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Home Loan in Ludhiana. Picking a Home Loan in Ludhiana without clarity can be as risky as buying a property without due diligence. Loan Against Property in Ludhiana. The clients owning a property (commercial/industrial/residential) which they can offer as collateral can opt for loans against property in ludhiana.

Loan Against Property in Ludhiana

Finmerit allows the clients to avail loans against residential or commercial or industrial properties at attractive rates of interest by comparing the products from different banks and financial institutions keeping in mind various parameters like rate of interest, loan tenure, documentation requirements, repayment terms and conditions etc. thereby helping them in making an informed decision. The clients at Finmerit need to fill in their demographics like age; income etc. and can compare interest rates, margin rates and processing fee of different banks. The specialized team at Finmerit assesses the client’s profile and guides him through the process of choosing the best deal. Payroll Processing : Dubai Perspective. Corporate PowerPoint Presentation Design Services for Startups. Introduction: Corporate Presentation Design Services is an integral part of the Digital Marketing Promotion Strategy of any company.

These are meant to create a market for its newly launched product or to expand the market for its existing products. Corporate Presentation Design Services is a modern age tool to establish a communicative link with your prospective customers. These also refresh your communication with your existing clients. “Be Someone’s Attraction, Not Distraction.” Importance of Relationships with Customers: Your customers need to be well informed about the products and services being offered by your firm.

Effective Communication: Effective communication is the gateway to an attraction. Proper Planning: Prior to the effective presentation, proper planning must be done. Audio-Visual Format: Successful Presentation: Presentation matters – it is the way you present your product. Engage in Conversation: Some of the spectators may have some queries about your product. KPI Key Performance indicator Analysis and Consulting Service.

Introduction: KPI Analysis is basically the critical analysis through the application of “Key Performance Indicators (KPI)”. The performance is measured and monitored through the KPI. KPI is a set of measures to judge the performance of a business house and then make suitable recommendations so as to achieve the pre-determined objectives of the organization as well as outperforming than the competitors.

These indicators reflect the healthy successful financial performance of an organization. Need for KPI Analysis: As the demand of the products of a business house grows, the company naturally goes in for setting up of additional capacities in order to meet the growing demand and garner more share in the market in comparison to its competitors and to maintain the quality of the goods and services, it deals in. Financial Modeling Consultant & Services For Startups.

Introduction: Financial Modeling Services provide financial acumen and insights to the higher management on the basis of actual & projected financial performance of a particular asset, investment, portfolio or project. This involves crunching of available financial information and undertaking certain complex arithmetical and scientifically sophisticated calculations. Financial Modeling Services thus help in taking calculated investment decisions, through in-depth financial valuations, especially in the major corporate activities like Fund Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), ideal & model pricing of an Initial Public Offer (IPO), Acquisition Finance, Corporate Lending, Valuation of a new project, etc. Investor Pitch Deck Design Service for Startups SMEs Small Business.

Pitch Deck is a modern-day mode of introducing the business plan of your organization in an effective and concise manner to an audience comprising potential investors, venture funds, crowdfunding platforms, high net-worth individuals, prospective partners and co-founders, small shareholders, etc. with the aim of procuring finance for your venture. Investor Pitch Deck is a sort of electronic, graphical and audio-visual presentation while having a face-to-face meeting with the prospective investors.

The goal is to exhibit and highlight the positive points in an impressive manner within the shortest possible time and with the use of minimum words. Remember that the venture capitalists and high net-worth individuals to whom you are going to present, are not only very busy but also are financial/business wizards in their own right. What they intend to have is an overview of your company and the market. Significant Data Points for Investor Pitch Deck: 5 (100%) 106 votes. Financial Forecasting Analysis Service for Startups SMEs.

Best Content Development Services. Online Market Research Firm for Startups Small business SMEs. Financial & Business Analysis Consultants for Startups. Are you swamped with work which takes you away from your core job? Do you want an expert opinion on strategies to grow your business? Well, DNA Growth is the protocol to the summit, a global financial and business consultancy right at your doorstep.

We offer services like business planning, business plan preparation for funding/grants/lenders, business feasibility test, financial modeling, and much more. Starting a new business without a Start-up business plan is like traveling a winding road at high speeds with a blindfold on. Your business idea needs to be tested and evaluated from all angles. And though you have read about these concepts, real-life situations bring unique challenges on how to apply different management tools.

Future moguls and tycoons; “DNA Growth” is here. Business & Financial Consulting Firm for SMEs Startups Small business.