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Greece. Jeopardy. Family tree of the Greek gods. Key: The essential Olympians' names are given in bold font.

Family tree of the Greek gods

See also List of Greek mythological figures Notes External links Media related to Family trees of Greek mythology at Wikimedia Commons. Greek. Mythology & Ancient History. Mythos Beastiary. A Dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, Abaeus, Abaeus. How to Curse in Norse. How to Curse in Norse orHon madr roman therva Kuaran(Your mother wears Roman soldier shoes) by Nara no Jebu * Editor's note: because of space, this article was shortened, especially in the listing of Nordic words.

How to Curse in Norse

Consult the sources listed in the last issue under "Norse Names" to improve your vocabulary. Every good Northman, barbarian or Seaman should know a good curse or three, and in his home tongue. In the Society we all tend to ignore our home tongues for the "common" we speak now, but that is one of the reasons we're Creative Anachronists not Anarchists. It gives a feeling of periodness to spit at an opponent's feet and say gutturally "Meyla krafla mikli thur syr" or "child born of a long dead sow", and slam down your helmet. Back to Early Period #4 | Back to Early Period Index | Back to PastTimes. - Your Guide To The Gods. Machai. The daemons Homados (Battle-Noise), Alala (War-Cry), Proioxis (Onrush), Palioxis (Backrush) and Kydoimos (Confusion)[2] were closely associated with the Makhai.


References[edit] External links[edit] List of Baroque residences. This is a list of Baroque palaces built in Europe in the late 17th and 18th centuries.

List of Baroque residences

Some of them were inspired by the construction of the Palace of Versailles by Louis XIV and its successive extensions. Versailles was a source of inspiration for the monarchs and nobles of Europe who also longed for a residence appropriate to their privileged position. Only the most important city residences, such as the Stockholm Palace and Winter Palace, are included. Pre-Versailles Roman palazzi, such as Palazzo Barberini, Palazzo Chigi-Odescalchi, Palazzo Ludovisi, Palazzo Colonna, Palazzo Altieri, Palazzo Muti Papazzurri, Palazzo di Propaganda Fide, etc. are excluded from this list.

Only a few Lustschlösser, Jagdschlösser, and "porcelain palaces" with Rococo interiors are shown; these entries are colored lavender. France[edit] Italy[edit] Spain[edit] Portugal[edit] England[edit]


Greek Mythology. List of mythological objects. Pepi New Pendants. 2013 Pendant CollectionClick an item to learn the story behind the design 2012 Pendant CollectionClick an item to learn the story behind the design 2011 Pendant Collection Click an item to learn the story behind the design!

Pepi New Pendants

____________________________ 2010 Pendant Collection Click an item to learn the story behind the design! 2009 Collection The Psychic’s Ring 641-033 Every one of us has Psychic Powers, extrasensory abilities that can extend our experience and insight to the world. Clairvoyance - see clearly. Clairsentience - feel or sense clearly. List of Germanic deities. In Germanic paganism, the indigenous religion of the ancient Germanic peoples that inhabited Germanic Europe, there were a number of different gods and goddesses.

List of Germanic deities

Germanic deities are attested from numerous sources, including works of literature, various chronicles, runic inscriptions, personal names, place names, and other sources. This article presents a comprehensive list of these deities. Gods[edit] Goddesses[edit] See also[edit] Notes[edit] References[edit] Enjoying the Uncertainty - Icelandic Swearwords, Cursing In Icelandic, Swearing In Icelandic.

Humankind’s propensity to break taboos, express aggression, degrade, hurt and humiliate each other has always been vividly manifested in language.

Enjoying the Uncertainty - Icelandic Swearwords, Cursing In Icelandic, Swearing In Icelandic

Icelandic is a great language and it has a varied and colorful foul words vocabulary. DISCLAIMER! The text contains explicit and offensive terminology of the Icelandic language. If you are uncomfortable with such subject matter please do not read this post.The following is NOT intended in any way to offend, hurt or disrespect anyone’s feelings, sensibilities or beliefs. This text serves the sole purpose of furthering knowledge in its diversity. My research concerns only Icelandic words, however cursing in English is popular among young Icelanders too. Icelandic for “swear” is ‘bölva’ (literally, to wish someone good health) or ‘blóta’ (lit. to offer to the gods) and “swearing, cursing” is ‘bölv’ or ‘blótsyrði’.

The three most widely called down themes seem to be ‘helvíti’, ‘djöfull’ and ‘rass’ meaning hell, devil and ass respectively. African Mythology - myths and beliefs from Africa. Earth Many African peoples regard the earth as a female deity, a mother-goddess who rules all people and is the mother of all creatures.

African Mythology - myths and beliefs from Africa

The earth lives and gives birth to ever new generations of beings. She will make the grass grow when heaven gives her rain and if there is no rain, she withdraws into her own depths, waiting for better times to come. Many regions of Africa have to endure a dry season when nothing grows and death reigns. As soon as the new rains, life begins miraculously. Jok - concept of the devine. Category:Curses. Strandagaldur ~ Galdrasýning á Ströndum ~ Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft. Archetype: The Fiction Writer's Guide to Psychology.