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SoundArtInMexico. 50 Years Of Experimental Mexican Music - One of the hidden gems of the netlabel world is Audition Records, a sister label of the ever so fine ambient and experimental netlabel, Audiotalaia.

50 Years Of Experimental Mexican Music -

In their manifesto, Audition writes: Audition Records is a series of documents centered on different compositional approaches to Free, Noise and all kinds of Experimental and Improvised Music performances as part of an effort to provide a exclusive space where instruments and sonorities can dialogue in freedom and intelligent sensibility, without concern for the semantic school or the stylistic signature of the performers. Marc Barreca In Far Cathay. Transcendent 10 for 2015. The playlist: best experimental music of 2015 – Laura Cannell, Philip Jeck and more. Philip Jeck – Cardinal Not much Christmas cheer in the world of experimental music, I’m afraid, but here’s my list of five musicians and groups who made an especially potent impact in 2015.

The playlist: best experimental music of 2015 – Laura Cannell, Philip Jeck and more

The electronic composer Philip Jeck returned with his first release in five years. His gothic and spacious Cardinal felt like a weighty career summation. Compacted tonalities bleed into each other – “a sleepy walk threading through familiar streets,” says Jeck – as vinyl sources and treated instrumental sounds drift through chimerical drones. Subtext reveals details for new Emptyset live recording, Signal. Share this news story 73 The two-track release comes from a performance in Berlin based on long-range radio transmissions.

Subtext reveals details for new Emptyset live recording, Signal

Emptyset have a live recording, Signal, coming out next month on Subtext. The Bristol experimental duo, AKA James Ginzburg (who helps run the label) and Paul Purgas, haven't put out a record since late 2013, when they appeared on Raster-Noton with their Recur LP. AF03: Amanda Feery & Michael Tanner - To Run The Easting Down. A DIGITAL ONLY VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE HERE: The digital download accompanying the pre-order for the vinyl edition includes an exclusive track 'Sybelline' which will not appear on either the lp or the standard digital version. but we do not die in our dreams.

AF03: Amanda Feery & Michael Tanner - To Run The Easting Down

The Grand-Saint-Antoine, a month out from Beirut, comes in to Caligari freighted with the fruit of the Orient and the viceroy turns us off, already plagued in his sleep. We do not know the cargo we carry - not yet - not until our cracked lips blacken and the pestilence pushes out of us in lumps, first red, then dark, and by then it is too late for us, now that death is the captain of our ship.

Broken-backed and slack, lolling like stooks of corn under the wet lash of the storm, drawn toward annihilation, boiling with the fever, wailing like the bean sidhe warning of the doom that we are bringing. Magical Imaginary Child. Inspired by a small statue of Buddha in the hatakeyama's house neighboring temple, “Magical Imaginary Child“ is the first collaborative recording between Hatakeyama and Durand.

Magical Imaginary Child

Sourced from only an electric guitar (Chihei Hatakeyama) and cassette tape (Federico Durand).this album recorded on March 2014 in hatakeyama's house during Federico Durand Japan tour.These four works are true meditations and poetic sounds. Chihei HatakeyamaとFederico Durandの初のコラボレーションアルバムが遂に完成。 Federico Durandの演奏するカセゥトテープと、Chihei Hatakeyamaのエレクトリックギターのみで作曲された本作は彼ら自身が語るように、詩的で、情景的な音像を描く。 淡い水彩の単色画のような音色は儚さの中に強さを抱くような、まさに『秘すれば花』とで言えそうな哲学的な深さを感じさせる。 録音当日の朝、二人は畠山の家の近くの古いお寺を散歩していた、そこで出会った『幻覚童子』という仏像からインスピレーションを受けた本作はMagical Imaginary Childと名付けられ、これから生まれてくる子供達に捧げられた作品となった。 Profile. Cremation Lily - Sea Spray Perfumes c20 (excerpts from both sides) by JoyDeVivre.

Eilean Rec. & Dauw - Dialog Tapes (album preview) by eilean rec. Emma Dove, "Mirror Lands"...Firthe Was Black With Oil by Time Released Sound. Krojc & Fischerle - John, Betty & Stella (promomix) by MonotypeRec. Arovane + porya hatami - Resonance (album teaser) by ÉTER. Room40 announces new releases from Rafael Anton Irisarri and Tim Hecker. With two releases from Lawrence English’s Room40 now 15-year-old imprint coming down the pike, we may as well act like this post is a cup of ice cream (or a grave) and dig right in.

Room40 announces new releases from Rafael Anton Irisarri and Tim Hecker

The first one’s from Rafael Anton Irisarri, and it’s called A Fragile Geography. Out October 16, it’s his third release for Room40, and it comes out of a forced reset. During his recent move from Seattle to New York, Irisarri’s entire studio, along with his audio archives and personal possessions, were stolen. IMPULSIVE HABITAT - A DIVISION OF TEST TUBE NETLABEL. Artwork/cover design: ©2014 David Vélez music: ©2014 Miguel Isaza, Mise_En_Scene -Shay Nassi- ©2014 Impulsive Habitat This work is licensed under a BY-NC-SA 3.0Creative Commons License.


