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The Great and Powerful Reddit. Reddit's Massive Size: The Numbers. Yes, Reddit is big, but did you know how big?

Reddit's Massive Size: The Numbers

As it turns out, the social links and news site is likely larger than you imagined. Released today is a pile of traffic data from several of the sites largest ‘subreddits,’ or subsections. The numbers are eye-popping. In case you don’t frequent Reddit, the site is divided into user-created, themed subsections. Topics from certain comics, religious groups, political parties, sports teams and cities have their own niche on the site. The 9 Figure Club. What traditional media could learn from Reddit’s membership model. You run a large and popular website that distributes news and other content on a variety of topics, but the cost of producing and hosting all of that information is climbing, so you need to find a way to pay the bills.

What traditional media could learn from Reddit’s membership model

If that describes your problem, you might be a newspaper or a magazine or some other traditional media outlet that is looking at a paywall plan — or you might be Reddit, the online community that has become a kind of news outlet in its own right, although not one without controversy. In an attempt to cope with rising costs, the site is pushing a membership model called Reddit Gold. But will it work? And can other media companies learn anything from this kind of approach? “In October 2012 alone we were up to over 3.8B pageviews and more than 46 million unique visitors.

Advertising ruins the experience “The problem is that if your site is funded primarily with advertising, then you are beholden to your advertisers. Strengthening the relationship with your community.

Reddit's development

Alexis Ohanian. Violentacrez - Gawker - Fredom of Speech. Obama's AMA on Reddit. Reddit & Journalism. 'The Free Internet Act' Emerges As Redditors Craft SOPA Alternative. When two proposed anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA looked as if they could become law, social news site Reddit helped organize a large-scale online protest that led lawmakers to table the bills indefinitely.

'The Free Internet Act' Emerges As Redditors Craft SOPA Alternative

But the activism didn't stop there, and now Redditors are trying to draft legislation of their own. "The Free Internet Act," as the idea has been tentatively named, intends to preempt any future legislation aiming to limit the scope of the Internet or censor content. Redditors have turned the "r/fia" page into a place to craft something they'd like to someday see become a standard for governing the Internet. The group's self definition, from "r/fia," reads as follows: The Free Internet Act: To promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation by preventing the restriction of liberty and preventing the means of censorship. "The idea is to aim high," the thread reads.

“I’m not the leader, this is a real community project,” he told Mashable. Read the whole document here. [Free Edit][25-02-12] The Free Internet Act. How Reddit's cofounders built Reddit with an army of fake accounts. Here’s an interesting revelation from Reddit cofounder Steve Huffman: The social news site was built on a lie.

How Reddit's cofounders built Reddit with an army of fake accounts

Many hundreds of lies, to be more specific, in the form of fake user accounts that Huffman and fellow cofounder Alexis Ohanian used to populate the site in its earliest days. “You would go to Reddit in the early days, the first couple of months and there’d be tons of … fake users,” Huffman says in a video for online educator Udacity. Through those fake accounts, Huffman and Ohanian submitted high-quality content—the type of articles they wanted read. How One Response to a Reddit Query Became a Big Budget Flick. With just a handful of posts about a hypothetical time travel scenario, James Erwin went from web commenter to professional screenwriter.Photo: Robert Maxwell James Erwin, 37, works for a financial services firm in Des Moines, Iowa, writing software manuals.

How One Response to a Reddit Query Became a Big Budget Flick

He’s been doing that for a couple of years, and he enjoys it. It’s a pretty low-stress job for a person with a methodical turn of mind—good pay, short commute. Reddit Thrives Under Hands-Off Policy of Advance Publications. On Thursday, President Obama signed up for an “Ask Me Anything” (A.M.A. in geekspeak) session at Reddit, a vast social site that is a staple of digital life for the young and connected, but less well known among grown-ups.

Reddit Thrives Under Hands-Off Policy of Advance Publications

The president answered a few benign questions — Michael Jordan is his favorite basketball player! — along with a few tough ones, including a request to explain his administration’s approach to Internet regulation. He even posted a picture to prove he was the one at the keyboard when he typed, “Hi, I’m Barack Obama, President of the United States. Ask me anything.” While the Republicans were celebrating the potential and might of American business at their convention in Tampa, Mr. Reddit Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Reddit Gold Purchases Thanks To Partnership With Coinbase.

Coinbase scored a huge partnership today, as social discovery and discussion site Reddit has just launched an integration that allows its users to pay for “Reddit Gold” using bitcoin with Coinbase’s system.

Reddit Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Reddit Gold Purchases Thanks To Partnership With Coinbase

Bitcoin is the “underground” digital money system that’s fueling growth and disruption in the online payment space. Coinbase is a “bitcoin wallet and platform” that lets merchants and consumers make transactions easily using bitcoin. By buying Reddit Gold, you can add features to your account like comment highlighting and shutting off ads. Additionally, Reddit will now start collecting credit-card payments in the U.S. and Canada thanks to Stripe to go along with its PayPal and Google Wallet options.