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Misfits Opening Credits. 5 Reasons to Check Out 'Misfits' on Hulu. Fans of good TV take note!

5 Reasons to Check Out 'Misfits' on Hulu

'Misfits' is coming to Hulu. Why does this matter to you? Because you need to see this show before some American network buys it and puts its own (probably terrible) spin on it. Nothing says great TV like hormonal, smart alec teenagers with super abilities, and that's the premise behind the BAFTA award-winning UK series. Misfits - Series 1 Trailer. Trailer Season 2 [HQ] Misfits Season 3 Official Trailer Secret Ending To Vegas Baby. New ‘Misfits’ short film to premiere online. Misfits Online: "Vegas Baby" Full Film Nathan Leaving.