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  1. vasant501501 Jan 30 2015
    hi amsika can you please tell me how do i get the old pearltrees format back? you know, when it was like branched out and you could add and delete nodes?
  2. gilbertmario Jan 7 2015
    I noticed another student from my edu 522 (maliahoffmann-instructor) profile was in the team 522 list of names. How did she insert that photo/file?
  3. sheepminer Dec 5 2014
    @robertjturner What do you mean? Build a what? I can help you if I get a "better" description.
  4. robertjturner Dec 4 2014
    How can I used Pearltrees to build a following, I get Stumbleupon, facebook, twitter and I even get Google+ but I dont get Pearltrees... The concept is lost on me. Any articles I can look at? Trying to get people interested in and
  5. sheepminer Nov 19 2014
    Oh okay, so the pearltrees 2.0 IS the one were all using. :P
  6. sheepminer Nov 19 2014
    Wait... there is a pearltrees 2.0?! No way!! I never knew that! or is this pearltrees pts 2.0?
  7. raviii Nov 18 2014
    Will the name Pearltree change after 1st December 2014. This is because the new tile system is not a pearl nor a tree!
  8. cyborg_x1 Nov 11 2014
    Pearltrees 2.0 - wasted everything. Now Pearltrees is just a non-intuitive linklist with Images. I don't know which guy consumed the wrong drug here, but honestly, this is complete crap now. I am completely lost in fuckin tiles, all the previous visibility gone, where I used to find my links in secs, I am just looking on a unsorted wall of shitty M$ like tiles. It's such a shame. *shake head* My Browsers simple link list is even more intuitive than this!
  9. raviii Oct 31 2014
    I perfer to use Pearltree 1 because of its unique visualisation and navigation of pearls. I wanted to know if any future development of new features will happen, to take Pearltree 1 forward and further? Cheers.
  10. ducktoes Sep 4 2014
    I don't understand how to add new pearls on the new interface so I'm using the old one. Pearl1. There's no add button on the new one and it's really frustrating. I can't edit anything there either.