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Ampersand offers one-stop design-and-build office renovation service in Singapore. They place their unrivalled attention to details and deliver tasteful office design that is complemented with functional aesthetics. They deal with everything from pre-leased services to project management and represent the perfect balance of empowering office design. Visit the website for more details.

Office Renovation Expert in Singapore - Ampersand. Office Interior Designs in Singapore - Ampersand. Tips for Office Space Planning - Ampersand. Things to Consider when Planning for a Commercial Building Renovation - Ampersand. 4 Factors to consider when you’re planning to Design Office Space – Ampersand. Designing office space isn’t just about creating an environment that provides all the furniture and equipment to assist the office work.

4 Factors to consider when you’re planning to Design Office Space – Ampersand

It’s something that goes beyond the physical and practical concerns by taking into account the psychological and emotional well-being of the people who work in the office. Hence, it’s important to critically consider certain factors before you proceed with the office designing: Lightning: Whether it’s your homeor your office, lightning is one of the most important aspects of designing the interior. Try to design the office layout in such a manner that complements the natural light with modern lighting technology (such as LED lighting solutions). By doing so you can truly create an office space that’s conducive for work.Colour: Ever heard that Colors are a powerful form of communication? The designs and layout of your office’s workspace play a significant role and hence can impact productivity and engagement.

5 Things to Consider When Planning For a Commercial Building Renovation - Ampersand. Are you planning for a commercial building renovation?

5 Things to Consider When Planning For a Commercial Building Renovation - Ampersand

Want to update the existing working space? If the answer is yes, then wouldn’t it be good to consider a few things beforehand? We recommend you give a thought to certain things before the renovation starts. Here is what you need to consider- Determining The Budget Based On Your Objectives: Before you hire any company, it’s important to decide on the objectives first. Tips to Get a Pandemic-Proof Office Space - Ampersand. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='How to Plan a Safe Office Space in Covid-19?

Tips to Get a Pandemic-Proof Office Space - Ampersand

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Well, it depends how your refurbishment and renovation adds value to the office.

Is it worth to renovate your Office?

Surely renovation adds the balance of aesthetics and functionality in office if you properly plan the budgets and know what renovations are worth doing for office space. And this is why many Singapore office designers are shifting focus on budget friendly and better office Interior design options. Reasons why renovation is worthy is as: Efficient use of space: When you employ best interior designer for office or renovate commercial building they make sure to optimize the space. They revitalize business: Does your Workplace need a Facelift? – Trending ideas for Office Designing. Thinking to give a new face to the outdated office space?

Does your Workplace need a Facelift? – Trending ideas for Office Designing

Then go for it!! Most of the companies understand the impact of renovating office space on productivity and culture. Commercial renovation of building makes better use of existing space and reflects the culture, brand and value of company. So, here we are listing the trending ideas for designing office Interiors or renovation: Working in Color: For a more lively touch, we recommend to add the graphic designs filled with bright colors.

Green Thumb: Office interior designs that include sustainability are often overlooked. Ideas for Office Designing - Ampersand. How a Singapore Office Designer Can Transform Your Office Space? The goal of any business is productivity.

How a Singapore Office Designer Can Transform Your Office Space?

However, many commercial entities underestimate the ability of physical commercial spaces in the form large and small offices, to encourage and facilitate productivity. Employees cannot be blamed for feeling like the office space is trap for corporate slaves when these spaces are built this way. Especially so in Singapore, where there is a noticeable space deficit and overcrowding is forcing employees to feel trapped within the very organizations and companies that sustain them and further their career goals. This has an adverse impact on productivity and both the employee and the employer stand to lose in such an environment. Why Small Offices in Singapore are Prioritizing Renovations?

Everybody knows about the lack of space driven by land scarcity in Singapore.

Why Small Offices in Singapore are Prioritizing Renovations?

Furthermore, this issue affects small firms just as it affects larger corporates, and individual residents in the country. However, in recent years there has been a paradigm shift, and as necessity is the mother of all inventions, Singaporean firms, both big and small, are exploring ways to make the best use of limited commercial spaces, with small office renovation in Singapore. Read further to know more on the subject, as this informative blog explores the many in which the experts are doing more with small commercial spaces. Reliable Renovation Company in Singapore - Ampersand. Extraordinary Commercial Design & Renovation Services by Ampersand. We understand the strong need for businesses to experience minimal disruption while construction or relocation is ongoing.

Extraordinary Commercial Design & Renovation Services by Ampersand

Hence, we aptly plan a well-thought out relocation schedule and advice our clients on the internal communications that need to take place. This will ensure a stress free move during the entire process. For clients who need to reinstate their office to its original condition, we focus on the most cost-efficient ways to meet the building management’s requirements. We do the best we can to help them achieve a desirable outcome. What is expected when doing reinstatement work? Reinstatement work should be managed by experts. Removing of tables, chairs, and other furniture Removing of air conditioning units Removing of floor finishes Removing of partition walls Renovating ceiling boards.

