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DIY: Furniture Makeovers. I'm obsessed with making-over old, worn out furniture.

DIY: Furniture Makeovers

It's amazing how almost any old piece can be totally transformed with new paint, hardware and a little imagination! Here are three examples from Ladies Home here to read the entire article. Out-dated side table with stone top transformed into a bright and cheerful accent piece! *First they removed the hardware and stone top, sanded the table all over, and applied a coat of primer. Stylish and Unique Headboard Ideas. High Fashion Home Blog: Tear It Up. Tree Table - Table Projects - DIY Decorating -

Stair-Tread Side Table - Table Projects - DIY Decorating - Pom-Pom Fringe Curtains - Martha Stewart Home and Garden. Ribbon-Striped Sheer Curtains - Martha Stewart Home and Garden. Collage Frame Photo: Hanging Photo Display - Photos - Headboards and Canopies DIY. So, magnificently I was linked on AOL yesterday, hence the 14,000 readers and 40,000 hits.

Headboards and Canopies DIY

I am still amazed, even if it was a fluke! There were a lot of discussions, and one question e-mailed to me, about DIY headboards and canopies. I figured I would do a post with some more ideas on creative ways to create a dramatic bed without having to actually BUY a bed. How to Make a Fabric Canopy Headboard. There are several ways that you can make your canopy headboard stand out.

How to Make a Fabric Canopy Headboard

You will find that making your canopy headboard out of fabric can really make it look different and fun. Step 1 – Measure The very first thing that you will need to do is decide on how long you want your canopy to be. Fabric Canopy Headboard : Rooms. Alice's Tips: - For a coastal living look, use a gauzy or sheer fabric in white or cream.

Fabric Canopy Headboard : Rooms

Materials and Tools: Decorating With PVC- Rental Decorating Digest. Decorating With PVC Are you working on a tight budget ?

Decorating With PVC- Rental Decorating Digest

Is your apartment missing something...