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Antoine Msika

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Hi Amsika,
I am disappointed with the new look of pearltress,... it seemed to have taken the path of so many of its competitors that do a good job.
Peartrees was unique in how it organized the pearls.. its key differentiation was the 'mindmap' like interface that has been taken out... what a pity/shame.
I teach at the university here and I recommend students(100+) use pearltrees to organise their research. You had something "unique".
By changing it ... you have lost your identity!... your current version is a poor attempt to look like several options that are out there (dropmarks, icebergs, dragdis, pinterest, keeeb... etc)
This is by no means a rant... but a suggestion to bring back what you had... which was 10 steps further than where you are now
Lawrence by web101 Jul 16

Dear Amsika,Pearltrees is a very good concept and I enjoyed arranging the pearls. I see that the look of the page has changed. Though it is more convenient to use, the look of a "pearltree" is missing. The upgraded appearance is very similar to pinterest and therefore, peartree, according to me is loosing it's identity. Please bring back the pearls and the branches to connect the pearls, just the way it used to be earlier.
Thanks,Mahua by mahua Jun 17

Bonjoour sirrah.spiritus,
Tout ce qui est dans votre compte est pris en compte dans le capacité de stockage. Dont les images. Ce qui est contenu dans les équipes est aussi pris en compte.
Bonne journée by amsika Jun 13

Bonjour j'ai un souci avec le compteur de mega octets de mon compte monté alors que je n'ai pas d'activité. J'aimerai savoir si le fait de participer à des équipe me fait augmenter mon ratio. J'aimerai savoir aussi si les image que l'on ajoute à une pearltrees fait augmenter
le compteur ? Merci by sirrah.spiritus Jun 12

Hello amsika,
I really loved Pearltrees (i was going on it every day) until this new version!
1: It's very hard to organize
2: If you keep this version change the name "Pearltrees"
3: I spent 10 minutes to find out where you put the "My Account" button

Thank you for reading, redjohnn
P.S.: I know i can acces pearltrees 1 but I've got to press that over and over again, couldn't you make different websites? Oh and in Pearltrees 1 there's one of my friends that has 5 000 views while in Pearltrees 2 he's got only 1 600! by redjohnn Jun 7

As a web developer myself I LOVE the new Pearltrees 2 design mainly due to the embed ability we also had in Pearltrees 1. I think it works well externally on websites that web designers wish to embed our collections onto. I think Evolution is most definitely the way to go today online. Icons of circular format limited our ability to share our collections with non Pearltrees users, guests etc... So this new upgrade is powerful when it comes to taking Pearltrees to the next level which is billions of potential members worldwide and being able to save us from social exhaustion on other networks where sharing has zero curation capabilities or ability for us to keep up sharing efforts.

Overall I commend the Pearltrees team for taking this bold brave new step into the visual and functionally appealing direction. Even though I enjoyed the Pearler quick pick ability and circular Pearls and Pearltrees at the very beginning . I did lose interest with is all over the years, due to trying to Pearl so much stuff and after a while out grew my own pace to keep up. Now with the new design I came back and was able to quickly clean up my sloppy Pearling activities and I'm in tip top shape thanks to the far better functional appeal. by cloudexplorer Jun 4


Thanks for the information, I really do appreciate it. However, from the place that it's buried in the menu and the fact that you can't change back in the iPad app, it's clear that you don't intend to support "Pearltrees" moving forward. It's also clear that your original goal has changed. In the beginning it was about visualizing the organization of content. Now it's about visualizing the content itself. I understand the need for sharing. However, I really don't think you understand How unique your original idea was (and still is). Nor do you understand how this helped people like me who typically have issues with traditional organizational approaches. I really think if you wanted to change the direction this much, you should've created a new app. How can you still call this "Pearltrees" when there are no pearls, or trees??? by typhooned Jun 4

Hello typhooned,
First, do you know that you can still access the old visualisation in the left menu? (from a computer only)
Pearltrees' goal is to democratize organization and sharing of digital content: you can organize much more than only web pages, and it's social, meaning you can share your collections with others, and enrich your collections with others'.
To do so we need a format that is as easy, as powerful and as accessible as possible. This is what this new version enables to do. Now everybody can organize and share their interests easily:) by amsika Jun 4

This new version is HORRIBLE!!!. Organizationally speaking, It is nothing more than "Favorites" in Internet Explorer. I don't need bigger icons or pictures. I need the organization structure that WAS unique to your product. It was also your namesake (PEARL-TREES... Get it?). Please, please, please put the format back to the way it was. by typhooned Jun 4

I am not amused :( I hate the new Pearltree format :( :( and am considering to stop using pearltrees at all :( :( :(
With the new format you have become "as al the others". your unique selling point is gone :(
I really hope you focus on developing pearltrees 1 and stop developing pearltrees 2. by pauldedigitect Jun 1