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Ammiji's Kesar Gujiya. The earth turns yet again, the trees lose their leaves and then break out in a flurry of new leaves and flowers.

Ammiji's Kesar Gujiya

Ammiji’s Karele Ka Achaar – Ammijis. Let’s admit it – there are very few people who claim to absolutely LOVE karela or bitter gourd.

Ammiji’s Karele Ka Achaar – Ammijis

Most of us, though, wrinkle up our noses at the mention of this humble vegetable. It’s bitter and pungent – but immensely beneficial and nutritious. It’s proven to counter high blood sugar and may have cancer fighting properties too. It contains several vitamins and micro nutrients that boost overall health. Ammiji had a novel way of making her grand children eat the magically medicinal karela – she pickled it till the natural bitterness of the vegetable was overwhelmed with tanginess and deliciousness. Karela are usually fried to reduce the sharp bitterness, but these are sun-dried and then pickled.

Refrigerate after opening for longer shelf life. Good for: 3 months Ingredients: Bitter gourd, Salt, Black Salt, Turmeric, Fennel, Fenugreek, Red Chilli, Lemon juice, Mustard Oil. Weight: 120 gms. Ammiji’s Gulab Gujiya – Ammijis. The earth turns yet again, the trees lose their leaves and then break out in a flurry of new leaves and flowers.

Ammiji’s Gulab Gujiya – Ammijis

Spring arrives and brings with it the fragrance of newness, of gulmohar and semal and pansies; of gulaal and dust and raw milk. And before you know it, Holi is around the corner and with it, colour returns to a still sombre earth. And as the earth changes its covering, our tastes adjust accordingly. Gone are the warm, rich tastes of winter and the mouth craves something sweet, yet not overly so, something light yet rich, something crisp yet soft and something decadent yet traditional. Yes, we crave the sweet of the spring – Mawa Gujiya, shining with silver varq and sugar syrup, smelling to the heavens with saffron and elaichi.

Ammiji’s Gulab Gujiya is made at home, in our kitchen with the best ingredients we could find. Bite into one and you’ll feel the crispness of the coating juxtaposed with the sweetly melting interior. Weight: Each box contains 10 pieces. Ammiji’s Amritsari Ajwain Papad – Ammijis. The famous Amritsari Papad, now in their homemade avatar.

Ammiji’s Amritsari Ajwain Papad – Ammijis

The perfect accompaniment to dal-chawal or sabzi-phulka and of course, they hold their own as a stand-alone anytime snack too. Who hasn’t heard about Amritsari papad wadiyan? Any tourist worth her or his salt will pick up a pack or two from the ubiquitous papad shops that surround the Golden Temple. These papad and wadiyan, though delicious, are mass produced under questionable hygiene conditions. Ammiji visited these shops only if it were an emergency and if she had run out of her own homemade papad wadiyan. These papad and wadiyan come to you from Amritsar, made under Ammiji’s supervision, from ingredients that are hand-picked by her. Ajwain is a perennial hit with Ammiji. Here, she has taken her favorite spice and incorporated them into her traditional Amritsari papads.

You can roast them on a griddle or pan, deep fry them, toast them or microwave them – any which way, they add that perfect zing to your meal. Ammiji’s Chyawanprash – Ammijis. An age-old Ayurvedic recipe mentioned in the Vedas, Ammiji’s Chyawanprash is made from fresh, seasonal amlas, jaggery and more than 30 herbs and spices.

Ammiji’s Chyawanprash – Ammijis

Made at home in the traditional way, with no additives and preservatives, this herbal formulation will build up your immunity, increase stamina and delay the aging process. Long Description We’ve all had Chyawanprash as kids – whether we’ve had it forced down our throats or have licked the spoon clean and asked for more. It was and still is the cure-all magical tonic that keeps us safe and makes us stronger. But there’s a story behind the near-legendary reputation that it holds and why it’s been a part of our daily routine for centuries.

The legend of Chyawanprash goes back to the pre-vedic times. We don’t claim to have the elixir for immortality and youth that Chyawan concocted, but we do have the next best thing – Chyawanprash made at home, with the purest ingredients. Benefits of Chyawanprash: How to use Chyawanprash. Chyawanprash. Desi Ghee besan ladoo. Ammiji’s Chai Masala – Classic – Ammijis. 70 years ago, a young, frightened and miserable girl got married to a near stranger in Amritsar.

Ammiji’s Chai Masala – Classic – Ammijis

Her parents had fixed the match, and she hadn’t even seen the groom when she was handed over to him and his family. The fear abated when she plunged into the humdrum life of a housewife, but the misery didn’t go away entirely. Her husband was spending long days at work, and the household without him was not an overtly friendly place. And as some of us are wont to do, that young girl – Rajinder Kaur – sought comfort in Chai. She wanted a reminder of the home she’d left behind; she wanted the fragrance of her childhood to comfort her when it seemed that it had all been a mere dream. But the young bride was not ready to give up so easily. Now, 70 years on, Rajinder Kaur’s grandchildren affectionately call her Ammiji. She has also inherited Ammiji’s love affair with tea. You open the jar, and you’ll be instantly transported to a fragrant world where dreams are bathed in exotic spices.

Desi Ghee besan ladoo. Assorted Ladoos Online. The season turns.

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