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Amor Decor is UK’s leading online store offering the latest & bespoke wall mirrors at unbeatable prices. We stock a large range of Traditional Mirrors, Antique Mirrors, Bathroom Mirrors, Contemporary mirrors, Overmantel Mirrors and such as other products that will help to enhance the beauty of your interior. You will have options to choose various colors, styles and sizes to meet your most unique needs. We offer special discounts and free shipping in the entire UK. We always strive hard to make your shopping experience hassle-free and remarkable here at Amor Decor. Call us on 07821705721 or you can write us at If you’re a new user to Amor Decor, enjoy 10% off on your first order. Website:

Perfect Ways to Combine Sideboards With Wall Mirrors. While there is no dearth of ideas when it comes to using wall mirrors for home décor, combining these mirrors with a sideboard is one prominent way of adding magnificence to your living space.

Perfect Ways to Combine Sideboards With Wall Mirrors

However, working out the right combination can be exigent as it needs to be quintessential in terms of size, color, shape and texture. To assist you, here we have listed some ways in which you can perfectly combine sideboards with wall mirrors. Creating Captivating Contrasts In interior décor, contrast helps in breaking away the monotony of a room by offering a visually-stunning view of its elements. It evokes interest by highlighting the finer details of objects. The Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging Mirrors Above Fireplace. For many homeowners, the fireplace is often one of the cosiest corners where they spend a lot of time.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging Mirrors Above Fireplace

The idea of hanging a mirror above it is to enhance the positive features; it’s also an auspicious Feng Shui practice to place a mirror over a fireplace as the water element of the mirror balances the fire element, thus bringing in good energy into the room. But, there are some Dos and Don’ts of this arrangement. Balance the Size of the Mirror and the Width of the Mantle – The size of the mirror should be two-thirds the width of the mantle. This is a key factor in determining the right direction for hanging it. When you hang the mirror vertically makes the wall appear taller.

5 Design Tips to Use Mirror for Interior Design. Mirrors don’t just belong to the bathrooms.

5 Design Tips to Use Mirror for Interior Design

These make a versatile furnishing element in interior designing that can add charm to any decor style and augment the room's best features. When strategically placed, mirrors can contribute to the overall look of your decor, open up space, reflect light and brighten up the dark regions, making it more lively and comfortable at the same time. The Do’s and Don’ts of Mirror Placement – Amor Decor. Mirrors are the most versatile homeware to decorate your house with.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mirror Placement – Amor Decor

While they can enhance the look of your interiors and give your home the ambience it deserves, mirrors can also prove to be quite the opposite of that. They can brighten up a dull wall, and even create an illusion of a larger space in the most compact corners of your house. But at the same time, if not placed right, mirrors can reflect the truth for all the wrong reasons. Do not fret. Here are some dos and don’ts of mirror placement to create a dramatic home setting without overdoing it. Do’s: 1. Large modern mirrors for walls are best suited for dining rooms, bathrooms and smaller areas around your house like narrow hallways. 2. You may let a mirror reflect that extraordinary piece of art or an exemplary artefact to emphasize the objects. 3. Top Ways to Decorate Your Hallway with A Mirror. Decorating the hallway with mirrors admittedly seem like an unusual idea.

Top Ways to Decorate Your Hallway with A Mirror

But, once ready, this area of your home is going to spark beauty like never before. So, get a few full length mirrors for sale and start implementing new concepts. Check this post for some out-of-the-box ideas. When talking about hallway decorating ideas, the notion seems like belonging to those who are living in a luxurious apartment or have Pinterest-worthy decorative interiors of the residential space. But is it really? Debunking this myth, a hallway can comfortably be decorated uniquely with a large hallway mirror whether you have a small space or a massive one.

Transform Simple Bathroom Look Into Stylish - With Traditional Mirrors. Mirrors can be a game-changer for your bathroom interiors.

Transform Simple Bathroom Look Into Stylish - With Traditional Mirrors

They give depth to your space, look fantastic on walls, and can alter the entire look of an area. While mirrors are an essential fixture in bathrooms, they can be used to uplift a space altogether with their design and aesthetic beauty. If you’re bored with your current bathroom situation, mirrors can prove to be a sleek addition to achieve the look you want.

Be it vintage, rustic, antique or country. How to Hang a Heavy Mirror – A Definitive Guide. If you are planning to beautify any space, be it your own house, any hotel or any other place, placing mirrors can work wonders.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror – A Definitive Guide

A large, well-placed mirror can make the place look spacious, improve its lighting through reflection and increase the overall appeal of any room. Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Wall Mirror. How to select Perfect Bathroom Mirrors – Amor Décor. Bored with your bathroom décor and want to add an element of visual interest without splurging on costly renovations or unnecessary accessories?

How to select Perfect Bathroom Mirrors – Amor Décor

Consider installing an eye-catching mirror to space. It’s the perfect way to make a dramatic statement and bring some personality to the room. A mirror is not only an important component of the bathroom but the focal point that harmonizes the place and ties it together. The options for bathroom mirrors are endless. You can choose anything from contemporary, traditional to the timeless classic designs but it’s advisable to factor size, shape, and style of the mirrors to ensure maximum impact. Old and New: When upgrading your bathroom there’s no reason why you can’t mix and match styles to create a nice balance that is aesthetically pleasing. Illuminated Mirror with Inbuilt Lights: Inadequate lighting in a bathroom is making shaving and makeup application difficult? Top Ways to Create Vintage Style in your Home. Are you planning to modify or redecorate your home?

Top Ways to Create Vintage Style in your Home

If yes, you should definitely consider incorporating some vintage pieces into the mainstream, interior design scheme of your house. Vintage style is one of the most sought after choices for adding new glamour with a touch of old school-ness and some rustic charm. Vintage is all about bringing out nostalgia, either from your own past or from a particular era of the past.

This kind of décor is definitely something extra-ordinary. How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror? Antique Mirrors for Sale. At Amor Décor, our antique style mirrors are inspired by some of the most influential design styles of the last hundred years.

Antique Mirrors for Sale

They are perfected to create a timeless appeal to your home. Available in a variety of shapes and styles ranging from panel mirrors, full-length, Corby angled, to combination and window mirrors, our collection of traditional mirrors will blend into any home décor style. We understand it’s tricky to find timeless traditional mirrors that perfectly match the style of your home at an affordable price. At Amor Décor, we aim to offer superior quality mirrors crafted by experts that come with the eye-catching collectible look within your budget. Overmantle Mirrors for Sale. An overmantle mirror is a large and impressive home accessory to create an attractive focal point in your interior space, particularly in the living room. These mirrors are specially designed to be placed above a fireplace to complement the area and turn it into the most visually appealing feature inside your home.

Our wide and varied multi-faceted range of overmantel mirrors is available in both traditional and contemporary styles to suit your home décor and personal taste. You can also find antique mirrors for sale in our extensive collection. Based on the designs and styles, this type of mirrors in white frames help you create a fabulous vintage look as well as a chic contemporary look for your room. Starting from arched ornate designs to slender, delicate panelled detailing, there are lots of options for you to choose from. Unique Gold Overmantel Mirror Styles They come with a majestic and timeless appeal.