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APTA Surveys Physical Therapists against Telehealth. Perhaps the most dramatically impacted area of healthcare as a result of the coronavirus pandemic is telehealth.

APTA Surveys Physical Therapists against Telehealth

Previously, the conditions were not in favor of virtual clinics because face-to-face visits were the norm. Now, however, the situation has changed. When other clinicians are making use of telemedicine, PTs and PTAs are, definitely, not far behind. On March 17, 2020, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) allowed PTs to conduct e-visits after which they can reach patients at homes keeping them away from the contagious virus. But it wasn’t easy, to say the least – It took a lot of effort. It was not until April 30, 2020 – after rigorous advocacy by APTA – that CMS decided to include PTs and PTAs among providers eligible to bill for telehealth services. In other words, COVID-19 persuades the government to make PTs and PTAs eligible for remote patient management, which results in a rapid increase in telehealthcare.

Increase in Video Consults via Live Sessions. How CMS Determines MIPS Eligibility? The QPP MIPS participation starts from knowing the eligibility status.

How CMS Determines MIPS Eligibility?

For MIPS 2020, clinicians can check eligibility via QPP Lookup Tool. Later on, CMS updates if physicians are eligible for MIPS data submission or not. However, the reporting requirements change each year due to changed policies. So, if we want to succeed in this program, we have to comply with the changes. MIPS 2020 Reporting Deadline is Due March 31, 2021.

Here’s What CDC Recommend Doing When you’re Sick! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued some guidelines for people who feel sick.

Here’s What CDC Recommend Doing When you’re Sick!

It is not necessary that sickness is the sign of COVID-19 positive case. However, taking precautionary measures is important anyhow. Here are some tips to ensure your and others’ safety. CDC says that even COVID-19 positive cases (if not severe) can recover with proper rest and precaution at home. Stay indoors and isolate yourself from others. Separate Yourself from Others If You See any Symptoms Self-isolate yourself if you see any COVID-19 symptoms in you.Separate your room from others and even pets.Specify a bathroom for you alone, if possible.If you have to share an environment with others, wear a fabric mask. Keep a Check on Your Symptoms Everybody knows the symptoms of COVID-19. If you observe any symptoms and are suspicious of coronavirus infection, apart from separating your living, gauge your symptoms regularly to check if you’re getting better or worse. The Discussion Continues: Is Prior Authorization Criterion Doing More Harm than Good?

COVID-19 pandemic has changed healthcare industry’s dynamics.

The Discussion Continues: Is Prior Authorization Criterion Doing More Harm than Good?

The impact might be temporary in some aspects while it can also lead to permanent changes in some situations. Many changes were suggested to cater the overflowing COVID-19 positive cases. CMS even recommended delaying the nonessential medical procedures to curb down the virus exposure. This certainly was a brave decision as it protected the health of physicians, patients, and medical billing services workers but drag down their financial situation as well. The prior authorization rule is also under fire for the same reason. However, there are many others, which require the pre-authorization segment filled in the claims. Guide to the Latest Medical Billing Codes for COVID-19 Test. The constant threat of coronavirus has led the panel of AMA – The American Medical Association to introduce CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes for medical billing services.

Guide to the Latest Medical Billing Codes for COVID-19 Test

As the number of infected cases in the USA increased, the need for a separate code for COVID-19 testing emerged. The president of AMA, Patrice A. Harris, MD, MA, announced a unique code to report for laboratory testing of the coronavirus. This information was released on March 13, 2020, in order to translate the advantages of tracking, allocating, and optimizing resources. Guide to the Latest Medical Billing Codes for COVID-19 Test. COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Waivers by CMS - Amy Mark - Medium. CMS’ actions in response to COVID-19 as a direct liaison to the White House Task Force are worth knowing because that is how we know where the government stands.

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Waivers by CMS - Amy Mark - Medium

As the pandemic-related deaths continue to occur in the New York State and other parts of the country, CMS has come up with waivers for the healthcare community to continue to provide better care. It did so in the form of relaxing QPP MIPS requirements some time ago; it does so, again, in the form of certain allowances. Previously, we saw that there was an extension in MIPS 2019 reporting deadline, and relaxation for eligible clinicians (ECs) even if they failed to attest to any of the measures. However, incentives and bonuses remained intact for those who had reported or were still on it until the new deadline. Additional Waivers Allowed to Hospitals and Facilities Telehealth Video by CMS is Helping. DME Billing Services for a Stress-Free Physician - P3Care Solutions - Medium.

The reimbursement process of Durable Medical Equipment is complex, especially because they are part of the healthcare service but doesn’t constitute the whole treatment episode. Medical billing services are not just about recording and billing of healthcare procedures. It also involves the medical supplies and equipment necessary to assist patients. Telemedicine Emerges as Cure Outlet Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak. Got allergies?

Telemedicine Emerges as Cure Outlet Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

You can still see a health care professional if you are at home during the coronavirus outbreak. U.S. health officials, clinics, hospitals, and insurance companies are insisting on people to try telemedicine for minor health problems such as ear infections, rashes, and earaches and skip the doctor’s office. CMS Offers Relief to Clinicians by Extending the MIPS 2019 Deadline. While the researchers everywhere in the world are trying to find a cure for COVID-19, the number of patients suffering from the virus continues to increase.

