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How To Spot Fake Followers on Instagram. Subscribe to our industry digest for the latest news and trends on top Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, & Snapchatters! Instagram's massive network of over 400 million engaged users makes it an ideal platform for brand sponsorship opportunities and digital influencer partnerships. As investing in influencer marketing continues to surge, however, some digital stars are purchasing fake followers on Instagram to artificially inflate their perceived reach and boost their appeal to companies.

According to recent findings by a group of Italian security researchers, as many as 8% of Instagram accounts are fake ("spam-bots" to use industry jargon), while up to 30% of Instagram accounts may actually be inactive. These findings raise pressing questions for marketers, chief among them: Are my Instagram marketing efforts reaching real customers or spam-bots, and how can I differentiate between fake followers on Instagram and real ones? What Are Fake Instagram Followers? Also See Our Posts On: How to Grow Your Instagram Followers. Image: Imaxtree With over 75 million daily users, Instagram just keeps on growing. Everyone is on it, well, practically everyone (why Emma Stone, why?). Even Rihanna came back to the social platform. Instagram can be a pretty powerful tool for growing your brand, business or social influence. DO curate content to suit your audience and brand. Whether you’re just posting as yourself, a big brand or are trying to make your side jewelry-making business happen, keep in mind what you’d want your Instagram account to say to new visitors.

“Content is king, so the type of content that you post has to resonate with your audience,” says Taisa Veras, a New York City-based social media director, who works with various fashion and lifestyle brands. DO up engagement by improving image quality. Instagram is popular thanks to its highly-visual appeal. There are lots of apps out there to help improve your images, such as VSCO Cam and Camera Plus. DO invest in the right tools. Pinpoint your key demographic. AdRoll The Performance Advertisers Guide to Instagram. What Is Influencer Marketing? For the latest authoritative marketing news, trends, and stats on social media influencers and influencer marketing,subscribe to our industry digest newsletter! The way people consume content is evolving. To capture the attention of audiences who spend more time staring at their phones than at television screens, brands must alter their approach to marketing.

Influencer marketing, which leverages the power of a social media “influencer” (i.e. Instagrammer, YouTuber, Viners, blogger, or vlogger) to expose a brand or product to the influencer’s large follower base - which can number in the thousands or even millions - is one of the most effective ways companies can organically target an engaged audience and increase brand awareness.

Why Influencer Marketing Works Who Are Social Media Influencers and Why Do They Matter? Top adventure YouTuber Louis Cole's YouTube sponsorship with marquee hospitality brand, Fairmont. What Is Influencer Marketing With Social Media Influencers? Guide: How To Market With The Best Instagram Influencers. For the latest authoritative marketing news, trends, and stats on social media stars and influencer marketing, subscribe to our industry digest newsletter! As more companies discover the far-reaching impact and viral growth potential of marketing with top social media influencers, brands are looking to popular social publishing platforms and networks like Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat to gain a competitive marketing advantage by reaching millions of new consumers where they spend most of their time. Since Instagram launched in 2010, the photo- and video-sharing app has amassed over 400 million engaged users, making it one of the premier platforms for brands to craft effective social influencer strategies, execute high-reach, creative and engaging influencer marketing campaigns, and chart long-term Instagram influencer collaborations.

Why Everyone Loves Instagram & Instagram Influencers Related Post: The Top Instagram Accounts To Follow How Brands Are Marketing With Instagram Influencers. Why Every Brand Needs An Instagram Marketing Strategy. Subscribe to our industry digest for the latest news and trends on top Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, & Snapchatters! In 2016, digital marketing expert eMarkerer predicts that nearly 100 million Americans will log on to Instagram at least once a month, and by 2017, over half (51.8%) of all social network users in the U.S. will be on the fast-growing photo and video sharing platform. As greater numbers of consumers turn to Instagram to keep abreast of the latest trends, receive news through the app's growing number of Instagram publishing channels, and make purchasing decisions, developing a comprehensive Instagram marketing strategy is now one of the best ways to reach audiences who spend hours a day on social media apps and networks.

Why Every Brand Needs An Instagram Marketing Strategy To learn more about the most noteworthy Instagram marketing trends in 2016, see our article here. The Best Instagram Marketing Strategies Every Advertiser Should Know Know Your Audience. Behind The Scenes With The World's Top Instagrammers. Subscribe to our industry digest for the latest news and trends on top Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, & Snapchatters! Each day, millions of users visit Instagram to see the latest photos and/or videos posted by friends, family members, and of course, the photo-sharing platform's top Instagrammers.

The aspirational content created by these social media stars has garnered the attention of engaged audiences (especially among teenagers who, according to a Piper Jaffray study, prefer Instagram to all other social media platforms/networks) and attracted sponsorship opportunities with today's most notable brands, often leading the app's top Instagrammers to launch lifestyle businesses and brands of their own. Read on to discover how Instagram's brightest stars have leveraged their popularity and status as taste-makers to earn six-figure salaries, worldwide fame, and more. The Rise Of Top Instagrammers How Top Instagrammers Make Money “I try to stay really true to my brand. Why Fake Followers On Instagram Are A HUGE Problem.

