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What You Need to Know About YouTube's New Analytics Program. Google's video publishing powerhouse YouTube recently unveiled a major upgrade to its video analytics predecessor YouTube Insight.

What You Need to Know About YouTube's New Analytics Program

The new system, YouTube Analytics, features a much-improved dashboard that's easy to navigate and understand. Beyond aesthetics, YouTube Analytics also includes a cache of new tools that allows you to have a deeper understanding of who's watching your videos, what viewer demographic associations are and which topics viewers watch most. Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet. iPhone 4S camera is superpopular on Flickr after only a month.

According to a keen eye from MacRumors, the iPhone 4S, in just over a month after its release, has become the second most popular camera phone on Flickr, trailing only the iPhone 4.

iPhone 4S camera is superpopular on Flickr after only a month

Flickr provides data on the most popular cameras used to post photos on its popular image-sharing site. The data is collected by automatically detecting the camera type using the image file's metadata, which Flickr claims it can accomplish on about two-thirds of image uploads. These graphs are also constantly changing, which makes the page an interesting gauge at current camera usage and popularity as it relates to Flickr members.

The iPhone 4S, in just over a month has managed to surpass all other camera phones (which Flickr admits are under represented because of the lack of metadata in many camera phone devices) save for the iPhone 4, including the iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, and HTC EVO 4G. This data may not come as quite a surprise given Apple's attention to the Camera app in iOS and the hardware that it runs. Apple's internal employee social media policies leaked. After sacking one of its employees over a series of Facebook rants, Apple made it clear that the employee in question was acted in "gross misconduct" and against its internal social media policy.

Apple's internal employee social media policies leaked

Perhaps embarrassingly for Apple, the company's policies on social networking and blogging were leaked during the week, which ironically state how its employees should conduct themselves as to not leak data. Apple's regulations include separate guidelines for social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. They cover confidentially, customer privacy and rumour commentary in depth; with distinct guidelines of conduct over email and media platforms. (Source: Flickr) In general, what employees do in their own time is their choice, but Apple states in its guides that: Can Social Shopping Finally Take Off? Analog shopping is inherently social.

Can Social Shopping Finally Take Off?

There’s the flea market stroll, the girls’ outing, and the time-honored encounter with a mall Santa. But e-commerce, a category that’s expected to reach $200 billion this year, has yet to reap full benefits of the social networking revolution. The two seem as compatible as reindeer and sleighs, yet the universe is littered with proof of awkward pratfalls. (After all, who wants to learn on Facebook that their significant other bought an engagement ring at Dave’s Diamond Barn?) That explains why Facebook killed Beacon, a function that automatically published a user’s e-commerce interactions to news feeds. Chumkee Launches New App For Social Photo & Video Conversations. An odd but interesting new photo-and-video sharing iPhone app called Chumkee is officially announcing its public launch today.

Chumkee Launches New App For Social Photo & Video Conversations

I know, I know. Another photo-and-video sharing app – just what you need. Kodak lets iPhone users get social for snaps. Kodak will launch a new version of its iPhone app today that won't get the sort of hype Color did this spring.

Kodak lets iPhone users get social for snaps

But it may well be the app that Color should have been from the start. The new Kodak Gallery app lets users create ad hoc social networks to share their photos. Photogene for iOS gets a complete overhaul. Browse your photo library and choose from small, medium, or large thumbnails.

Photogene for iOS gets a complete overhaul

(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET) There are tons of photo-editing apps in the iTunes App Store, but a recent update to an old favorite might be one of the best yet. It's called Photogene 2 and it offers so many tools that it's almost like it does the job of multiple apps. Photogene 2 (99 cents until November 17) is the successor of a favorite photo-editing app of ours on iOS, and this completely rebuilt version is definitely worth checking out. Microsoft working on its own social network Socl. A Single Day Of Uploaded Flickr Photos Printed Out. The other day the PSFK Team went looking to the past for creative inspiration to share with our readers.

A Single Day Of Uploaded Flickr Photos Printed Out

We started with tourist attraction and World War 2 warship the USS Intrepid that sits in the Hudson River by New York City. The carrier together with the planes and helicopters on the decks are covered in graphics that date from the 40s through to the 70s. Key places for ideas were: Plane Tails – bright, simple but effective decal. Proskore wants to measure your professional reputation like a science. Social Media Keys Ford's Marketing Renaissance - AutoObserver. By Dale Buss November 3, 2011 When Ford CMO Jim Farley delivers a keynote address at a big national convention of bloggers in Los Angeles Friday, he will become the first-auto industry marketing chief to do so.

