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Chai Masala. Chai Masala. 70 years ago, a young, frightened and miserable girl got married to a near stranger in Amritsar.

Chai Masala

Her parents had fixed the match, and she hadn’t even seen the groom when she was handed over to him and his family. The fear abated when she plunged into the humdrum life of a housewife, but the misery didn’t go away entirely. Her husband was spending long days at work, and the household without him was not an overtly friendly place. And as some of us are wont to do, that young girl – Rajinder Kaur – sought comfort in Chai. She wanted a reminder of the home she’d left behind; she wanted the fragrance of her childhood to comfort her when it seemed that it had all been a mere dream.

But the young bride was not ready to give up so easily. Now, 70 years on, Rajinder Kaur’s grandchildren affectionately call her Ammiji. She has also inherited Ammiji’s love affair with tea. You open the jar, and you’ll be instantly transported to a fragrant world where dreams are bathed in exotic spices. Chai Masala. We’ve come full circle when it comes to health and what we use to ensure that we maintain good health.

Chai Masala

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda advises us to look to the kitchen to keep our body free of small ailments. We seem to have forgotten this for some time, but we’re back where we started and increasingly leaning towards using natural healing that originates in our kitchens. Chai masala. What’s the first thing you grab when you wake up – a cup of tea?

Chai masala

Make your first cup of tea count with Ammiji’s pinch of immunity. With the benefits of tulsi, mulethi and brahmi, this is that tonic you need daily. Everything that we need to build up a healthy and strong immune system resides in our gardens and kitchens. Herbs and spices are a powerhouse of essential nutrients that react in wonderful ways inside our bodies. Here, we have taken the best of herbs, added a few magical spices and come up with the curative avatar of Ammiji’s chai masala.

Tulsi or holy basil is that quintessential herb that all of us have in our gardens. Brahmi is the herb of the sages – accredited for supplying them with wisdom, longevity and health. Mulethi or licorice root is well-known for keeping the respiratory tract healthy. Chai Masala. We lead stressful, busy lives.

Chai Masala

We’re supposed to be super-beings, managing to fit in a workout, a productive work routine, a satisfying home life and a scintillating social life into our daily routines. Oh, and we’re supposed to find time for self-care in all of that! While time is not a thing that can be manipulated, your response to the demands on your time certainly can be. An increased physical stamina and an augmented mental alertness can make all the difference to your daily routine and how satisfying you find it. A daily dose of Ammiji’s Vitality Chai Masala means you get a few essential herbs and spices in – a totally natural way of upping your productivity throughout the day.

Ashwagandha – The king of ancient Indian medicinal herbs, Ashwagandha supplements are recommended by physical trainers to enhance stamina and strength during workouts. Shatavari – Shatavariis great for the digestive and the immune systems. Brahmi – This ancient leafy herb is a documented brain tonic. Chai Masala. Buy Delicious Badaam Sherbet Online. When you think about ‘sherbets’, we bet your childhood comes to mind – long, sultry summer afternoons where the only way to beat the incessant heat was by drinking a tall glass of an iced, homemade drink made by a mother or a grandmother.

Buy Delicious Badaam Sherbet Online

Whether it smelled of roses or was tangy with the zing of citrus, if something could be turned into a cooler, our families invariably did it during the unbearable Indian summer. Long before there were colas in the market, there were sherbets at home. Ammiji’s Badaam Sherbet is exactly what it says it is – lots and lots of badaams with a tinge of elaichi and black pepper. History tells us that the Badaam sherbet is of Persian origin, and the first sip you take of this homemade cooler will instantly transport you to a Mughal palace, where cool drinks were poured out of silver surais and savored slowly to beat the infernal heat while handheld fans flapped lazily.

Buy Amritsari anardana papad online. The famous Amritsari papad, now in their homemade avatar.

Buy Amritsari anardana papad online

The perfect accompaniment to dal-chawal or sabzi-phulka and of course, they hold their own as a stand-alone anytime snack too. Who hasn’t heard about Amritsari papadwadiyan? Any tourist worth her or his salt will pick up a pack or two from the ubiquitous papad shops that surround the Golden Temple. These papad and wadiyan, though delicious, are mass produced under questionable hygiene conditions. Ammiji visited these shops only if it were an emergency and if she had run out of her own homemade papadwadiyan. These papad and wadiyan come to you from Amritsar, made under Ammiji’s supervision, from ingredients that are hand-picked by her.

Anardanapapad is the papad that went rogue.