Office Design and Project Services by Ampersand. Commercial Renovation & Construction Company - Ampersand. At Ampersand, quality is our number one priority.

Commercial Renovation & Construction Company - Ampersand

Having said that, we are strict when it comes to outsourcing services, most especially with construction. Our partners in the building construction industry have already proven their work with the multiple projects they have completed. The services that are carried out by them include physical, M&E and IT infrastructure that are prevalent in all establishments. How do we choose our partners for construction services? To ensure that the projects will be delivered on time and according to the agreed standards, we also have a stringent process when working with industry partners. Experience and track record We understand the importance of experience as this gives any company a leverage.

In addition, track record is also important. Latest equipment and technology A construction company must have the latest equipment and technology to efficiently work on our projects. Communication. Office Space Planning in Singapore- Ampersand. At Ampersand, our project managers are highly trained and experienced in terms of handling office space projects.

Office Space Planning in Singapore- Ampersand

They ensure that it is delivered according to the agreed deadline and within budget – while maintaining the highest possible standards. At our company, we consistently aim that our project managers provide superior services to all our clients. Ampersand’s Project Management Team is Highly- Recommended We are proud of our our project managers! They are always on top of their game and they possess attributes of a great project manager. Expert Commercial Interior Designers - Ampersand. At Ampersand, we only work with professional engineers to ensure the safety of your office space. This is because we understand that office interiors are not just for aesthetics. Our engineers are experts in local building codes and regulations which our designs strongly adhere to.

They consistently undergo trainings to ensure that they have the latest knowledge about the best processes and materials available in the market. How can you identify good engineering services? They must have strong communication skills Engineers are expected to have good communication skills. Get Incredible Pre-leased Consulting Services at Ampersand. At Ampersand, we understand the need for pre-leased consulting services. Looking for the perfect space is crucial for an effective and efficient business, and not all office spaces are conducive for your operations. Thus, we help our clients in finding the best office space by doing the following: Studying the business requirements Our team of professionals will draft proposals according to your business needs.

Affordable Office Renovation Services in Singapore - Ampersand. Office renovation is a huge thing. And that is why you have to make it right the first time. Otherwise, you’d be losing a lot money, time, and effort. Now, we made this page to help you on your office renovation plans. This can serve as your guide in preparation, and in choosing the right team. Best Office Interior Design Company in Singapore - Ampersand. If you want an office design interior that is functional and aesthetically appealing to your clients, then working with Ampersand might be the best solution.

We understand that office designs vary depending on the industry and even on its geographic location.And that is why our team conducts thorough research and listens to your personal take on office interior design. We want to you to have an office that will reflect your personality, and at the same time, can house what your business truly needs. Office Space Planning in Singapore Office space planning is vital if you want to increase productivity.

It is always advisable to work with an expert if you plan to reconfigure your corporate interior space in Singapore. Preeminent Commercial Interior Design Company in Singapore - Ampersand. Level Up Your Office Space with the Designing Trends in Buzz. With the passage of time and introduction of various technologies, offices are no longer a dingy place where everyone stays cramped, leaning their heads on the desk and looking at the files. With the desktops and laptops replacing the paperwork and physical records, it is best to change the design of your office, taking the help of expert commercial renovation services. It has been found through researches that half of the employees in any office stay away from their desks and work remotely from other places. Therefore, a paradigm shift is taking place in office culture, and the floor space in offices needs to be redesigned for optimum use.

The other aspects Apart from the above working habits, it has been seen that many companies like the startups are cutting down their initial investment cost of land and building and opting for co-working spaces. How the Growing Traction of Commercial Space is Boosting Designer Ideas. With the change in business modules due to an excessive rise in the price of space, more and more companies are renovating their existing offices to get the maximum per square foot return of their investment in land and building. Many are shifting their bases to a distance from the central commercial hub area to cut down the expenses. Renovating the underutilized space taking the help of commercial interior designers, is one of the reasonable solutions to increase the revenue earnings cutting down the overhead costs. Ampersand Associates- Practical Reasons to Hire Office Renovation Services.

Practical Reasons to Hire Office Renovation Services Change is not just inevitable, but it is a necessity in every aspect of life, even in professional spaces. Any kind of change paves the way for novelty, which offers encouragement and motivation, not to mention prevents places or routines from becoming drab and boring. As an organization changes and grows, the workspace needs to cope by evolving as well. Just because, one started it from a single room does not mean that there will not come a time with a requirement for more space. Ampersand Associates- The Ultimate Guide for Hiring Commercial Interior Designers. Ampersand Associates- Constructive Interior Designing Hacks to Transform Your Office into a Masterpiece. Ampersand Associates - Ways in Which Your Business Can Benefit From Interior Designing.

Ampersand Associates- Change Your Corporate Business Landscape for the Better. Ampersand Associates- Designs That Deliver Nothing but the Best. Ampersand - Services Provided by Office Designer in Singapore. Ampersand- Office Space Planning: Essential For Office Designing.