Subscribe to our industry digest for the latest news and trends on top Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, & Snapchatters! Partnering with top Instagrammers is one of the best ways brands can increase visibility and gain access to large and/or untapped audiences. However, a new trend of social media stars purchasing fake followers on Instagram to make their accounts seem more popular or influential than they actually are (i.e. manipulating their "vanity metrics" to exaggerate how many people will actually see their posts and/or the sponsored content they publish) is becoming a big problem for brands.

To ensure campaign success and help companies avoid falling victim to this scourge of fraudulent fans, we've outlined everything brands need to know about fake followers on Instagram, including how to identify them and steps businesses can take to find the right social media influencer for their Instagram marketing collaborations. Marketing On Instagram With Top Influencers. The 10 Top Instagram Statistics You Must See To Believe. Subscribe to our industry digest for the latest news and trends on top Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, & Snapchatters! Since it launched in 2010, Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms in the country, favored by both millennials who love Instagram's content-first format and marketers looking to create brand-sponsored content with the photo-sharing app's most popular social media influencers (called "Instagrammers").

To help companies learn more about the reach, growth, and demographics that use Instagram, we've compiled a list of Instagram statistics that help illustrate the social media platform's immense marketing potential. 1. Instagram Recently Crossed The 500M Users Mark According to Instagram's blog, the photo- and video-sharing platform now has over 500 million users, 300 million of whom use the platform every single day (termed daily active users, or DAUs). Related Post: Instagram Stories: The Next Influencer Marketing Channel 3. 4. 5. 6. Instagram Algorithm Changes Everything, Disgusts Many. For the latest authoritative marketing news, trends, and stats on social media stars and influencer marketing, subscribe to our industry digest newsletter! Facebook did it in 2009. Twitter joined in as well just last month. Now, the world's most-loved photo-sharing app Instagram is debuting a selective, preferential algorithm that promises to alter what 400+ million active monthly users see in their feed.

The official announcement (see it below) from Instagram came yesterday courtesy of the app's blog roll and as evinced from the thousands of comments—Instagram's users are outraged and dismayed by the app's decision to start reordering everyone's Instagram feed. How Instagram's Imminent Algorithm Will Drastically Alter Your Feed Though Instagram has yet to employ their new algorithm, the photo-sharing app's blog post announcement has already caused substantial user backlash from Instagram's community.

How Instagram's Algorithm Will Affect Marketers, Instagrammers Also See Our Posts On: 3 Best Tips On How To Use Instagram For Marketing. Once considered a niche social media network, Instagram has shattered both user and brand expectations over the course of the past five years. According to AdWeek, Instagram and its parent, Facebook, are likely to control up to 65% of the social media budgets of most brands in 2016, which equates to approximately $16.3 billion. The real surprise here, though, is that it’s not Facebook that’s driving these numbers up -- it's Instagram. Engagement on the platform continues to be a major part of Instagram's appeal when compared to marketing on other social platforms.

When stacked up against Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn, Instagram continues to be the clear industry leader (see 2015 Forrester research here). Learning how to use Instagram for marketing is an essential part of building a brand and driving profitable engagement, awareness, and affinity in the digital age. Here are three top tips to get you started: Develop Actionable Hashtags Engage Users With Contests. Étude Instagram : de l'utilisateur à l'influenceur. Réseaux sociaux, Histoire and Infographie on Pinterest. How to Use Hashtags: How Many, Best Ones, and Where to Use Them. This post originally published on April 8, 2014. We’ve updated it here with new info, screenshots, and a special episode of the Buffer podcast – The Science of Social Media. Have you ever found yourself explaining how to use hashtags to someone whose only connection with the word is as a telephone button?

Internet language has evolved considerably over the past few years as social media has taken off. Hashtags are a huge part of this evolution. When they ask, I tell them that hashtags are a pound sign immediately followed by a keyword. Hashtags also have the potential to be truly valuable. Interested in listening to this post in the podcast format? How to listen: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | Stitcher | RSS Research says you should be using hashtags If you’re looking for a completely cut-and-dry ruling on the topic of hashtags, then here it is: You should be using hashtags. The proliferation of hashtags is truly incredible. But how to use hashtags is a different story completely. 1. Top Instagram Accounts To Follow For Travel, Food, & More.

Subscribe to our industry digest for the latest news and trends on top Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers, & Snapchatters! Instagram is no longer simply a photo-sharing app; it's now a cultural phenomenon. Today, over 400 million people regularly visit the Facebook-owed app to see aspirational, inspirational, entertaining, or informative images and/or videos published by Instagram's most popular content creators (called "Instagrammers"). Because these top Instagram accounts attract the attention (and influence the purchasing decisions) of millions of engaged users, brands looking to market to the platform's largely millennial consumer base are increasingly leveraging the reach and relationship Instagrammers have with their followers to develop influencer marketing campaign strategies that increase brand awareness, drive sales, and see great returns on marketing investments (ROIs).

The Rise Of Instagrammers & Top Instagram Accounts How Brands Market With Top Instagrammers Murad Osmann.