HOW TO DOWNLOAD MUSIC TRACKS: - right click the individual links to the files; - choose 'save as' and point it to the place of your preference (eg: your 'desktop'); - single click usually works, too. HOW TO PLAY MUSIC TRACKS:- choose an appropriate mp3/ogg player (we recommend Winamp) and install it on your system; - usually, you double click the music files to play them, but you might want to follow the program's specific instructions. 3.RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI - EMPIRE SYSTEMS in Rafael Anton Irisarri - A Fragile Geography (2015) Peter Kris — Pale Surface by springbreaktapes.

#np Tatsuro Kojima - Surface Of The Light (AB063) #ambient #AlbumOfTheYear. Premiere: Senking's New LP Gets the Visual Treatment. To accompany Senking‘s weighty, atmospheric Closing Ice LP on raster-noton, close friend and collaborator Oliver Brand has created video shorts for each of the album’s nine tracks.

Premiere: Senking's New LP Gets the Visual Treatment

The Köln producer’s tightly engineered soundscapes, Brand observes, are cinematic by nature and don’t necessarily need visual aids, but juxtaposing them against snatches from popular movies makes for a compelling listening experience. “We love watching movies together,” Brand explains. Premiere: Listen To A Brooding Track By Vainio & Vigroux. GABRIEL SALOMAN / B1. Gagaku (SP063) by SHELTER PRESS. Futuresequence. The Presence Of Light - Strange Rules October 2015 by Strange Rules.

Tempelhof. Touring is a strange experience.


There are disappointments and surprises. The audience you expected wasn't there, but those shows usually end up being the best. I didn't expect I'd see these cities. Frankfurt in the rain, or falling asleep in the back of a car in Basel, waiting for a show to start. Farmacia901. 邂逅 (Kaikō) is the first collaboration between Japanese sound designer Haruo Okada (岡田晴夫) and Italian sound artist Fabio Perletta.


During the magnificent backdrop of Japanese Hanami in spring 2015, when paper lanterns were hung for the purpose of Yozakura and Sakura flowers’ blooming reached their peak, they performed an improvised liveset at the warm and ancient-looking Kissa Sakaiki in Tokyo/Shinjuku on March 31, as part of Perletta’s Japan tour. They performed without any pre-arranged structures, just following their instinct, and later they decided to re-create a composition based on the same material and added new compositional elements in order to make the piece more detailed and balanced. released July 20, 2015. This Ryuichi Sakamoto And Goldmund Collaboration Is A Slice Of Heaven. When he's not scoring movies, Pennsylvania-born pianist Keith Kenniff makes gentle instrumentals to soundtrack your inner monologues under the name Goldmund. In 2011, he put out a compilation to raise money for the victims of the Japanese tsunami that was set off by the fourth biggest earthquake since records began.

.@NeelRome Hybrid/modular live @ Freerotation15. JOSHUA BONNETTA / A. ‘Everything that was Ever Something’ (SP069) by SHELTER PRESS. Fabio Perletta. Who are you Room40? Si pour Brian Eno, qui la popularisa, la musique ambient « doit être capable d’accommoder tous les niveaux d’intérêt sans forcer l’auditeur à écouter », selon une note incluse dans son fameux Ambient 1: Music for Airports, ajoutant qu’elle « doit être discrète et intéressante », cette vision utilitariste est aujourd’hui à relativiser, voir à inverser. Trouvant ses intimes racines à la fois dans les travaux d’Erik Satie et de sa « musique d’ameublement » inspirée du dadaïsme et dans les œuvres monumentales de compositeurs Américains tels que John Cage, Steve Reich et Philip Glass, l’ambient, une fois dissipé le hululement d’une Kosmiche trippée teutonne avec Klaus Schulze en tête de pont, s’est retrouvée assimilée à une musique d’ascenseur pour intellectuels et techniciens de la matière sonore.

Et pourtant. Lawrence English l’interview. Jonathan Kawchuk - North (album preview) by eilean rec. Exhibition. Curators: Ceren Arkman - Irmak Arkman Artists: LIA, Memo Akten, Ouchhh, Quayola, Refik Anadol, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Selçuk Artut, Simon Heijdens, Zimoun 16 December 2015 - 13 February 2016 Monochrome exhibition focuses on digital art in its purest as black and white works provide the perfect reflection of an art form that is in its essence based on a binary system of 1s and 0s. Created along the shades of a single color, thus stripped of possibilities afforded by the variety of color, black and white aesthetics of the artworks that make up this exhibition derive their power from a primal appreciation of line and geometry.

Furtherrecords. Italian DJ and producer Manuel Fogliata hasn’t released a lot of records over the last ten years, but the few he has put out have always been worth tracking down.