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Team Fortress 2. SoftTH Software Triplehead. Note!

SoftTH Software Triplehead

Alpha test version of a completely new SoftTH is available. See this forum post. SoftTH allows using three monitor "triplehead" with Direct3D 8 and 9 games without special hardware. You need three monitors attached to PCI Express video cards. Screenshots using SoftTH. The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls Wiki. Left 4 Dead. DC Universe Online. My Sorcery Guide. As I mentioned before I do think this is the weaker tree but it is certainly not without merit. Let’s start with what is good and we can work our way to useless from there. This is a 50% SC cost power that locks you in a weird chant where you rapidly heal the entire team and restore some energy. It is interruptible by physical objects such as the fire meteor or barrels, but the healing is so good, that chances are the team will be totally healed by the time someone has a chance to interrupt you. I definitely prefer this to Arbiter and use it on both my Healing and DPS builds (though the later as more of a panic button).

Steam - Currently the best PC game digital distribution tool. My Steam Profile.