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Ammar Kattoula

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Ammar Kattoula is a subway franchise and a blimpie area developer. He own some real estate on 8 mile in Detroit. #ammarkattoula

AmmarKattoula. Why The Best Golf Swing Is Considered Dead! - Ammar Kattoula. Golfers can go to any extent to hit the golf ball.

Why The Best Golf Swing Is Considered Dead! - Ammar Kattoula

Most of the golfers tend to believe that anybody and everybody have one or two theories of the perfect Golf Swing. The amateurs mostly, when they come across these theories they take it to be to too good to be true while the professional players do not allow the overwhelming tips and advises to cover their sense of judgement. There arises a common question when a person starts playing golf and that is why do the amateurs have to start playing with the swing which is called the Tilt or the Stack? The invention of this swing happened in the strangest way where a dream appeared with a couple of snake oil salesman who preyed on desperate Golfers. Are Golf Lessons Fruitful For Players? – Ammar Kattoula Roseville. Anything in this world can be achieved only after learning the correct process to do it; and for the same purpose it is very important that an individual learns from an expert.

Are Golf Lessons Fruitful For Players? – Ammar Kattoula Roseville

Golf is a classy and a sophisticated sport which is gradually increasing in popularity globally, day by day. This sport was initially played by only the esteemed class and the professional players; but now, the game is slowly grabbing its hold among people of all class. Ammar Kattoula Roseville. Physical Preparation For The Golf Tournament. Exercises for golf are extremely beneficial for the golfers.

Physical Preparation For The Golf Tournament

The exercises get them ready for the tournaments they are supposed to play for a particular season. The swing drills of the golf exercises can make a player fit for the intensive gaming routine for the game season, and he or she can play the game with utmost efficiency since the very inception of the season. The PGA golf seasons are full fledgedly played worldwide in full swing (pun intended). So, the tournament inspires thousands of the potential golfers to dust off their golf clubs and then get ready to play the game on the luscious green courses. Ammar Kattoula President of AK I Inc. Weight Training for Playing Golf - Ammar Kattoula. As a golf player, professional or amateur, if you want to improve the skills of your golfing game, then it is mandatory for you to get enrolled into an intense weight training program.

Weight Training for Playing Golf - Ammar Kattoula

The most vital factor to increase the fitness intensity for playing golf, in the most efficient way. The key factor for developing the fitness for golf is to build up a power inside the core of the body to carry out the swings. A fit body will help you to speed up the head of your golf club. Always remember that a impact on the swing can deliver less rather than the impact on the golf club head. If you increase the core power of your body, you will be able to boost up the power which will help you to impact fruitfully on the head of the club.