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DIY On today's Tuesday tutorial edition, I want to offer some tips to taking better self-portraits. These are things I have come to learn after almost a year of documenting my life and style through pictures. When you are the force in front of - and behind - the camera, it allows for more creative control because you can set the shot up exactly how you want it. But at other times, being your own photographer can feel limiting and intimidating. DIY
How to Get Rid of Things

How to Get Rid of Things

Originally, this post was about dealing with the loss of a pet. Then I realized that I don’t know anything about pet loss, grief, or guilt…. unless crying in the grocery store pet aisle counts. We never wanted a dog. Sarge was small and shaggy and a little smelly. He growled and snapped at kids. […] So many exciting things are happening at!
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