Social Media Keys Ford's Marketing Renaissance - AutoObserver

Kevin Rose launches Oink on iPhone: Yelp, Instagram and a dash of Foursquare. Digg co-founder Kevin Rose has just launched his new discovery app Oink, which lets users tag and rate the things around them.

Kevin Rose launches Oink on iPhone: Yelp, Instagram and a dash of Foursquare

Oink users take photos with their iPhone, tag their location, and can use photo filters, so the concept combines what people like about photo sharing app Instagram, reviews site Yelp, and the location service Foursquare. Infographic: The Most Valuable Digital Consumers. These days, Social/Local/Mobile seems to be driving much of the conversation about online opportunities. But at the end of the day, there is only one constant common denominator across the Web: the consumer. An understanding of this consumer and how they are influenced by social, mobile and local experiences online is vital to big brands looking to reach them on the Web. Nielsen and NM Incite, a Nielsen/McKinsey company, illustrate some findings that highlight digital consumer behaviors and consumption patterns that can help brand advertisers understand their most valuable customers and how they’re engaging across social, local and mobile. View full graphic with footnotes. Shutterstock for iPad gets released, showcasing 16mm images - TNW Apps.

3 November '11, 08:26pm Follow If you’re as addicted to amazing images as we are here at TNW, you’re going to love this. While Flickr, 500px and the rest of the semi-pro sites around the Web have had great access via mobile for quite some time, Shutterstock has been sadly left behind. As of today, that changes, because Shutterstock is bringing its entire image catalog to the iPad via an app that focuses on providing a unique experience for browsing images, wireframes, vectors and more.

Oh, and it looks incredible. According to the release, Shutterstock designed the app with a single thing in mind – “make the content the interface.” App Review: Minus for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad [Minus Harnesses the Power of the Cloud to Help You Manage & Share All Sorts of Files on the Go. Photo Sharing Will Increase Engagement. Everyone likes taking photos. But can they really get you more leads? Whether you are out with friends and snapping to keep a memory alive, or are holidaying in the most heavenly place on Earth, you take photos so you can remember and share an experience.

Publishing photos online is the new way of sharing your story. 26 Tips for Using Images to Engage Fans and Followers. You’ve heard this: A picture is worth a thousand words.” But can it actually help you engage with customers and prospects? In this post, I’ll share ways you can ; ones that will help keep the conversation flowing. Among the topics covered in this post are tools, tips and strategies that can be used to enhance the visual representation of your business. As I’ve done in the other posts in the 26 Tips series , this post provides an easily digestible A-Z guide to which you can return time and again. #1: Adverts Location, location, location.

How to Fix a Social Media Screw Up. It’s 5pm, the end of the office day and you’re wrapping things up. A check of the email here, a glance at the personal, and then corporate Facebook pages there; all looks good. Pamela Poole: The Web Is a Room With a View. When you choose to wear the red flannel shirt instead of the blue sweater, you're expressing yourself.

Your mood. Your personality. Your values even. Infographic Explores if Social Media Invites Burglars. Lets You Collect and Share Web Content That Matters to You [INVITES] Five Scary Social Media Horror Stories. Social Media Usage Pattern Of iPhone And Android Users [Infographic] Audubon’s “Birding The Net” Social Media Game Brings Competitive Birdwatching To Our Fingertips. The Audubon Society has just created a super fun online experience that brings birdwatching right to your computer screen! China to step up social media censorship. New social media upstart Unthink challenges tyranny of Facebook. The problem with social media influence? It’s me and you. Social media’s power to amplify TV programming — Online Video News. How consumers interact with brands on social media [inforgraphic] One third of Facebook and Twitter users in the UK are followers of brands, more than twice the percentage of other markets across the continent, according to a pan-European survey, which highlights the divide between countries and the usage of social media.

The UK has the highest number of social media users signed up to the brands ‘fan’ pages in Europe, where other countries, including France and Germany, less than 16% of users are ‘fans’ of brands.


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