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Google+ vs Facebook

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The One Google Plus Feature Facebook Should Fear. While tech pundits are widely praising Google’s new Plus product, I’ve found the one feature that could take away from Facebook where it’s most dominant: Time on the site.Facebook users are known for staying on the site for over half an hour a day, something no other site could compete with… until now.

The One Google Plus Feature Facebook Should Fear

To be honest, my gut reaction after using Google Plus was initially, “Why on earth would anybody switch to this from Facebook?” However, when I loaded up Google Finance as I do every morning, I suddenly realized that I was asking the wrong question. The reality is that users won’t have the option of not using Google Plus. Facebook engineers copy Google+ with ‘Circle Hack’ app. There’s been quite a bit of talk about how Google ripped off some of Facebook’s features with its new social network, Google+.

Facebook engineers copy Google+ with ‘Circle Hack’ app

But it seems the biting goes both ways. Now, a group of four Facebook engineers have launched an unofficial Facebook app called “Circle Hack,” which allows users to organize their friends into lists in a near-identical fashion to the “Circles” tool in Plus — one of our favorite features. Google+ Ad On Facebook Is Banned. Mark Zuckerberg Explains Why Google+ Won't Beat Facebook (Yet) Zuckerberg Surprised That People Are Surprised He’s On Google+