CMS Offers Relief to Clinicians by Extending the MIPS 2019 Deadline

Not only is the government using all the available machinery to make a vaccine, but it is also making the necessary arrangements for the sick at the same time. Providers are also busy with the COVID-19 affectees, thus reporting MIPS 2019 is not on their minds, primarily. At this time, what matters to them is to save lives. How Telehealth Medical Billing Services will Make You Rich. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), up to 76% of US hospitals connect with remote patients and consult practitioners through the use of video and other technology, known as telehealth services.”

How Telehealth Medical Billing Services will Make You Rich

Medical billing services for telehealth services as Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements have always been a difficult topic. Treating remote patients and measuring the quality outcomes is indeed not as easy as it seems for physicians. When it’s time for reporting for QPP MIPS, MIPS Qualified Registries face hurdles in terms of calculating points. P3 Clears Five Misconceptions about Coronavirus.

P3Care counters misinformation around topics of medical billing or MIPS 2020 reporting about the much-talked-about coronavirus.

P3 Clears Five Misconceptions about Coronavirus

Yes, the Wuhan-born virus is breaking news on every news channel in the world. A session held on Friday in New York City by the Center for Disaster Medicine at New York Medical College (NYMC) about the virus recorded someone from the audience asking, “Is it safe to eat Chinese food?”. That is what news without investigation can do to you. EHR-related findings calculate a time of 16 minutes per patient. A study of Cerner’s analytics platform shows that physicians spend an average of 16 minutes and 14 seconds on an EHR per patient. That includes the physician’s time outside of work too. For instance, the doctors have to update EHRs when they are home or on vacation. It analyzed data of approximately 100 million patient records with 155,000 physicians of nonsurgical fields. That’s plenty of data to conclude. How Can they Benefit Small Practices? Medical billing is a complicated issue. There is a great deal that goes on in the back end to make it successful.

Medical billing services help medical facilities to make billing a success. Watchful and tedious tasks are required and then executed by specialists in the field. So, if you possess or run a small practice and are thinking about in-house medical billing for it, then read further to understand the different variables. There is a higher probability that in-house billing could lead to costly mistakes that would affect your core operations negatively. As we know, there are many medical billing companies out there in the medical industry that help small practices effectively and manage their revenue cycle. Cost Efficient Operations A medical billing company helps you reduce costs and accelerate recovery of the outstanding amounts. MIPS Deadline is Near! Review and Report 2019 Data for 7% Incentives.

Report and review data to Medicare for the MIPS 2019 performance categories before it's too late. March 31, 2020, is the last date to do it. ONTARIO, Calif. - March 18, 2020 - PRLog -- It is about time eligible clinicians (ECs) report MIPS 2019 data to Medicare because the deadline – March 31, 2020 – is almost here. MIPS in healthcare is where clinicians have to select certain measures; submit them to CMS; and, eventually, give way to improved patient outcomes. Moreover, it earns them points and a good reputation on the physician compare portal. How to Evaluate a Medical Billing Service Provider? - Medicalopedia. If right now you outsource your revenue cycle management, you realize that the performance of your medical billing service provider is central to your medical practice’s financial success. Judging The Price Of Medical Billing Services. Hiring a medical billing company is a very crucial decision and involves a broad range of evaluation factors.

The factors to be considered may include previous experience, communication effectiveness, accuracy rates, and revenue cycle management. How to Search For the Right Medical Billing Service? Enhance RCM by Using Tools for Electronic Health Records. Enhance RCM by Using Tools for Electronic Health Records. Difference between Professional & Institutional Medical Billing Services. Forget In-House Medical Billing, Hire Medical Billing Company! Hiring a medical billing company is a great decision. How to Verify Healthcare Insurance: Step By Step Guide for Medical Billing. There is no doubt in it that physicians need revenue for their survival, and medical billing services work day and night to help them meet their expenses efficiently. They focus on developing a strategy for an efficient billing solution to maximize revenue.

Besides the other medical billing and coding procedures, verifying the eligibility of health insurance before the patient’s treatment maps out a financial situation for physicians. It is an important revenue increasing practice for healthcare organizations as well as patients; because patients are also aware of their financial responsibilities beforehand.

Small Medical Practices Can Save Themselves from QPP MIPS 2019. How Does A Medical Billing Service Benefit the Physicians? Most practitioners are well aware of the advantages of outsourcing a medical billing company. However, some of those merits are of continuous vitality and worth a discussion. A Brief Overview: Looking Back at MIPS 2019. The 2020 CMS Quality Conference of Objectives & Accomplishments. CMS has come up with practical solutions for the healthcare industry; it has constantly fought against physician burnout by reducing reporting requirements. We, as a MIPS Qualified Registry, appreciate their efforts and of their administrator, Ms. How to Make Your RCM Go from Zero to Hero - ReferralMD. What’s Trending in Healthcare Industry in 2020.