Sons of Anarchy

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One of the best TV series of all time. Find a lot of content about SoA in this pearltree.
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Sons Of Anarchy - Theme Opening. The Best TV You're Not Watching: 'Sons of Anarchy' While every other Fall TV show starts in mid to late September, and some even as late as October (dammit, Dexter), we’re in luck because one of the best shows on TV starts early.

The Best TV You're Not Watching: 'Sons of Anarchy'

This Tuesday, Sept. 6, the fourth season of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy begins. If you’re a fan of great serial TV drama, SOA is definitely for you. In a nutshell, it’s The Sopranos on motorcycles, and even using that description lessens the value of this thrill–ride.

Season 4

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  1. lifelong81 Nov 26 2012
    same.I agree I looooooooooooove this SOA.
  2. talves Oct 12 2011
    I could not agree more with you about SOA. This is one of the best Series ever created.