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Amolya was founded in 2013, with the objective to provide high-quality fine jewellery with exquisite designs that honours our traditional values along with modern trends to make every single day special for the wearer. At Amolya, we strive to provide you with the largest collection of curated designs for every occasion. Our aim is to provide beautiful, easily accessible and wearable jewellery for our beautiful women in your desired and budgeted price. At Amolya, you will find latest and in trend designs that will give you a choice to select your desired piece of jewellery, all accessible on a single click.

Is a D Color Flawless Diamond Worth the Price. Evolution And Journey Indian Jewellery – Amolya. A talk on India’s culture India comprises people belonging to different castes, cultures, regions following diverse traditions and rituals.

Evolution And Journey Indian Jewellery – Amolya

Their way of living, food, clothes and rituals differ from each other. As there is a difference in following their rituals, they wear different attires and jewellery accordingly. In all kinds of traditional art forms, jewellery has a significant part to play. Jewellery was not restricted to the upper class only, the middle and lower classes also had their set of jewellery, which was less expensive and affordable.

We have seen a drastic transformation in clothes and jewellery pieces worn by people belonging to different eras. India was also ruled by many foreign emperors who again gifted the country with a new art, trend, and design. The vast variety of ornaments gives proof of the brilliant skills of the craft workers of the nation. Jewellery in historic times was not just limited to humans, but royal animals like elephants. Conclusion: Simple Engagement Ring for your lady love. A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get the Perfect Anniversary Ring. Modern Diamond Wedding Rings for Women. How to Determine Right Size of Diamond Ring.

In our everyday life, there are certain events that hold an extremely special place in our hearts.

How to Determine Right Size of Diamond Ring

Engagement with the better half or marriage is one such event or occasion, for which people wait for so many years. The essence of these occasions is ever embedded in the hearts and minds of people. To make an event like that of an engagement ceremony of two people special, there are innumerable arrangements that should be made. These help in making the event memorable and guide the process towards success. These days, a diamond ring does a fabulous job in making any engagement ceremony memorable.

With the help of the internet and the same, reaching in every corner of the world, it has become extremely easy for people to carry out every activity without any hassle. Engagement rings for women should fit the finger the right way. Ways of Measuring the Ring Size at Home Therefore, these are some of the easiest as well as efficient ways of measuring the size of a ring at home. Summary. Tips to Select Perfect Size of Diamond Ring at Home. When you find the right ring but not the perfect ring size, it’s a huge let down.

Tips to Select Perfect Size of Diamond Ring at Home

It’s really aggravating not to know your own ring size after all of your browsing in so many stores and online websites. But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you. After reading the complete blog, you’ll have an excellent idea of your perfect ring size. First things first, know which finger the ring will go in. This step is very, very important. Then we come down to the material of the ring. Tie some floss around your finger: The easiest and first thing that comes to mind when trying to measure your ring size!

Steps to Verify Your Gold & Diamond Jewellery is Real or Not. Investing in any kind of jewellery is a big step.

Steps to Verify Your Gold & Diamond Jewellery is Real or Not

You have to think long and hard before purchasing. Finding the right jeweller, the perfect design, the right metal and the right person (if you know, you know) is the key to owning the right jewellery. You have to trust your instincts and know what you’re getting is, in fact, genuine. Can’t let them fool you in the jewellery business! Difference Between Natural Diamond Vs Man-Made Diamond. Natural diamond Natural diamonds are formed at high pressure and high-temperature conditions over one to three billion years.

Difference Between Natural Diamond Vs Man-Made Diamond

A naturally procured diamond is one of the hardest natural known substances on the planet. It is prepared in underground conditions and is further manufactured and processed to convert into a valuable jewel or is used for industrial purposes. Natural diamonds have been used for extensive sale and purchase in historic times, making their pricing more stable over time. Natural diamonds possess a rare and unprecedented charm that is not found in other elements. Latest Diamond Earring Design for Working Women. Everyone knows the slogan, “Diamonds are the best friends of women.”

Latest Diamond Earring Design for Working Women

Historically males used to give their female counterparts expensive jewellery made of gold and diamonds as a symbol of their eternal love and affection. But with the changing era, where women are earning and are self-dependent, they buy exquisite pieces through their labour. Diamonds and precious gemstones, today have become a new symbol of women’s social and economic freedom. Educated women are aware of how to invest their hard-earned labour most effectively and productively.

To celebrate big milestones and achievements, women give themselves earrings, bracelets, rings and other pieces made of diamond and gold. For daily wear jewellery, women should opt for pieces that are comfortable, simple and elegant at the same time. Classic stud earrings: The studs are available in different colours and sizes, thus women have an enormous variety to choose from.

Diamond earrings in heart-shaped: Earrings with a floral design: Are You Ready To Propose. 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Black Diamond Ring. Shop Latest Diamond Earring Online. Buy Latest Diamond Rings Online for Engagement. Buy Designer Diamond Jewellery Online.