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S-architecture. Death by Architecture. Architecture Competitions, Events & News. Bustler: Architecture Competitions, Events & News. Think Space. Category Archives: Syllabus. 2 ECTS credits TUTORS: Manuel Gausa, Maite Bravo, Ricardo Devesa.

Category Archives: Syllabus

This seminar examines a series of seminal essays on architecture by key thinkers on the twentieth century, that will provide the bases to develop a relevant body of critical thought currently developing outside the prevalent mainstream architectural discourse. The series starts reviewing a general overview of architectural culture at the beginning of the twentieth first century, considering the vast advancements in specialized knowledge, the impact of the information society and the pressing environmental concerns, which are deeply questioning the very basis of architectural practice. It examines how some key architectural practitioners are proposing solutions based on new design methodologies, new construction techniques, and novel materiality explorations.

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Islamic Architecture : Events. Architecture Lab. אגודת אדריכלי הפנים בישראל - עיצוב פנים, אדריכלות, מעצבי פנים,עיצוב הבית והסביבה. Interior Design, Architecture... We often hear of a professional calling himself an architect and another professional known as an interior designer, what is the difference and next time we decide to renovate, how will we know if we need an architect or interior designer?. עיצוב פנים ואדריכלות מה זה עיצוב רב תחומי-עיצוב שיאפשר לך לראות את הפאזל השלם כולו ולא לעצב רק חלק אחד מהפאזל. היום לא מספיק להיות בעל תואר שני באדריכלות כדאי גם ללמוד תואר באקולוגיה ולשלב בין השניים.

תערוכות אמנים ויוצרים. Interior Architecture: Sources & Resources: Alvar Aalto Viipuri Library Lecture Hall. Haecceity Inc. - Critical Architecture Theory.