenonceau - Visite virtuelle. 360 tours of monuments in paris.